Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 20, 2020 - all day void Moon, a focus on what's most important, serious actions, bold moves, a reason to be optimistic

The Moon goes void at 5:00AM EDT off a square to Venus - this is Aquarius/Taurus, so something like freedom vs security or the group needs vs our personal resources/personal values

(keep in mind all sides/points of view/people must be brought to the table now, so know there will be adjustments needed around these subjects and your personal Aquarius/Taurus house themes).

The Moon is void for the rest of the day.

Time gets stretchy. It's not a time for anything brand new because you will find yourself having to do it all over again later. Stick to routine actions. Don't freak out over whatever comes up today - it will be much ado about nothing.

Mars meets Jupiter tonight and we have Vesta moving into a trine with Saturn.

Mars/Jupiter is BIG action, big energy. We talked about this in the Aries ingress post. Ambitious moves are favored. Confident action. Happening in Capricorn this will be about your Cappy house theme, your career, work in the world, your goals. For the collective this could show up as authoritative actions designed to get current situations under control. This will produce tension/stress as indicated by the Moon/Venus square in Aquarius/Taurus.

At the same time Saturn is trining (brakes off) Vesta in Taurus. The rules/limits will allow us to focus in on what is most important/valuable.

So today is all Cappy and Taurus (solid, grounded earth, steady movement forward) and some untethered and maybe a little numbed out Aquarian air. Just keep in mind that void moon.

Howling at it won't be very effective today ...


Some Covid19 news - when we looked at the China chart for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and talked about it HERE, we noted the importance of March 20th in China's natal chart:

I wrote - "If we move their chart ahead to March 20th, 2020 when Mars (action, military, impulsivity) meets Jupiter, making something bigger, maybe more explosive - at the HOT degree of 22 Capricorn - they are having their Jupiter return (Jupiter back to where he was at their country's birth) - hopefully that Jupiter return brings them some luck/optimism instead of a possibly abrupt expansion of the problem (!)."

Well, yesterday China announced their first day with no new local infections, so after putting in the hard work/limits - because this is all Cappy - they got the Jupiterian luck and optimism. Since this virus was easiest to see in the China start, and it makes sense that is where it started, this is GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE!

Especially with Mars meeting Jupiter now - our sober actions and working with limits can make us optimistic and LUCKY!

xo all

back with a big picture Saturn into Aquarius post

photo by the talented oO-Rein-Oo

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