Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - relationship imbalances, making decisions, weighing our options, the need for love and beauty

The Moon in Virgo goes void off a trine to Saturn at 4:42AM EDT (practical grounding, steady as she goes, good for working with authority, stepping into our responsibilities, we will feel good when we do good  and when we get stuff done). She will be void until 6:03AM EDT when she moves into "can't we all just get along" beauty and fairness seeking Libra turning our attention to our partnerships and other people. 

She is going to square the Nodes and oppose Chiron. Our Libra Moon (as us) is seeking balance. She is seeking peace and beauty and love. This is what she (as us right now) needs to feel nurtured and comfortable. The squares could bring some tension/frustration between that balance, peace and partnership we seek and our home/family situation (where we are headed) and our career/life in the world (where we are/where we've been).

Maybe this is the partnership/what we need to feel in balance/what we see as fair meeting challenges to our security. Who has our back? Who has something sharp (and this could be a verbal thing with Mercury standing still in detached Aquarius) ready to jab us in the shoulder blades? And are we the ones holding the blade? 

The Libra Moon's squares can also indicate the need to make a decision because she can be indecisive. Not because she is wishy-washy, but because she can feel both sides of the situation which makes decision making more complicated.

Moon/Chiron can trigger mother wounds (sometimes an almost bottomless need for nurturing), and in Libra/Aries is just as likely to trigger fears stemming from relationship imbalances.

There is even more relationship focus in today's only exact aspect - a square between a retrograde Juno in Libra and Pallas in Capricorn. So, we have Juno (relationships, marriage, doing what it takes to make this work) going back over a relationship issue/imbalance, coming to this crossroads with limits/old rules/maybe someone else's or our own ambition. This could be a situation involving career vs the relationship or imbalances in the relationship over boundaries/something that has grown too stagnant and fixed. Cardinal planet squares are really pushing us to bring some NEW energy into the whatever we are dealing with - to work on the fresh start/the new season.

Squares do this by requiring us to deal with a problem. 

So what feels unfair? What feels unbalanced? What is decaying the beauty within the partnership/partnership agreement.

If Pallas in Cappy has been full steam ahead with world-domination plans here is where she needs to take into consideration the important people in her life, too. If Juno in Libra has been bending over backwards to maintain peace at all costs or waffling on a relationship decision that isn't going to work anymore either.

Mercury is direct, but will need a couple days to get up to speed (she/he is at 28 degrees Aquarius ALL WEEK). We have to give ourselves some time to adjust to these new energies.

Back with a big-picture post.

xo all

photo by the talented LichtReize

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