Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 25th - karmic decisions, old love, old money, debts and inheritances, news, fast changes, unexpected love and money situations, fated encounters, moving past the rules as Venus leaves Capricorn with a BANG

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Some major aspects for the week ahead are:

MONDAY - Venus conjuncts the South Node | opposes the North Node
Mercury trines the North Node | sextiles the South Node and Venus
THURSDAY - Mars sextiles the Sun and squares the Galactic Center
FRIDAY - Venus squares Uranus and enters Aquarius
SATURDAY - Venus trines Chiron

We are counting down to March 6th when Uranus returns to Taurus (through 2026) shaking up the stablest (and often stuck-est) space in our charts. Sometimes there is a need to bring in outside elements and resources to break up familiar/repeating patterns - that's Uranus's job (through us). And the more we have collected in Taurus, the more there will be for Uranus to turn upside down. On the flipside, Uranus himself (through us) becomes more stable in Taurus answering to Venus. There isn't any all-night study session that will get us ready (we did get a preview last May), but this week's journey of our inner planets is helping to clear a path and lowering our resistance to CHANGE ...

On MONDAY/TUESDAY, we have Venus conjuncting the South Node (in Capricorn) and opposing the North Node (Cancer) at the same time we have Mercury trining (brakes off) the North Node and sextiling (opportunity) the South Node and Venus.

Let's unpack this.

We'll start with Venus although we really can't separate the Mercury stuff. With Venus (love, money, resources, what we value, our self-esteem, beauty, women) contacting the South Node (what we are releasing/been there done that) and opposing the North Node (the environment we are moving into) - Venusian issues will culminate.

South Node stuff is very old and very deep. It goes back to our childhoods, our ancestors/our past lives. This is similar to the Venus/Pluto we moved through last week - the debts/rewards of our own past and our ancestors' stuff we talked about and we are still in Capricorn and dealing collectively with work/career/goals and also through the Capricorn theme of our natal chart.

Payments might come in now for "what we are owed". Or maybe our own debts come due. If money or a resource or a relationship or a source of income flows out of our life now, know there is right-timing here. Maybe we have amassed this debt (from this life or a past life or an ancestral inheritance) and need to pay this off now, to unblock our future abundance. And I am not just talking about money/physical resources here. This could be about an abuse of power or abuse of another person's emotions. 

What are we trying to control?

It is time to free ourselves up.

Avoiding our debt just delays the stuff waiting to flow to us once this stuff is paid off. Venus won't cross the South Node in Capricorn for about another 18 years and Pluto won't be back here in our lifetimes. Let's not pass this debt onto our future self or our own children - it's kind of now or never with some of this stuff.

Relationships can end/shift. Old loves (and the stuff we used to love, especially old careers) can re-appear. New/karmic relationships can begin. 

It is fated.

The ways we used to make money is changing

The ways we used to relate to other people is changing

Maybe the tenant becomes the landlord as the landlord, who was never as stable as he appeared to be, sells to pay off his debts. The corner office changes hands as our ambitions shift - and let's not be the guy holding onto the window sill by his fingernails!

Money/love is shifting

The calloused hands find a way to live more authentically through doing less; the idle hands discover the value of tired muscles and dirty fingernails. 

We don't want to "wake up" some kind of tragic inheritance by holding onto something from the past that needs to be released.

We are all going through a Plutonian transit together. In July, this stuff will really be coming home to us, but it is a process until then. We are playing the long game. 

Whatever this is for us, with Mercury (Pisces) trining the North Node (Cancer) and sextiling the South (Capricorn) - the news/information/communication won't be stopped - this whole thing moves forward regardless.

Keep in mind, Mercury, through us, is walking a very long story through about the middle of April. There are twists and turns ahead. We have to stay flexible - and yes, with that Cancer North Node - we have to stay vulnerable and nurturing and open to not judging this kind of stuff as weak.

No one needs you to be perfect. No one needs another freakin' expert.

When we don't know something, we get alot further now (and gain more support), by just saying, "that's a good question, I'm not sure, let me find out" than we do by providing someone with some bullsh*t answer they will see/feel right through.

Our integrity (wholeness) comes through our willingness to be open/vulnerable - "yes, I know about this, here is what I know" or "no, I don't know about this, let me find out." And yes, then we will probably have to find out - Saturn is in Capricorn, we can't forget this part. Nothing truly worthwhile is going to come without some efforting on our part!

Even the stuff that falls into our lap is going to require our time/energy/resources to make something of it or it is just going to lay there staining our favorite jeans.

Venus is a beneficial planet - she attracts what she needs. She brings favorable results to our Capricorn house now, and also, yes, with the South Node, the possibility of a release/ending.

She meets Uranus at the end of the week and then in another week Uranus will be answering to HER (think about Uranus being Trump with this one, if this makes you feel better) - everything is changing anyway! We are holding onto smoke rings.

Mercury's contact with the North and South Nodes are repeating aspects, due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde, so what we hear/say/learn now will be evolving - it's not the last word - these are GOOD aspects in that they move us forward (opportunities as we move away from Capricorn and smooth ground as we move toward Cancer) through our Pisces house energy. The journey will be kind of drifting and confusing though with behind the scenes assistance, shifting information, people changing their minds and back-door negotiations.

EXAMPLE FOR Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (in general this would be Capricorn 3rd house, Pisces 5th) - Venus meets the South Node in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood, note this is the same space she met Pluto last week - signaling a karmic conversation/information from the past likely regarding a Venusian topic- love, money, self-esteem, resources, values, relationships, women, beauty (this also could involve the themes of the houses Venus rules in your natal chart - Libra/Taurus). This will be important - you have attracted a debt/inheritance here and it is time to move past it. At the same time Mercury in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, your center-stage, children, romance and recreation is pushing something forward through April and keep in mind whatever this is, will be subject to revisions. Your relationships and how you relate to other people is changing big time and you are preparing to meet multiple new and different people, Scorpio. You are a fixed sign and maybe not so fond of change, stay open and flexible.

On THURSDAY, Mars (in Taurus) is going to sextile our Pisces Sun and square the Galactic Center (seat of creation). This is where putting our energy into spiritual work or healing or creativity creates opportunities. The square to something new tells us it will probably not be without some tension/frustration, but always keep in mind with squares that little of importance is done without them. We have the courage to act with sensitivity/compassion. We might need to be a little careful with our boundaries now or any martyr crap, but hopefully stable Taurus will take care of that. Our ancestral DNA and the ghosts of our dreams - are helping us take action. We don't want to daydream this opportunity away with a nap. Take some kind of action today.

On FRIDAY, Venus will square Uranus (SURPRISE) and then move into geeky Aquarius.

Here's where our Venus story gets a surprise twist.

We could make a rebellious move with love/money.  

Or an unexpected or sudden partnership/love or money/resources situation could catch us by surprise.

Venus has been very serious in Capricorn these last few weeks and now she goes out with a bang!

Whatever we have been working with here can take a left turn now - including all the stuff I said in the beginning of the post, so I hope you are the kind of reader who sticks it out to the end.

With Venus moving into Uranus ruled Aquarius quickly after the square maybe whatever happens shocks us into stepping back to get a little more distance from whatever is happening or triggers an attraction to something very strange and unusual (for us) or, well, with Aquarius this could be pretty much anything except what we expect it to be!

Venus will be in Aquarius until March 26th.

Aquarius Suns and Aquarius rising (Aquarius ruler of first house of your natal chart) get more attractive. Both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want.

All of our natal Aquarius houses become more attractive, too!

Ruling our collective 11th house of friendships - the next few weeks are a good time to connect with people, our groups and causes. Also good for purchases of technology, just check the Moons and avoid the voids.

Our Aquarius house is a space we experience and evolve through Aquarian energies. Maybe by experiencing unexpected situations and unusual experiences. Maybe by being able to detach and get enough distance from something to be able to see it clearly. Maybe through flashes of genius or rebelliousness. Maybe through chaos. Our natal Uranus placement (ruler of Aquarius) and its contacts will tell us a more complete story.

Now, we have Venus moving into/through this space.

As she moves through Aquarius she will make contact with not only any planets/points we have in Aquarius, but also the planets/points we have in Leo (by opposition), in Scorpio and Taurus (by square) and other planets, too (by sextile, etc).

This is where knowing our natal chart can come in handy.

As a collective influence, for all of us, Venus moves out of Capricorn (the rules) and into Aquarius (the space we move past the rules).

Beautiful Venus drops her briefcase full of "shoulds". She takes her hair out of its tightly constructed bun and shakes her head. She kicks off her too-tight, office-ready pumps. She wears whatever she wants to wear now. She can do whatever she wants to do now. There is no one to impress in this new space. There is no one to answer to.

Now subconsciously we all feel this (even though there is a hell of alot of planets left in Capricorn and Saturn is home in Capricorn now, so we don't get to drop all responsibilities, plus Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius!) - a kind of relief as Venus disentangles us a bit from what is required of us to be 'acceptable'.

Maybe we start to notice (attract) things we would have otherwise missed. The strange and unusual will catch our eye now.

We will be attracted to things/situations/solutions/people that are different.

(And just like anything else - 'different' which is a good thing, can be taken too far, too. I have a family member with Uranus on his ascendant, now not everyone with a Uranus/Ascendant conjunction will show up this way, but he not only looks very unusual, but has the need to show everyone else strange and unusual things, ALL THE TIME, then he wonders why no one is liking his Facebook posts! Everyone has already blocked him because it just gets to be too much. Now his stuff is pure Uranus, not Aquarius which is co-ruled by stable Saturn - but we might still take the need to attract what we want through something 'different' too far now, especially if we trend in this direction to begin with!)

Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, Aquarius is the space that is hard to forecast. When we step outside the rules (Uranus is outside Saturn's boundaries) our outcomes become less predictable, too.

Venus (beauty) in Aquarius (unique) allows us to see the beauty in things we wouldn't normally regard as beautiful. What would it take to see our crooked teeth as beautiful? our messy house? a real loss?

Wouldn't it take detachment? Wouldn't it take an ability to step back a little farther from whatever we are looking at?

To see the big picture -

(maybe those slightly crooked teeth have allowed us to evolve, as we grow to appreciate them, from mumbling our words through a mostly, un-moving mouth to speaking our well thought out opinions clearly and emphatically - maybe without those slightly crooked teeth, we would have learned this lesson in an even bigger, more painful way).

To see what other people, who are not closely connected to the things we are connected to, are seeing
(that messy home looks like a busy, happy family lives there).

To see the future -

(that loss now is creating a space something bigger and better will be filling in five years).

Detachment is one of the gifts of Aquarius (and also one of the curses if taken too far - think about technology that detaches us from reality).

Venus's transit here allows us to step back from what we are usually most attracted to. When we step away we can see things we couldn't see before. And keep in mind people (and situations) could step away from us a little bit now to get a clearly look, too. This isn't a permanent disconnection (unless it is) - this is a transit remember. It's a part of the process. A kind of 'sowing our wild oats' part, where we all need a bit more space. A part we skip at our own peril.

Aquarius is the genius, rebel, criminal, humanitarian - the outsider.

This is a good time to step outside of ourselves and view our situation more dispassionately. To be more objective. The energies at play now will assist us. If this was someone else's situation/life we were looking at what would we see?

Venus is about what we want.

Can we step away from what we want just long enough and just far enough to give everything some fresh air? to gain some different insights? to try something else?

On SATURDAY, Venus trines hurting/healing Chiron, helping us deal with any Venusian changes/disruptions by keying us into why they may be necessary.

There is "gold somewhere in them there hills".

The Moon is void on MONDAY until 4:19PM EST when she flies out of focused Scorpio and into optimistic Sagittarius. That should feel good! The Void Moon could bring some twists and turns to the day and keep in mind whatever the Void stirs up will likely be much to do about nothing. Don't start anything new during the void. Good energy for routine stuff that isn't very important.

xo all

I will probably post less about the Moons this week so I can get the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and Uranus/Taurus posts finished - Monday is the only Void Moon during the work week/working hours.

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