Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, January 9th, 2021 - limited information, focusing our attention, words are powerful, what we do can get us what we want, balance


The Moon is in hopeful/optimistic/bombastic Jupiter now. We are nurtured by adventure, stretching a limit, stepping outside our comfort zone, taking something to the next level, foreign people and situations, our faith. She is all opportunistic sextiles - with Mercury at 9:14AM EST, Saturn at 10:38AM EST and Jupiter at 2:17PM EST. Some great Saturday aspects.

This is also the day Mercury meets Saturn (2 degrees Aquarius) and Venus (in Cappy) trines Mars (in Taurus) at 1 degree. 

Mercury/Saturn might be limits on what we can say or the information we can receive. Mercury meeting Saturn in the sign of technology (Aquarius) - sounds just like Twitter banning Trump and Google Play ditching Parler. This can also be a verbal commitment - etched in stone by serious Saturn in fixed Aqua. Or our feet held to the fire via an old commitment. Maybe it's time to limit our tech time which is so addicting/unproductive/manipulative. Words are powerful and sober. Think twice and speak once. Watch what you say on social media because you will be held responsible for it/limited by it in some way.


Saturn will focus our attention (Mercury), so notice what you are watching (absorbing), reading, thinking and saying. It matters.

Today's best aspect is the Venus/Mars trine. 


Capricorn/Taurus. Solid earth. Excellent building energy. Here is where opposing energies - the yin and the yang can balance each other out/work together. What we do (ie the action we take) gets us what we want. With Mars in Taurus answering to Venus this is even more powerful. Money/resources/relationship moves now can be solid/sustaining. A couple caveats might be - we need to be thinking long term because these aren't fast moving energies, we need to be practical and we need to take other people into consideration. This ain't no independent Mars in Aries, no more. Just sayin'. :)

xo all

photo by the talented simsalabima

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