Mars Square the Nodes, Mercury Sextile Uranus, Sun conjunct BML | a fork in the road, moving past our fears, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, liberating speech, a light on something in the shadows, innovative ideas

Fuck-Off by nick sachos

Today we have Mars (in Aries, but only for a little while longer) squaring the North and South Nodes, Mercury, at the very end of Aquarius, sextiling Uranus, at the very end of Aries and trining Pallas. We also have the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith (in Aquarius).

So, a few of the week's energetics become exact.

The Moon is waxing through Aries today on cruise control with no need to adjust our speed until late afternoon (5:06PM EST) when she squares sobering Saturn - patience might be needed with this one.

Mars squaring the North and South Nodes of the Moon speaks of a turning point. Squares bring tension/frustration and they can bring out the worst of both planets/points.

Here is where we decide (and with squares events transpire to force our hand) whether to stay stable and stuck and protected or allow ourselves to feel vulnerable as we reach for something more nurturing.

We are moving through the journey of Saturn (ruler of the South Node now) toward Pluto (exact in January 2020, and within a 5 degree orb in just a couple weeks). Since Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008 we have seen how the structures/authority in our lives are working and not working. We've been shown in what ways we don't feel qualified to be in charge of our own lives, the ways and whys we don't step up, the fear in us that is keeping us stuck. We've learned what matters to us the most and what we lose when we seek to control. We've lived the last 11 years in dog years. Time has sped up as Saturn evolves through his Plutonian houseguest.

We are decades older and wiser now. 

Mercury will move from airy Aquarius where he has kept ideas/communications moving since January 24th into watery, emotional Pisces. He/she was in Aquarius for only 3 weeks and will be in Pisces, the sign of his detriment, until April 17th (!) - because of his upcoming retrograde. This will slow things down BIGLY. In Pisces he will hook up with Neptune multiple times - good for our imaginations, spiritual work, art, healing - not so good for decision making, paperwork, communication - things will be confusing. 

So, the last thing Mercury does before leaving Aquarius is sextile (opportunity - that "click into place") Aquarius ruler Uranus. This is a curve ball we actually catch. A hare-brained scheme that might actually work. Maybe we say/hear just the right thing. Something Uranian - so cool and new and out there, and the words hit their mark. New/surprising information comes in. This is the "innovative thinking" we have been talking about all week. Research could produce sudden or surprising results. Don't be afraid to speak up. The best ideas are outside-the-box now.

That trine (brakes off) to Pallas (in cooperative Libra) tells us this "innovative thinking/speaking up" benefits our partnerships/relationships even as she opposes Uranus now.

We also have the Sun and Black Moon Lilith meeting up in Aquarius. A light is thrown on this outsider energy. We have the confidence to be rebellious/liberated. Someone will be shocking, so I guess someone else will be shocked.

If you are the one with an unscheduled announcement to make now, keep things Aquarian - calm, cool and intellectual.  

xo all 

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