The Spring Equinox | Thursday, March 19, 2020 - a new jumping off point, fueled by home and family, increased action and initiative, no one can sit this one out, big moves by authority, group responsibilities, karma with trauma

The Sun moves into Aries at 11:50PM EDT giving us the Spring Equinox (or Autumn equinox depending on where you live) - start of a NEW astrological year. The life of everything is told in its "seed", so let's look at the Aries ingress chart.

This chart is set for Washington D.C.

I added the asteroid Hygiea to this one (health/hygiene) and then used our usual cast of characters plus the asteroids/celestial bodies we have found to be important in the Moon charts over the past year. I am likely muddying the water with this, but things feel a bit muddy right now anyway, and we all have plenty of soap (I hope).

Let's unpack the chart!

The chart has Scorpio Rising, this is a fixed sign, so this chart is in play for the entire astrological year. A Scorpio first house shows the "death anxiety" we are dealing with and also the death/rebirth "transformation" available to us as we move through the year - think caterpillar to butterfly with this one. The way we merge/purge (maybe we actually will run out of toilet paper - ha!). Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (ancient ruler Mars) and they are both in the second house determined to "transform" us through our financial systems - our money, resources and values and our relationship to what we "own". Answering to Saturn, still in Capricorn (so also that 2nd house) this is a pretty tight little loop. Notice Jupiter in the mix, sandwiched between Mars and Pluto - he can expand challenging issues, but also bring a kind of optimistic confidence and FAITH that makes us lucky.

The Sun is in the 4th house of home, family, mothering/nurturing, our safety/security, home business, family business - here is where our energy is focused. We are fueled by this. This makes sense during this time when so many people are confined at home. Our energy/our heart goes here. The Sun is sextiling Saturn, so authority will bring both increased stability and increased limits/rules. The Sun is squaring the Nodes, so an indicator we are in karmic times, working out skipped steps from old lives/actions.The Sun shows the leadership of the United States, so in the 4th house - which is Cancer's house and born on the 4th of July we are a Cancer country - focusing on the people "staying home" as a primary solution.

We have Chiron (our very old, very deep wounding) exactly conjunct Lilith (our outside energy) in here with us.

Chiron (in Aries and squaring the Nodes) is a BIG player in the collective fear/death anxiety we are all experiencing.

Most of us have very deep soul memories of abandonment, lack of roots, not being able to take care of ourselves, being an outsider, terrifying endings (the 4th house also rules the end of the day).

There is a need to confront these energies. This is all being triggered now. We have postponed this confrontation for lifetimes and now face the impossibility of running away from this stuff. There is nowhere to run. Keep in mind the big picture - we are building a bold new world, the fear that keeps us riveted in place will not be allowed to be part of this new structure.

We have Neptune (Pisces) in the spare bedroom fogging up the place with his funny cigarettes, dissolving our boundaries within the home (we can connect with the other people in our home/and people we reach from our home in more intimate/unguarded ways now) and also offering our home angelic PROTECTION - a direct pipeline to God/your higher self/the universe.

Nessus is on the couch - he was the centaur entrusted to carry Hercules wife (his precious cargo) to safety, even though if we unpack this myth we can see Hercules would have known better than to trust this guy. This, coupled with Sedna's connection to Vesta, in the house holding Hygiea (health) makes me think there is something here about trusting something precious to someone untrustworthy and with Sedna on the descendant (Sedna was done in by something appearing too good to be true and the betrayal of her father), maybe untrustworthy partnerships/others. This speaks of the "danger from outside ourselves/danger from others" this is all bringing up.

The planets are mostly grouped together at the bottom of the chart - our inner world/our family. We are focused on our safety/our security/the root of the matter.

Aries is ruled by Mars who is exactly conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn. Fortune favors the bold here. This is a good representation of the abundance (Jupiter) of caution (Capricorn) we are exercising (Mars) now. It can also represent authority going overboard in their actions - so there could be increased rules/restrictions and enforcement of the larger-than-life rules, maybe even by the military. We are forging ahead - maybe not looking where we are leaping, but still action is focused on security/safety. Mars in Capricorn will have us focused on our careers/our work/our security in the world - this is feeling the squeeze.

Mars is conjunct Pallas - wisdom, recognizing patterns, making smart and strategic moves in battle. Personally, we need to be thinking about our smartest move right now. What would warrior Pallas do?

Mercury (our thinking, communications, ideas) is in foggy, and also imaginative, Pisces, and making his way toward his third conjunction with Pisces ruler Neptune. So, at the time of this chart and remember this is the "seed" of the New Year and the next twelve months - we are moving toward new ideas/new information - not all of which can be trusted as facts, of course, because this is Pisces, but the good news is increased clarity is coming. There is also protection with that strong Neptune in his home sign.

We are actually prepared, from lifetimes of chaos, for exactly this moment, even if we feel totally unprepared. Part of us KNOWS THIS and can be accessed when we need it.

The Moon is in detached, group-focused and forward leaning Aquarius and moving toward Ceres who was a HUGE player in the January charts that launched this time period - she rules season of life issues, things outside our control, mothering, the Planet Earth. The Moon in Aquarius in this "seed" chart tells us we can step back, see the bigger picture. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people - in Aquarius emotions can get a bit numbed out, but again Aquarius is a trauma signature, so we are dealing with karma here. The Moon in the third house will have us focused on our local environment/community, education/teaching/learning, on communications, the movement of ideas, how we are getting from one place to another.

And of course, we have that pile-up of planets in Cappy in the DC second house of money/resources/values driving the train. But we can see Capricorn and thereby Saturn (our leadership) doesn't actually rule any of the houses in this chart which makes me think the leaders don't really know what they are doing right now. We see Pholus (the cork out of bottle centaur) is in this Jupiter ruled house and we can see the media's (ruled by Jupiter) 'the sky is falling' spin pushing everything with our money/resources. Pholus is exactly conjunct the South Node - showing us the fast change in our reality has a strong connection to the past/what we need to release/our karma.

Saturn is at the very powerful end of Cappy and making his move into Aquarius. We are moving toward greater personal responsibility (Saturn) for the group (Aquarius) as well as increased governmental responsibility - at least in terms of that second house finances/resources - for the people. Social (Aquarius) rules (Saturn). Karma (Saturn) with trauma (Aquarius). BUT in this chart Saturn is still strong in Capricorn (the deaths from the virus will likely continue to be predominately old people - Saturn/Capricorn). He has crossed Pluto - this happened back in January (the date the first death from the corona virus was reported to the WHO), so that was when "time ran out", the death/the mess could no longer be postponed/needed to be cleaned up.

Asteroid Hygiea (health) is in the 7th house (other people, balance) in the ingress chart and we still have Juno in Libra (all alone so we know this is important) - there is a focus on our relationships here - and our country's relationship with other countries - and with Hygiea in fast-moving Gemini (virus spreading quickly) and answering to Mercury (ruler of our health since he rules Virgo) in Pisces, the Mercury in Pisces storyline is important to what is happening with the virus story - although the chart story quickly moves to a focus on the money/authority/financial aspects with Mars in Capricorn.

Let's bottom line this baby a bit.

The Aries ingress (Sun into Aries) is a day when the hours of light and dark are balanced. Aries opposes Libra, so whatever is not in balance will require more Aries. Increased passion, action, initiative.

We start a NEW CHAPTER fueled by our home/family/security. Very old woundings around other times we were not safe (our early life, our other lives/our ancestor's lives) are being strongly triggered - this will be different for everyone, so let's be gentle with each other. We don't know other people's old chapters and dust covered volumes.

BIG moves (by authority, by us stepping into our responsibilities for the group and as our karma with trauma plays itself out) are coming in this chapter.

With Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter - they will come right now it seems!

Some actions will likely be overblown, but confidence/courage/faith IS needed and 'over-doing' often comes along for the ride with this. With Mars in that 2nd house (of the United States chart) financial matters/our values are driving the train.

The chart speaks to me that Mercury's journey through Pisces will have alot to do with the spreading of the virus itself (Hygiea in Gemini/Neptune in Pisces) in the United States. So, we get a big turning point now and over the next few days, then Mercury will start covering new ground in Pisces on March 29th, so we will have another big turning point at the end of the month. Then we have Jupiter meeting Pluto (first of three) on April 4th - another turning point. And then Mercury moves into Aries on April 11th, another turning point. And in May, the Nodes change, which will be very important.

We can't really look too far ahead. I am sorry there are not real answers here about time frames, etc.  The next few days are uber powerful and likely stressful, we talked about them HERE.

Take care of yourself. If the news stresses you out, turn it off.

It is good news we get an Aries ingress chart right now, even if it is a challenging chart. This will strengthen our physical bodies and we will all feel more energized and ready for action!

Back with a big-picture post and some things we can do as we move through this ....
Keep in mind we are witnessing the final machinations of Saturn in Capricorn waking us up so we can build a new and better world that serves everyone and eases the burden on the planet! Allow the Aquarius Moon to provide you with a little space to detach emotionally from what is happening and don't look too far ahead. There are many, many opportunities for personal and collective situations to pivot in the coming days, weeks and months ahead - CHANGE IS COMING!

xo all

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