Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 18, 2021 - taking action on our goals and responsibiltiies, vulnerabilities triggered, things get better later


Today is all about the Moon in Aries. 


With the Moon in Aries we are nurtured through time alone, our passions, action, initiative, anger, men. She will sextile Saturn at 9:19AM EST, sextile Jupiter at 3:44PM EST, and, in between, meet up with wounded healer Chiron.


That sextile to Saturn is good for taking action on our goals, working with authority and stepping into our own. Any contact with Saturn can bring up responsibilities and limits, but maybe here it is just enough to give our day the structure it needs. So GET MOVING.

Her meeting with Chiron is going to be uncomfortable. Our fears around being able to act/take care of ourselves/be ourselves - whatever this is, it is very old and we are emotionally triggered. We are kind of running right into our vulnerabilities today. This can also make us, and other people, appear to be more self-interested or pushy/aggressive than we or they intended - keep this in mind. We need to be brave and an Aries Moon is brave. Our actions will help us through any insecurities - just keep going. 


The Moon will meet Chiron at 12:49PM EST, so maybe take a long/late lunch.

This all lands with an uplifting, smooth and optimistic sextile to expansive Jupiter in the late afternoon (EST), so this looks like an "all's well that end's well" kind of situation. Or something takes our mind off our problems. Either way -


things get better later. 


xo all 

photo by the talented iNeedChemicalX

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