Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 - discomfort, a void moon, releasing our need to fix something or maybe just the right fix (trying it again) is needed - you choose


The Moon continues her journey through home and family focused Cancer. She trined Neptune at 1:57AM EST, opposes Venus at 10:36AM EST and goes void off an opposition to Pluto at 12:55PM EST. She will be void until 9:54PM EST when she moves into Leo and we start to build toward tomorrow's BIG Full Moon. 

The oppositions to Venus and Pluto won't feel so good to our sensitive Moon. Uncomfortable tension/frustration with harsh realities, authority, limits, rules, power, what it seems we can't have - are possible. This might also show up as a home/family vs work/career situation.

At the same time, Vesta, at 21 degrees Virgo, moves into an opposition with Ceres, at 21 degrees Pisces.


Vesta in Virgo is very focused on healing/fixing/making something better or, dare we say, perfect. She is retrograde, so this probably won't be our first go-round with this. Ceres is Pisces is either about unlimited mothering/nurturing/sacrificing or the release of something we once nurtured because the seasons of life are changing. 


This opposition might speak of an ending/loss we are fighting via a sort of "let's just try one more fix over here" attention to details. Or, on the other hand, and we always get two for just this reason it seems - our attentive care/focus is challenged by the "enough is never enough" endless need of something/someone/some situation. Virgo/Pisces is also the real vs the unreal. The actual nuts and bolts of the situation vs our need to transcend those nuts and bolts.


So, it could be our extreme attention to what needs fixing needs to be pulled back a little bit, so whatever desires to be released/dissolved can be, this stuff is out of our control anyway OR maybe we need to put some extreme attention/care on something that is fading away/escaping .... pull someone/something/some situation back into reality, ie the land of the nuts and bolts. 


See if anything here is helpful. 

xo all - back tonight with tomorrow's BIG Full Moon post!

photo by SergeyKomarov


This is making me think of my 91 year old aunt. She is in the hospital - having fought off pneumonia and covid only, it seems, to be succumbing to a massive urinary tract infection a month later. Not eating/fading/preparing to move into another phase of life vs the extreme care being taken to keep her here. She's ready, but her family isn't. She's ready, but the established protocols need to be played out/run through. She's ready, but she isn't ..... life is so precious. So simple. So complicated.


stregata said...

Best wishes to you, Cat. Much love, big hugs

Catherine Ivins said...

You too Renate - take care of yourself! xo