Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 18th - wounds get triggered, life gets even more fishy, what needs fixing, what is good enough, exaggerations and a shifting storyline begins

Mercury is uber active this week, which makes us busy and attending to lots of details, errands, talks, meetings, commerce, communication, etc. He/she is in watery Pisces which could lead to frustrations when we need fast and accurate answers and for things to move in a straight line. This could also focus our energies and conversations around Piscean themes - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, research, romance, art, music, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, your ancestors who have passed away.

Stay flexible and keep some time in your schedule open.

NOTE - Mercury enters the degrees she will be re-walking during her upcoming retrograde on Tuesday, so pay attention to what is in play the beginning to middle of this week because we are going to be working and re-working this chapter over the next few weeks!

The major aspects I see are:

MONDAY - Chiron into Aries (until 2027), Sun into Pisces (until April 20th), Venus conjunct Saturn
TUESDAY - Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Neptune (Mercury starts walking the degrees of his Pisces retrograde with a conjunction to Pisces ruler Neptune!)
THURSDAY - Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury square Jupiter

On MONDAY, we start the week with the energy of the Venus/Capricorn conjunction we talked about last week. Continue to take money/love/resources SERIOUSLY. Here is where the rubber meets the road. We find out what we really have. We might reach a limit or hear a "no". We learn to age/mature gracefully. Attractions become more practical and time-tested. Any lack of maturity or experience could hold us back. This might be a good time to find an older and more experienced mentor or a younger and less experienced muse. Less than solid relationships can end. Money/love lessons will be learned. Loneliness will suck lemons now.

Chiron will ingress into Aries until 2027. He first entered Aries back on April 17th of last year, so issues/situations from around that time could be back in play or connect to what is happening now.

I write about Chiron in Aries HERE.

With Chiron in Aries, changes will be faster. Rough edges will be smoothed efficiently on a chopping block. We will have to get right back up when we fall down. We will see what we need to do and then we will need to do it.

There will be less time for reflection and there won't be any time for wallowing. 

Except of course during Pisces season which also starts TODAY!

Chiron in Aries will be about taking action. It could be about standing up for ourselves (and vulnerable others). We might have to fight (as we work through appropriate ways to handle anger/initiative/competition) - even when it makes us uncomfortable and leaves us with knots in our stomach, hurtful words splashing around in our heads or scraped knuckles (yes, there might be some knock down - drag outs, hopefully like me you will be fighting with wallpaper).   

Keep in mind - this is a seven year transit and will play out over time. You probably won't have to fight on Monday! Also keep in mind Chiron isn't about winning. No trophies will be given out (dammit). No roses tossed at our feet (which is good, because we might slip and fall and no one will want to hear us whine about our twisted ankle).

The rewards will come through the acceptance of the thing we can't win - and this is different than giving up! - the process of  "learning to live with it", and through that energetic grace/acceptance we can heal some very old, and very deep, trigger points of pain for all of us. Yes, you heal me and I heal you and we are all together (or so said John Lennon, I think .. sort of).

Your Aries planets will be taken over by Chiron at some point, your Libra planets opposed and your Capricorn and Cancer planets squared. Those with planets and points in the early degrees of these signs will feel this energy first.

The Sun moves into Pisces today - (happy almost birthday Pisces!) the mutable water sign of mystics, empaths, musicians, dreamers, poets, artists, escape artists and addicts.

It's the final sign of the zodiac, the sign of consciousness. Although often pictured as fish (maybe a fisher-of-men Christian, Age of Pisces symbol), Pisces is better imagined as the ocean itself. A symbol of life and healing - the space where one thing flows into the next, until there is no 'next'. When we are lost at sea, there are literally limitless options as to where we can go - all directions are available to us.

(which is hell for the indecisive but invigorating when we remember we are here for the adventure

Pisces people have the ability to comprehend almost anything (the downside is the ability to easily hook into stuff that isn't real - I had noticed alot of Trump's younger staff early on had strong Neptune and Uranus energies). Certainty is a temporary state of mind for Pisces. Even the truth can get a bit stretchy. For grounding and to stay in touch with the ethereal energies that continually beckon to them - they really need to meditate daily (research shows coloring activates the same brain areas).

We are all burning Pisces fuel now, and so, especially if we find ourselves unfocused and forgetful we can use meditation to free up the space we need to remain effective and centered.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the place in our natal chart where we heal, avoid, wallow, dissolve or transcend boundaries. It's unlimited territory; our ocean.

Since Neptune came home to Pisces in 2012, we have all been a little less clear about what is real. Think of meditation as a requirement for life on planet Earth now - also hydration!

EXAMPLE FOR TAURUS/Taurus Rising - Chiron is moving into your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, your ancestors who have passed away, your spirit guides. With the Sun moving into your 11th house of the collective on the same day - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology - a deep, possibly unacknowledged or secret wound, is activated through other people, your groups, your connected goals. This could be about something you hide from other people or something that has been hidden from you.

TUESDAY, is a big day. First we have the Full Moon in Virgo. I will write a post and link to it here. This is our second zero degree Full Moon in two months - an ending and beginning all rolled into one. The Full Moon will trine (brakes off) a stable Mars in Taurus, so our actions taken over the next two weeks are linked to solid and lasting results.

The trickiest part of the Full Moon - which emphasizes the Pisces/Virgo axis of allowing vs micro-managing (among other things) may be the days other aspect -

Mercury (ruler of Virgo, so ruler of this Full Moon) conjunct dreamy Neptune, so probably not everything the Full Moon brings to light will be real. And due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde this aspect will be a three-peat. Mercury meeting Neptune on the exact degree he starts his back and forth retrograde journey is important so pay attention to what is happening now. Not everything will be as it seems. Think - alternative "facts".

Minds and ideas will morph over the next few weeks.

This is going to re-activate this year's major repeating transit, the Neptune/Saturn sextile (working for the dream) we have talked about before - making us aware of what we are giving up to get something solid or what solid thing/boundary is being dissolved.

EXAMPLE FOR LIBRA/Libra Rising - the Virgo Full Moon is lighting up your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. Secrets move out of the shadows. Stuff gets dug up. Mercury in your 6th house of day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health - could bring something here into play while the Neptune/Saturn sextile activation makes you aware of what you are giving up to get something solid or what solid thing/boundary is being dissolved. Whatever you are working through here will play out over Mercury's retrograde through the middle of April.

On THURSDAY, Mercury will square Jupiter and again with Mercury set to station retrograde, we are going to communicate/converse/think - or with Jupiter involved - over-communicate, over-converse, over-think -  our way through this situation multiple times. Conversations could be inflated. Exaggerations are likely. Enthusiasm and optimism is a good thing, just keep in mind things could appear better than they actually are. We will be working our way through this until the middle of April, so there is plenty of time for pins to get pressed into the inflated stuff. Not everything will be totally realistic now and there will be details and information we just can't see yet. We don't know what we don't know here. Don't bet the farm. Focus on the facts.

At the same time Venus meets Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn and sextiles Mercury (in Pisces). Venusian situations - love, money, our resources, values and self-esteem - get more intense. Our need for love/money increases. This is good energy for attracting powerful people and situations that bring us into a more powerful position. Avoid manipulation now. Avoid jealousy and compulsive crap. Look deeper at what you already have and what you really want. Situations will likely conspire to force our hands with this.

Keep in mind, with Mercury bringing the opportunity and set to retrograde over this storyline a couple times over the next few weeks, patience and possibly some revisions and adjustments will be required to get to the good stuff. Stay positive and focused on what you want, which with Pluto, is likely to come through a merger (or intimacy) with other people and/or their resources.

EXAMPLE FOR ARIES/Aries Rising (and keep in mind Aries rising puts the planets in their natural houses, so this one is in play for all of us collectively) with Jupiter in your 9th house - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking squaring Mercury from your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood - optimistic ideas and plans are possible now. Just keep in mind Jupiter's tendency to make things appear bigger/better than they are and the fact we have a few weeks of revisions and re-thinking ahead of us. With Venus/Pluto in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility sextiling (opportunity) Mercury from your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing - behind the scenes machinations/hidden information is helping you with your career/goals. This is going to play out over the next few weeks (through mid-April), so it will be a while before you know exactly where you stand here. Stick with the facts. Stay in your integrity. Avoid gossip and deception. Do your job.

Back - somewhat daily - with the Moons and back with the Full Moon in Virgo post!

xo all

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