New Moon in Aquarius | February 4, 2019 - the seeds go into the ground, building on that new(ish) idea/information, courage, LIBERATION, expanding beyond our territory, taking action, that rock that hit you in the head when you took one for the team is the rock your new foundation is built on

Today we have a beautiful New Moon - the Moon and Sun meeting at 15 degrees Aquarius at 4:10PM EST.

The Moon and Sun are conjunct a future-oriented and fast-moving Mercury (WORDS ARE OUR SUPER POWER NOW) and sandwiched between Neptune, strong in Pisces and Saturn, strong in Capricorn (and co-ruler of this month's lunation).

If last month's 15 degree New Moon sandwich (in Capricorn between Saturn and Pluto) was stale bologna on two slices of moldy rye, this month we have a delicious turkey club with some smoked bacon and that chipotle mayo we can never find when we are craving it. Except this month, there it is. Behind the ketchup and WTH it's not even expired!

The Saturn/Neptune sextile (the dream works when we do) is EXACT on the New Moon AND forming a comfortable and spacious cocoon around our happy little couple.

Uranus (co-ruler of Aquarius and this month's lunation) is conjunct a strong Mars in Aries and trining (brakes off) a serious Venus, freshly minted in Capricorn. And look at lucky and expansive Jupiter sextiling the Sun, Moon and Mercury AND trining Mars. Our Moon and Sun are also situated right in the middle of a Venus/Chiron square, but Chiron is trining the North Node, so there's that.

You can't see in this chart, but we also have fiery outsider energy Eris exactly conjunct brother Mars and "take no crap" Garden of Eden exile Black Moon Lilith hooked up with Mercury.

There is angry feminine energy howling at our invisible Moon here. Truth bombs. That thing no one ever wants to talk about - well someone is. 

Let's unpack this baby.

Mercury is conjunct the lunation, but already past the New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) making me think there is an idea here, a conversation, some kind of information that we already had. It's not like it comes around again exactly, but more like it happened already, and factors in here rather importantly.

This would be a good time to sit quietly - especially around the exact time of this New Moon - and ASK FOR A THOUGHT, a confirmation, a spiritual awareness, a way forward! Thoughts are things and ideas are alive and waiting for just the right person, the person who can make them REAL, to grab hold of them.

And with Mercury conjuncting Black Moon Lilith - it could be something rather radical, something a bit risky, something that is not everyone's cup of tea. It might be liberating/revolutionary in some way. Yes, this might be the scary part.

Not everyone is going to agree/want to hear about it/think this is a good idea/come with us.
With Mercury so important here we don't want to be talking any smack today and tomorrow. No gossip. No idle chit chat. Think about what you are thinking about. Think about what you are saying. Don't say "this isn't bad" when you mean "this is good" - be intentional with your language.

Our words are SPELLS and this is powerful spell-making energy - we need to use our words respectfully.

Don't clutter your mind with a bunch of crap either or let anyone over the age of seven talk your ear off about nonsense.

PLEASE WRITE AND SAY YOUR NEW MOON INTENTIONS - even if you are off and on with them, this month with Mercury - the magician - in futuristic Aquarius and conjunct the lunation, you want to be INTENTIONAL.

You are going to manifest something now, it might as well be something you want!

A good thing about Aquarius is that even though this is a New Moon it is not uber sensitive or sentimental. That cool, non-emotional, ability to think on our feet thing helps keep us in the driver's seat here.

The New Moon is sitting between this year's most promising repeating transit - Saturn sextile Neptune. This is where our dreams meet reality (yes, they'll be work and possibly a sacrifice of some sort required) - and look, there is the New Moon exactly where these two energies meet!

With Saturn and Neptune productively working together (and I am not sure if we have seen these two planets in their home signs working together in many, many years, maybe even hundreds of years!) a structure unwinds/dissolves - maybe we sacrifice what we really, really wanted for something else that someone we love really, really needs, maybe we are required to let something/someone go and it really, really hurts, but from these ashes something new (and somewhat radical - a change for us) gets built. Patience is required and commitment. It may not be easy, but there will be ease here ... and opportunity.

Did I say these power players are working together? Did I say it's rather unprecedented to have them doing this from their home signs? Yes, I did!

The Moon is waxing (growing) for the next two weeks - what are we going to do with this?!

And when do we see Jupiter sextiling the New Moon and trining Mars! There is hope here. There is optimism. There is a fresh start with some kick (here's where that chipotle mayo comes in). Physical action will be required from us. We initiate.

Jupiter can also provide opportunity via a widening of our lens, legal support, media/publishing attention, higher education (Saturn in Capricorn wants to see your credentials - is there something you need to earn here?), help from foreigners or through travel.

Active Mars is conjunct anything-can-happen Uranus plus of course, the New Moon is in Uranus ruled AQUARIUS - this whole thing says - do something different. Or differently. Or something liberating. Or something with technology (or astrology) or with a group or cause you believe in. We could also meet someone who is very different with a very strong will - maybe aggressive/dominating, now.

This new thing requires action. Take the initiative. Take action. Get something started.

There is a challenge with that Venus/Chiron square. It makes me think that even with Lilith and Eris playing such large and liberating roles, we are still penned in here somehow - a boundary, a contract, an investment. Maybe we are short-changed with something or our self-esteem takes a hit. Still, Venus (as us) can move past this hurting/healing (if we allow ourselves to) through that responsible Capricorn energy. And through the release - remember the South Node is here - of our old stories. Old karma. The stuff that used to keep us safe, but now is just keeping us stuck.

There is energy here to be free and liberated, but we can't just be free and liberated.

We still have Saturn/Pluto breathing down our necks. It's still winter. Ignore the cute groundhog, I want spring, too, but this winter takes us all the way into 2020. Trust me on this one.

This is our annual Aquarius New Moon and we had 18 months to release the Aquarius crap when the South Node was in Aquarius last year - eliminating our lazy detachment, deleting the distractions, releasing the alienation and our need to get lost in the crowd and hide out in the audience - if we did our work - and we are not required to do our work perfectly - we are left with a cool head, an open mind and enough emotional distance from whatever we are building to allow the magical forces in play to work for and through us!

This New Moon is releasing our chapter of the last 6 months - remember that total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius last July and that crazy Mars retrograde in Aquarius! 

New Moons and particularly the two weeks that follow them are initiatory energy.

Stuff starts.

Of course, for stuff to start, other stuff has to end.

The energy here is supporting the fresh start, so a focus on that part pushes us forward.


AFFIRMATION TIPS for your monthly New Moon: always make affirmations from a positive place (positive meaning both happy, light hearted and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud. Then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

Our Solar Return is when the Sun gets back to the same degree we drew our first breath (our birthday or very near our birthday) and the chart for that moment is very useful in looking at our year ahead. This New Moon chart is my Solar Return chart since my natal Sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius - the houses are different, of course (I have Sun, Moon, Mercury in the 8th house in this year's Solar Return - this one scared me enough to consider traveling to change it, but then I decided to suck it up and figure out how to work with it, you can run, but you can't hide Cat, plus since this is the house of death, I'm counting on that whole 9 lives thing). My Solar Return chart has the Pluto/Saturn conjunction sitting on my descendant, too, and when I first saw that, I gasped. I kicked and screamed. I threw up a little in my mouth. Then sucked it up (like literally this time, it was disgusting), because it has to be somewhere. The year ahead is going to be big and bodacious, with lots of twists and turns and surprises ahead (with one coming as early as next week) - for all of us!


DancingMooney said...

Oh Cat, this new blog design is so beautiful!! I am so excited for new beginnings for you here. This is lovely. Keep being you Cat. #ninelives

Thank you for all you do.


Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you so much Janelle!! xo back at you