Today's Astrology Forecast and a peek at the week ahead | Monday, January 4, 2021 - speaking our truth even if our voice shakes, destructive/transformative information, changes right out of the gate



We talked about most of this in the January monthly HERE. And we'll iron out the week with a couple dailies as we factor in the Moons.


This is a pivotal week. Anytime we have all three inner planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars - changing signs in the SAME WEEK (I can't remember the last time this has happened), we know CHANGE is going to be hitting our personal lives in some noticeable ways. 


By February, we are going to have a MAJOR Aquarius stellium the likes of which we haven't seen since February 1962, but we are still in Capricorn territory today.

The Moon is in organized and grounded Virgo. She opposed Neptune while we slept (EST) and goes on to trine Mercury and Pluto (both in Capricorn) - good for grounded communications and practical power moves - in the mid-afternoon and finally go void at 4:33PM EST off a square to Venus (at the end of Sag). She will be void for the rest for the day, so chill.


This is the day Mercury meets Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn (the degree of next week's New Moon, but we knew this already) .


Truth/secrets/financial/sexual/life and death - information/news comes out. Words are very powerful. Information can ruin/kill/transform. This might speak of communications with powerful people or conversations/ideas where our own powerful underpinnings are awakened. All possibly combinations of words and power/transformation are on the table now.


On FRIDAY, Mercury (communication, conversations) is going to move into Aquarius and quickly square Mars who has just  moved into Taurus. Mercury/Mars squares are arguments/tense communications and these are fixed signs, so no one is budging - 


maybe this is within a group situation or maybe over finances, resources, our self-esteem. Aqua can help us keep a cool (and slightly detached) head. And now that I was written "detached head" this doesn't sound like a good thing after all! 


The next day, SATURDAY, Mercury meets Saturn - new rules/limits are communicated. What can be said/what is off the table now. Social commitments/maybe internet projects get firmed up. This might be some kind of wrap-up to Friday's disagreements - conjunctions with Saturn can bring results/endings.

At the END OF THE WEEK, Venus is going to replace Mercury in Capricorn as she exits Sagittarius (crossing over the Galactic Center - our seat of creation homing signal, and getting NEW instructions, in the process). Back in November 2019, she crossed the Galactic Center with Jupiter. I always imagined her whispering in his ear, "be careful in Capricorn Jupe, Saturn and Pluto are determined to destroy whatever is necessary to cement Saturn's power - can you bring some hope? can you do your expanding routine without making things worse?". This year, it is Venus alone getting the new intel as she crosses the Galactic Center and moves into the more sober/serious pastures of Capricorn. Keep in mind, Uranus, and Mars by this time, are in Taurus and answering to Venus. So, Venus in Cappy, as well as the Sun in Cappy this week, will hold us still firmly in that grounded/but kind of backward-feeling energy. Trust this. This is perfectly timed to move us toward the New Moon next week in Capricorn - when we start again from a higher level (23 degrees Capricorn). More about Venus in Cappy in the monthly HERE - see January 8th.

Mars has been in Aries for six months and on TUESDAY finally leaves his home sign and moves into stable Taurus (where, yes, he will start answering to Venus, who will actually be very helpful trining from the  master-builder sign of Capricorn). Mars is forced to slow down. Consolidate. Build something one brick at a time. In Taurus he is going to square the Aqua planets and bang smack into Uranus, so our Taurus house is going to be bringing the fire/chaos this month, knowing the theme of your natal Taurus house will be helpful. Keep this in mind.

In terms of your personal natal chart - what are we talking about? 


For all of us our Cappy house loses Mercury (so maybe some of the busyness) and gains beneficial Venus. Venus attracts. We will take her anywhere we can get her! Our natal Venus - and the houses she rules - Taurus and Libra  - become more serious/grounded. Our natal Aquarius house- already starting to get heated up, although we might not be feeling it yet because we don't have a personal planet there - well, now we will have a personal planet there (!) and Mercury will just start speeding things up. Our vision/thinking turns to the future. Our natal Taurus house - rocking and rolling for years with Uranus - will welcome (and not with open arms I suspect) fiery/passionate/active and sometimes angry Mars. And with Venus, Taurus's ruling planet changing signs at the same time, we will certainly feel this one! Our natal Aries house for the first time without Mars in 6 months - will start to ease-up. When we take rulerships into consideration our - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio (thru Mars co-rulership), Capricorn and Aquarius houses are shifting - all in one week, so 2021 is wasting no time.

I am going to keep this short since we have the monthly covering most of this. Going to pop up the vaccine charts (first doses UK and USA, which are very interesting) and then the Narcissism and then finish up January. This month is going to be cray-cray by the middle, so use this first week or so to get yourself organized and prepared. 


We are living in a new world with new possibilities/writing a new story - it almost makes no sense for me to write these forecasting posts anymore because it feels like I am just pigeon-holing us with my words. I have to think about this.


Neptune is squaring the Nodes - the past is being erased, the future is a collection of possibilities, too dynamic for us to remain stagnant, but too amorphous to hold onto just yet or maybe we have to come to understand the concept of un-solid things still being things. To holding on without holding on. Change is coming. Change is here.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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