Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 11, 2021 - our mind is open, our ideas spread, optimism, the silver lining



The Moon is void until 8:30AM EST when she enters Capricorn on her way to tomorrow's New Moon. 


In Cappy, we are nurtured by getting down to business, putting on our big girl/boy pants, having a few benjamins in the bank and cans in the cupboard.

She will trine Mars at 12:16PM, meet up with Venus at 3:14PM and trine a retrograde Uranus at 7:15PM EST. Quite a change from the Cappy Moons of recent years! Good for making real progress with our goals, good for finances, embracing change by being practical. 


This is one of the best days this month, I hope we can all make some use of it.


At the same time Mercury (at 5 degrees Aquarius) is meeting Jupiter and sextiling Chiron. Jupiter is also sextiling (opportunity) Chiron (healing). 

This is hopeful/optimistic. We are looking up!

If you have planets/points near 5 degrees Aqua or Aries you will be feeling this energy strongest, but we all have access.

With Mercury sextile Chiron and Jupiter - we are stepping back a little bit and seeing the bigger picture/the silver lining in what is happening. Talking/planning about the future can include conversations about our wounds/insecurities (this doesn't mean pouring our heart out) and maybe it must to broaden our thinking/seeing. Our voice travels further/touches the right spaces. Our mind is open. Our idea spreads. This is how we feel better. This is where the optimism comes in. 


This is how we get lucky.

Maybe we can see what we have/are being offered and can appreciate it now in ways we couldn't before. Jupiter/Chiron says the key to healing is going bigger/broader - embracing what is foreign/outside our comfort zone. The key to healing is interacting with people with different beliefs/perspectives. The places where we have felt like an outsider/the wounds that have been magnified, here is a chance for some healing, and with the Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius - it will be through logic and being practical that the light reaches those wounds.

xo all


photo by the talented FlexDreams

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