Mars conjunct Chiron and the Cappy Moon | June 15th, 2022 - pushed to take action that both hurts and heals



Just off her opposition with the Sun and square to Neptune, Luna moves into sober Capricorn. The sign of her detriment/exile (as the ruler of Cappy's polarity sign of Cancer). Now we are nourished by stability/work/having a goal/having control/a few bucks in the bank/cans in the cupboard.


Today she will square both Mars and Chiron as they meet each other in Aries.


People with planets/points near the middle of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Cappy) will be feeling this strongest.


We talked about Mars/Chiron in the weekly HERE.


"Very old wounds are triggered around men, masculinity, our ability to take care of ourselves/to be ourselves. Painful actions might be necessary. Situations can force us to confront a wound/weakness/vulnerability. We might be pushed to assert ourselves. It won't be comfortable. We might need to find constructive ways to deal with very old anger this week."


Mars in Aries can activate an existing wound around our ability to take action via ambition/passion. If our Martian ability to go after what we want is injured, we will be hard pressed to even know what we want. This is a childhood/past-life/ancestral wound that clamps down on our exuberance/vitality (this is something we are collectively working on this year, particularly this summer).


Chiron also speaks of physical wounds/illnesses. Mars can be a trigger for dormant energies and kick things off, but is also about initiating new action, so if you are already dealing with something physical trying something new can help. This would be a time to be careful with your head since Aries rules the head. If you know something can bring on a headache/allergy/injury avoid it now. Wear a helmet - when appropriate obviously, maybe not to bed, although I don't know what you are doing in bed, and Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so maybe that helmet makes sense there, too.


Action and pain are linked and that square from the cold Capricorn Moon doesn't look like a soft space to fall. Cappy is about rules, limits, authority and Aries is our instinctual nature, so it could be just doing what we do/the way we do it triggers someone else. Keep in mind, Mars is in his home sign now, so we have access to courage/initiative/youthful passion.


The bottom line with all of this - we are going to have to push through this. 


The hurt comes from the action, but so does the HEALING.


We are learning to be assertive, not aggressive or wimpy. The Cappy Moon is helping us by wringing some of the emotion out of the situation/keeping us sober and clear-headed. The square will force us to deal with the Mars/Chiron pushing us to be more passionate/independent/brave/stand up for ourselves/learn we can take care of ourselves. 


xo all 

 artwork by the talented ArthurHenri

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