Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 23, 2020 - our new normal continues, breakdowns, breaking points and breakthroughs, sensitive to being a human being on this planet, responsibilities toward the group, some financial assistance


Here we go with another BIG week. It will be fast-moving with alot going on!

A MEGA change we didn't have last week - Saturn is in Aquarius now - so all the Cappy planets/energies - Mars, Pallas, Pluto, Jupiter and Pholus PLUS Saturn and Ceres are answering to anything-can-happen Uranus and by virtue of disposition (Uranus in Taurus) also to a resource rich Venus in her home sign of Taurus.

We'll talk about this more in a 2020 post this week and we'll take a look at what is happening in Italy

(Italy had the January Saturn/Pluto conjunction oppose their natal Venus/Saturn conjunction, so that's huge, hopefully Mars getting past Pluto this week will help them - we'll unpack their chart).

With Mars meeting Pluto early in the week expect the fear-mongering/death anxiety/fear-based hoarding to possibly reach a new level and many tempers to reach breaking points.

But keep in mind as ripe as the energy is for breakdowns it is also ripe for cutting edge breakthroughs and the end of the week shows something sliding into place with our relationships, our finances, beauty, our values or resources (all Venusian and with so many energies hitting a "the buck stoops here" deal with Venus, this should give us multiple areas of flow).

So, the week should get better - hang in there.

Note the dates are when aspects are exact, but other than the Moon, we will feel these energies in the days before and after as they build and unwind, too. We'll also flesh out the dates with some dailies, as we move through the week and add in the Moons.

SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles Uranus, Venus sextiles Neptune
MONDAY - Mars conjuncts Pluto
TUESDAY - New Moon in Aries, Sun/Moon square Nodes of Fate
THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Chiron, Jupiter conjunct Pallas squares Eris (and the Moon)
FRIDAY - Venus (conjunct Moon) trines Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto

SUNDAY - we have Mercury (in Pisces for his third trip over these early Pisces degrees) sextiling Uranus at 4 degrees Taurus. We are talking/communicating/going over information about disruptions to our security/finances/resources. Innovation creates opportunities. We have Venus (home in Taurus) sextiling Neptune - our love is compassionate/our values are spiritual. Art, music, meditation, movies, escaping into our imagination is stabilizing.

Venus in Taurus is about appreciating and valuing what we already own, but Neptune says nothing is real/there is no "own"/there is only one of us here - so maybe there is some kind of middle ground happening here with this. We can take/hold onto what we need without infringing on anyone else. We know when enough is enough/what we need and when to stop pouring water into an already full glass

(or stocking an already overflowing refrigerator).

MONDAY - is a big day with Mars meeting Pallas and mega-energy PLUTO at 24 degrees Capricorn - this is a push of powerful ambition with a focus on authority/career/our goals. This can bring tremendous courage or impulsive destruction. Maybe authority/control on steroids. Courage. Passion. Ambition. Mars is exalted in Capricorn (his youthful/passionate/warrior tendencies most controlled and focused) and can usually act on instinct wisely. With Mars/Pallas here are solid strategies/initiatives/moving ahead with a game plan. Big money initiatives. Actions will feel like life and death and have a "before and after" quality to whatever they bring forth. Productive and transformative movement. Paring down to what is necessary. Mars/Pluto is a "war aspect" and this worldwide disease has given us a common enemy - just what we have always needed to come together, right?!

TUESDAY - we have the Aries Moon meeting the Aries Sun at 4 degrees, giving us this month's NEW MOON and kicking off a new lunar year. The Moon will be conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. Squaring the Nodes of Fate we are facing a collective karmic "skipped step" through what transpires over the next couple weeks. We have reached another of March's MAJOR pivot points.

See the New Moon post HERE (will link when up tomorrow).

THURSDAY - the Aries Sun conjuncts Chiron - we are sensitive to what it means to be a human being on the planet at this time. A light is shining on old/deep wounds around our ability to be safe and take care of ourselves.

At the same time expansive Jupiter reaches his exact conjunction to wise Pallas (thank God and Goddess for the strategy and wisdom of Pallas in Capricorn right now) and squares disruptive Eris. There is a need to adjust/pivot. We might hope Eris is outnumbered/out-manned here because this "outsider" energetic can really bring out the worst in everyone. Eris doesn't play and shows/demands an absolute life and death (she is set to square Pluto himself three times this year and twice next year) need to bring everyone to the table.

We are all in this together. AND we are all facing this alone, as individuals, too.

FRIDAY - here is the BEST ENERGY of the week - we have a strong Venus, at home in Taurus, trining (brakes off) an abundant and lucky Jupiter, a smart and strategic Pallas and a powerful and transformative Pluto. Financial security. Success. There just has to be something good here!

Note - MONDAY has an almost all-day void Moon (10:51AM EDT through  8:58PM EDT) before she moves into Aries and we make hay toward Tuesday's big New Moon!

Back with the New Moon post and a big picture.

xo all - hang in there everyone!

photo by the talented incredi

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