Astrology forecast for Creatives | Week of January 18th - January 24th, 2021 - curve balls, explosions, giving something some space, new ideas and information, reality checks and lalaland no vacancy signs


We talked in an earlier post about how January would bring the explosive changes/steps forward and February the 'clean ups on aisle six'/steps backward. 


This is one of those EXPLOSIVE weeks.


With Mars meeting Uranus (this happens every couple years) it is a time of shake/rattle/roll. Also DANGER, so stay frosty. No dark alleys. No wooden nickels. Respond instead of react.


Expect some curve balls.


Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Breakups. 


If something in our Taurus house (the space we hold that very precious - to us - stuff) needs to come unstuck, well here comes Mars to unstick it. If we have wanted to do something different, here is the energy/push to do it. If we have wanted to say something radically/authentically unpredictable, here is the energy/push to say it. 


Keep in mind, we can burn bridges and alliances that will take a long, long time to rebuild. Be a grown-up. Another week of risks and rewards, but we need to balancing this all out, so we don't take anything too far because the energy is totally ripe to take something WAY TOO FAR.


This is also the week the Sun joins that Aquarius pile-up and meets Saturn - reality checks, responsibilities, results. 


Let's unpack the week and we'll toss in the Moon with a couple dailies!


TUESDAY - Sun into Aquarius

WEDNESDAY - Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury trine North Node

SATURDAY - Sun conjunct Saturn, Mars square Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Venus inconjunct North Node


TUESDAY - the Sun enters Aquarius until February 18th. Aquarius is advancement. Access to brilliant ideas (through a connection the higher-mind/hive-mind). A chance to be ourselves. In intellectual Aqua we get the opportunity to step back and take a less emotional view of something. It energizes us to move outside the box and try something else. It allows us to put some space between us and that challenging, draining situation. As always with Aquarius all detachment is helpful until it isn't.

Sometimes we are too close and too enmeshed in a situation to see clearly what is happening. Stepping back is good and needed. We can see what is happening with less judgment. We can see past societal rules (Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal). We get a new set of eyes to see the world.

Of course (that fly in the ointment thing again), if we step too far back we are like an outsider in our own life and this is not a good thing. Detachment can create dispassion. Problems with loving 'people' in general (or a cause/group) more than we love the person lying next to us in bed ... or the person looking back at us from the mirror can come into the light over the next month. 


WEDNESDAY - Mercury trines the North Node as Mars meets Uranus


Mars is our passion, our initiative, our action, our anger. Uranus is fast change, the future, liberation, something radically different.

This is a lightning strike (or a strike while the iron is hot situation).

It can make us (and other people) impulsive. It can make us accident-prone.

This is the energy of break-ups, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Anything that feels even remotely like a cage or collar is going to feel WAY too small.

Anger and passion can erupt suddenly now and be hard to control. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if something is escalating in an uncomfortable way - take a breath and a step backward. The Sun in Aquarius is our friend. 

THE BEST USE OF THIS ENERGY because we also have Mercury trining (brakes off) the North Node (our future):

1. truly express who we are - this aspect doesn't say we are going to like the outcome, just that we will feel the push to "go for it", if this is something you need to do, this is exactly the energy that will help you to do it

2. make some kind of radical move, do (Mars) something different or differently (Uranus) - this is EXACTLY the energy we need to make a leap from our outdated/stifling crap to new and different crap (ie circumstances).

Again, remember, new is not always better. New is just new. Sometimes new is better though.

Also remember when it comes to change and Uranus - we don't always have a choice. 

This is "shortcut" energy.

Uranus can get us from here to there very quickly. Uranus doesn't really care how this happens or if we land on our ass when we get there.

We have the courage and the strength to put something into action here. Something that smells like authenticity (although nobody actually wants to smell your authenticity - keep this in mind - this is a metaphor). Something that tastes like freedom. 


If this action/move is something you have been thinking about for a long time or fits into your long-term planning - it could be the time to go for it. If this is something that just popped into your head and is risky - it is definitely the time to get your head examined.

(and actually Mars rules your head, so take care of your head now, too).


At the same time Mercury is trining the North Node of Fate. 


A trine is a 120 degree aspect in astrology. Two planets (or points) are forming one side of a triangle. They are working in harmony, stimulating each other toward increased activity and success.

We want (and always have) some of these in our natal birth chart. They are our subtle super powers. We can't see through a wall, but maybe we can see when someone is bullshitting us. We can't leap tall buildings with a single bound, but maybe we can leap over obstacles without getting mired in indecision.

Or we could think of them like a tool we are carrying in our pack for this lifetime. We need a screwdriver. We pull it out without thinking, we use it, it works, we put it back. It's something that's there. And it's helpful.

Today we have Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, information) in Aquarius trine the North Node (destiny, our collective way forward) in Gemini - and Mercury rules Gemini. This is the voice that urges us forward. The encouraging word that keeps us going. This is the conversation or idea or information that changes or confirms our direction. This is that thing we read at exactly the right time. So pay attention now. Trines don't jump off the shelf and announce themselves, "HEY YOU, yes, you, over here, listen to me!".

They are like that screwdriver.

Except this time it's not in the backpack we were given at birth, it's only available to us for a short time - and if we are not paying attention we'll miss it. The screwdriver will float off to wherever it is screwdrivers go when we don't need them (partying in the junk drawer with the flash light and extra batteries probably).

Keep your eyes and ears open.


SATURDAY - there is alot to unpack here and, of course, this is the day this stuff is most exact, but impacting the entire end of the week and into next - 

The Sun meets Saturn at 4 degrees Aquarius. 


This is a reality check. The Sun is now in his detriment (since he rules Aqua's polarity sign of Leo, ugh, more winter he mumbles to himself) and hasn't met Saturn in Aquarius in 18 years. Conjunctions sometimes bring results/endings. With Saturn in Aquarius, this can shine a light on friendships/social obligations/the goals that bring us into connection with other people. There could be new limits/responsibilities. This can feel heavy/depressing. I was born with this aspect in Aqua - a kind of "report card" lifetime, in a way. The Sun's bright light/attention comes with heavy obligations/rules. In Aqua, we can't feel good in the now without factoring in the future/without factoring in the group/without factoring in our natal Aqua house theme. 

At the same time Mars is squaring Jupiter. Our actions could make us lucky, but there is a certain amount of risk involved and there are no guarantees with this. We might take something too far or overextend ourselves in some way. This aspect can bring enthusiasm, but also impulsivity. Something could get over-the-top - our passion, our anger, our actions, our spending. 


This is also the day Venus (at 19 degrees Capricorn) sextiles Neptune and inconjuncts the North Node. A direct Neptune is back to 19 degrees Pisces now (taking us back to last March/April before his retrograde), so exactly squaring the Nodes of Fate. 

Venus sextile Neptune is a beautiful aspect. Attracting love, compassion, connection (also maybe some lunatic on the subway or a smooth slide from one glass of wine to the entire bottle, so keep this in mind, too). And in Cappy/Pisces - building the dream. 

The inconjunct (rock and a hard place here) is Cappy/Gemini. Gemini (the North Node) wants us to stay loose/be asking questions/not tying ourselves down just yet. And Venus in Capricorn needs to be serious/realistic/attracting what she needs for the long term. And again, we have talked about this before, if Cappy can learn to accommodate Gemini's need for variety and if Gemini can learn to accommodate Cappy's need for structure/long-term planning - these guys can make this work. 


Keep in mind as Venus sextiles (opportunity) Neptune, the North Node is squaring Neptune. So Venus's magic is the North Node's kryptonite. 


There are opportunities for our imagination, compassion, spirituality, healing, but we need to keep one eye on the facts and one foot on the ground at the same time. 


Lalaland doesn't need any more residents/visitors. It's still a quarantine and she's full up.

xo all

Back with a post for the U.S. Inauguration on Wednesday as Mars meets Uranus (!) 


HERE is a post from Trump's inauguration 4 years ago. That mystic rectangle - gift he was here to bring us (and he has) - seems pretty accurate, although I certainly didn't decipher it in any truly useful way back in 2017. With the hindsight of 2020, that rectangle takes on a whole new meaning ...


photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

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