A Missing Child .... and the story's unnerving mythological connection

I wrote a couple weeks ago (?) about a chart I did for an online crime solving group to help locate a missing New Jersey woman.

I also did this chart for them around the same time for another open case and thought now that the murderer has been arrested I would put this up here, too, without any names for privacy reasons, for any astrology or mystery peeps that might be interested.

Working on this one made me depressed and nauseous. Not sure I will do any more of these unless the case is very, very old. It's heartbreaking and makes me think about all the ways we do not value and cherish children in our society. Such a challenging world to be a vulnerable child ... :(


G  was an 11 year old boy living in Colorado with his father, stepmother and their children. His birth mother lived in another state. He was reported missing in the early evening of January 22, 2020 by his stepmother (I don't think the 911 call has been released, so I couldn't get a time for that to make an event chart). She told police he had stayed home sick that day and then asked to visit a friend after school and never returned. I believe she intimated he may have run away.

At some point days later, during the search for G, a neighbor, checking his front door's ring-camera footage discovered photos of G leaving the house that day with his stepmother (this is the time used in this chart) and further footage of her returning home a few hours later without him.

Let's take a look at the chart for the time G and his stepmother are getting into the truck.

The chart shows Aries rising, the first house is G  - so Aries represents G - fitting for a young man and answering to Aries ruler Mars sadly found in the 8th house (death) and in Sagittarius (a journey/toward what is foreign and distant/the boy traveling away from this chart). Sag is ruled by Jupiter - here at the top of the chart, so we can guess this story will become known and likely get media (Jupiter) and legal (Jupiter) attention. We have Eris and Uranus both in the 1st house (G's house) so he might have been an energetic and disruptive kind of energy - exactly the job of an 11 year old boy!

Mars (ruling G here) is at 16 degrees Sagittarius - the position of the fixed star Ras Algethi - called the head of Hercules (who we'll talk about below) - and according to a 1923 book on fixed stars by Vivian Robson, is said to be indicative of a native whose "life will be afflicted by devious plots" and if poorly aspected, as here with that square to an exalted Venus, "said to cause much irritation, especially in connection to females". This star is in the 6th Chinese Lunar Mansion "that which separates wood from water" - not sure if that has anything to do with where they went that day or where this poor boy ended up.

The descendant, representing the perpetrator is in Libra, conjunct Juno (the jealous wife who will do anything to keep her husband/position), and answering to Venus, exalted in Pisces and exactly conjunct foggy Neptune. Maybe the perpetrator is a young woman, probably a wife and she is either on drugs/mentally ill/a pathological liar/there are almost certainly past life connection. Venus is exalted in Pisces and stronger than Aries in Sag, so she is in the more powerful position than he is.

We can see there is alot going on in that self-sabotaging 12th house along with Venus (representing the stepmother).

On intuition I added the asteroid Nessus (which is often found in charts to represent abuse, but a more full telling of his story. which we will do later in the post, adds more info) and we see Nessus is nestled between the Moon and Venus (the Moon will represent G here, too, in an event chart, but she is also denoting Venus's status as the stepmother here and maybe also showing his birth mother). "Dangerous woman" Lilith is here as well as hurting/healing holder of our very old/very deep wounding, centaur Chiron.

The Venus/Neptune conjunction (the stepmother) is exactly squaring Mars (G), so there is tension/frustration here. Mars rules violence and the head, so he could have been hit in the head or pushed and hit his head. That square to Neptune could indicate he is drugged/sleeping/sick.

G is also represented by the Sun, in its fall in Aquarius and ruler of the 11th house (also G 's age), so escalating Aquarius's tendency toward chaos/disorder and answering to Uranus, in Taurus so answering to Venus, which represents the stepmother, again showing she is in control (and also, out-of-control) here.

We have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction - the end of the road/death that was postponed/time runs out - at the top of the chart in the house of the father. We got a big hint about what the Saturn/Pluto was going to be about last April as Saturn stationed retrograde and then again in September/October when Saturn stationed direct and with Jupiter in Capricorn and answering to him, I wonder what was going on in this family at those times and if some action could have been taken then that would have changed the course of this tragedy.

Something to keep in mind when looking at this kind of chart is that we all lived through January 22, 2020 at 10:13AM MST - and thousands of people lived through this exact moment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, too, and were not on their way to being murdered or murdering someone else. I don't have the birth charts of these four people (G, the stepmother and his birth parents), but I am sure they would be interacting intimately with this moment, which remember becomes important because the ring-cam video of this moment becomes known - that Jupiter on top of the chart.

There is a potential in every moment of time - for the better and for the worse. And, of course, hindsight is always 20/20 (maybe more like 20/40 sometimes), and certainly there are parts of this chart that could be interpreted many different ways.

There is no way to know from this chart exactly what happened and I am certainly not saying that I do.

I would guess their relationship was very tense (that exact square). I would guess he was a handful - from her perspective - and she sees him as the biggest disorder in her life. She was either jealous of G's relationship with his father/her husband and/or wanting to keep her marriage without this beautiful little boy. With so much connecting this story to past life and/or generational karma I doubt she herself could understand the negative feelings he could have invoked in her as they were triggered.

Maybe on the day this happened she loses her temper/her mind (she is almost certainly mentally ill/some kind of personality disorder or on drugs here) and she does something to hurt him (blow to the head) and thinks the only way to save her marriage/her position is to hide what she has done. Maybe the reason his movements toward the truck appear labored in the neighbor's video is because of this or maybe she has drugged him and the head trauma comes later. She may have gotten him into the truck telling herself she was taking him to the hospital, although subconsciously planning something much more horrific. Or with Mercury in detached Aquarius maybe she planned this whole thing out.

With G's Mars in Sagittarius this snapshot of time would have taken him on a long  journey, outside his comfort zone, toward a place that was foreign to him.

There are multiple indicators of old past life connections/familial story-lines/karma with what is happening here including all that 12th house energy, Nessus between the Moon and Venus (the past-life connections including not only G and the stepmother, but the birth parents), Moon in the 12th, Sun in the 11th in Aquarius - too much to even list. We can't see the South Node in this chart, but it is sitting right on the top of the chart!

It is very, very heartbreaking to look at this chart and know what it is leading to and see G's Mars all alone in that dangerous 8th house and the North Node in Cancer (mother/mothering, home, family, the way we care for our most vulnerable people and spaces) sitting at the bottom of this chart - the energy that would have changed everything - abandoned, too ....

They have arrested the stepmother for G's murder although they haven't found G's body.

Who this woman really is, it is hard to say. She lived a well-hidden life in that 12th house tossed about by her own delusions, lies and karma (the Libra shows this would not be so visible to casual acquaintances, no doubt the people closest to her knew something was wrong with her - you can only hide crazy/or an addiction whatever this is for so long in intimate relationships and I doubt her feelings for G would have been easy to hide). Maybe she was abused and is abusive, and she was undoubtedly a very dangerous caregiver for that sweet little boy and I wish with all my heart, someone somewhere somehow had figured this out before January 22, 2020.

xo all

Here is the Hercules/Nessus mythology - see what you think about how it relates to what we know about this story. In astrology, Hercules is a constellation, the fixed star representing his "head" was exactly conjunct G's ruling planet, Mars, in the event chart and Nessus, an asteroid in astrology representing abuse, trusting someone not trustworthy and murder is conjunct the stepmother's ruling planet,Venus.

So - Nessus was a centaur in Greek mythology. We've talked about the wild centaurs (half man, half horse) many times - their stories all seem to center around Hercules (Heracles to the Greeks, but I'll use the more familiar Roman name Hercules here) and death. 

Hercules was maybe the most famous hero of Greek mythology and represents our own hero's journey. He was given his twelve labors (after he murdered his first wife and children in a fit of madness induced by a jealous Juno - note in the event chart Juno is conjunct the descendant ruling the stepmother) and a great deal of his story is told in their retelling. With Hercules head on G's ruling planet and Juno conjunct the stepmother's house we could stop right there and the mythology would give us some clues about what happened, but let's keep going ...

In the Nessus myth, Hercules, and, his then wife Deianira, are fleeing a war where Hercules has just single handedly killed hundreds of centaurs

(this part is kind of important because although Hercules had been tutored by the gentle centaur Chiron, it would be impossible to believe that after a war where he had killed hundreds of dangerous centaurs he was not by now aware of their animal nature and reputation as rapists and murderers).

They come to the river Evenus needing to cross and they meet Nessus; the centaur "ferryman" who carries people across this river.

Here's where the myth has some different variations, but all tend to agree that, Hercules gets himself, and his weapons, across the river and negotiates with Nessus (the centaur) to carry his wife across. Nessus, rapes or attempts to rape Deianira, and from across the river Hercules fires off a poisoned arrow to kill him. He wanders off in pain to die unburied, but not before he lies to Deianira that his blood will ensure Hercules future fidelity and she collects some and takes it with her.

Years later as Hercules heads to a tournament without her, a suspicious and jealous Deianira pours some of the "fidelity potion" on a cloak for Hercules to take on his journey. Later, she accidentally spills some of the potion on the floor and, as it eats through her linoleum I suppose, she realizes it is a poison (um, duh) and she tries to get word to Hercules, but the message doesn't reach our hero in time and he dies - done in precisely as the Delphic Oracle had predicted years before "by a dead enemy" and, of course, aided by his wife's jealousy.

Nessus was a savage, but Hercules certainly knew better than to hand his wife over to him - and with his super-human strength surely could have carried her himself. He passed her off to Nessus (you might wonder if subconsciously he wanted to be rid of her, and their marriage is a whole other interesting story) leading to the demise by poison of both Nessus and Hercules.

Some themes here include abuse, rape, revenge, jealousy, some kind of set up for a rape or murder, implied consent, trusting untrustworthy people with precious cargo, betrayal, poison, third party situations, things coming back around, very old karma.

Nessus was in Cancer (the sign of mothering/motherhood) from the 1970's and well into the 1980's - I am not sure when the stepmother was born, but I would guess an afflicted and activated natal Nessus in Cancer. I would guess G's natal chart might have a connection to the Hercules constellation if not the 16 degrees Sagittarius fixed star itself.

It is likely a very old karmic story playing out here and makes me think again of the ways these strange celestial bodies, recently discovered, named for the centaurs and known for their oddball orbits connect to our generational karmic stories and inheritances .... life on this third rock from the Sun continues to be a mystery wrapped in a mystery ....

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