The astrology of the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris | January 20, 2021 - hope, group responsibility, great grief, compassion, smart changes, chaos, passion, the need to bring everyone to the table, harder days and better days ahead


On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 12:00 Noon EST, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris will be sworn into office. This chart, speaks not only of the events at play on this particular date, but also being the birth of their term, of what we can expect over the next four years.

Let's unpack the chart!

Every U.S. inauguration (always at noon on January 20th) has a 15 degree Taurus rising chart - so answering to beneficial Venus. The Sun is always at 0 degrees Aquarius in the 10th house. The mid-heaven is always 27 degrees Capricorn - the degree of the USA's natal Pluto. Always a powerful chart. Our forefather's knew a little something about astrology I would suspect.

This time around we've got a HUGE stellium in Aquarius including Aqua's co-ruler Saturn and the early Aqua planets are squared by an EXACT conjunction of Mars and Uranus from the 12th house. BML is conjunct the ascendant. Eris is squaring Pluto. Ceres and Neptune are EXACTLY conjunct in the 11th house (of the people/Aquarius natural house). The Moon is just about to square the Sun - Taurus/Aquarius - the old stability vs the new changes. The people vs the new rules.

This chart won't be easy.

Asteroid Karma at 1 degree Virgo is EXACTLY conjunct Joe Biden's natal North Node (fate) and conjunct Kamala's IC. Asteroid Kamil (our significator for Kamala) EXACTLY conjunct the descendant (partner and I think indicating the equal partnership they will have, also I think "the other" this election is bringing in, ie woman, woman of color). Asteroid Bida (our significator for Biden) conjunct asteroid Wuhan (one of our significators for the virus) and also conjunct Kamala's natal Saturn, Biden's natal Damocles (the consequences of getting what we want/unexpected peril) and the USA's natal Moon (the people). 


Asteroid Pandora - we talked about my thoughts about her bringing us our first woman President, back in August, HERE -  (the first woman and another significator for the virus) is at 29 degrees Virgo closely conjunct the USA natal MC and also conjunct the USA natal asteroid Kamil (10th house) and in Biden's natal, his Kamil/Neptune conjunction (10th house).

Venus at 15 degrees Capricorn is EXACTLY conjunct fixed star Vega. Keep in mind Venus rules the chart and also that the planets in Taurus (that volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction) are answering to HER, so she is UBER important here. Vega (the star at the handle of the lyre in the Lyra constellation) is said to combine the energies of Mercury and Venus. It's about poetry and science and art, and, of course music. It gives beneficence, idealism, hopefulness, class, intelligence and flexibility. A caution that comes with this star is not to use 'popularity' in any exploitative/pretentious way. The Star's connection with Mercury can also bring some trickery/thievery. 

So, we have a loop here between the 1st house ascendant Taurus (our resources, money, values, self-esteem), Venus in the 9th house (wisdom, foreign people and situations, legal situations - with chart ruling Venus in the 9th, foreign relationships will become a priority) in Cappy (structure, stability, limits, rules, authority), answering to Saturn in Aquarius (the people, the future, technology, science) in the 10h house. Saturn is co-ruler of Aqua, but is also answering to Uranus (unpredictability, chaos, plus all the Aqua stuff) in the 12th house (the past, what is behind us, what we can't see coming, lies , deception, ill health/endings). 

Chart-ruling Venus in Cappy is trining those Taurus planets (brakes off, but this is waning/in the past, part of what got us to this moment - the violence/chaos - with Trump's natal Uranus/Sun conjunction and Mars/Ascendant conjunction, I think this is also speaking of him in the past and part of what got us here - also asteroid TRIUMF - a significator we've used before for Trump, conjunct the Taurus planets) AND applying to a sextile to that Ceres/Neptune conjunct. 

Ceres/Neptune is compassionate/unconditional nurturing (with Neptune ruling endings, this can also bring the release of what we've been nurturing/mothering). Ceres (the grieving mother/losses outside our control) and Neptune also speak of great mourning/great grief. Letting go. It's not a coincidence that just as this aspect perfects on Tuesday night - Biden/Harris are honoring, at the Lincoln Memorial, the Americans who have died in this pandemic. This aspect is compassionate/boundary-less. Ceres has been in Pisces (remember she repeated Mercury's spring retro journey through Pisces - sign of viruses) since April 23rd, so it's no coincidence she meets Pisces ruler Neptune at exactly this moment. Ceres will be in Aries on February 21st. Hang in there - spring is coming. 


One downside to Ceres/Neptune is a kind of smother-mothering (and yes, this speaks of masks and probably more things some people are not loving like contract-tracing with the pandemic). Keep in mind this is mother energy. On steroids. Father might say - don't crash the car, don't knock her up - then he goes to bed ... and sleeps. Mother asks - where will you be, who will you be with, what will you be doing - and then of course she waits up for us anyway. Sacrificial nurturing - which works until it doesn't. These planets are EXACTLY squaring the Nodes of Fate, so we are going to need to be flexible/make adjustments here. Ask more questions and not think we have all the answers. The opposition to Vesta in 'let's fix this thing'/service-oriented Virgo - speaks of confusion about where to put our energies/focus. Is the sacrifice necessary? Maybe the time will come to stop fixating on what we can't fix. Again flexibility/adjustments.

The Aquarius stellium is UBER important. This speaks of the future, technology, science, our commitments to the group. Pallas conjunct Mercury of intelligent planning, new/innovative ways to solve problems. New strategies. New ways to think. 


Note ruler Saturn is sandwiched between the Sun and Jupiter. Sun conjunct Saturn speaks of a limit (Saturn) being illuminated (Sun). Our country's/and its leaders responsibilities. Consequences from our previous actions are illuminated (good or challenging). Chickens come home to roost. The country puts a ring on it. This speaks of a serious commitment. This is not the best aspect for Biden's physical health/energy (being the Sun here), sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn, hopefully that sextile to Chiron will help. Jupiter conjunct the Sun/Saturn can make this heaviness/responsibility feel BIGGER or LIGHTER - it's going to depend on what is done with this. The Sun is applying to that Saturn conjunction - harder days ahead/new rules/limits. The Sun is applying to that Jupiter conjunction - better days following that. Getting lucky.


With Mars conjunct Uranus and applying to a square with Jupiter (so again something gets BIGGER or LIGHTER/more hopeful) from the 12th house this speaks of the disorder/chaos/anger of the past. The Moon will be (29 degrees Aries) EXACTLY where Mars was back on January 6th when a Trump rally turned violent. Note - this is conjunct Kamala's natal Moon and opposing her natal Sun (yes, like Trump she was born on a Full Moon!). These planets are in the past (that 12th house), but also behind us where we can't see them coming! We are charged with still dealing with this - through those tense/frustrating/maybe dangerous - squares to those 10th house planets. With the square to Jupiter applying - we aren't done with this. This can also speak of an unexpected loss/ending/death during the term of this President. Eris in that same house speaks of the need to bring everyone - yes, even the people we don't agree with - TO THE TABLE. 

Juno has been so active in 2020 and it is interesting to find Juno at 10 degrees Sagittarius, in the 7th house of partnership - conjunct Biden's 9 degree Sag natal Juno and Kamala's 8 degree natal Juno. I think this portends they will work very well together and also work well with other people/countries. Juno rules not only partnerships and contracts, but in Greek mythology (known as Hera to the Greeks), she was the God of women, mother of the Milky Way Galaxy. 


I'm not going to sugar-coat it, there are ALOT OF SQUARES in this chart.


Tension, frustration, challenges. There are great obstacles AND great obstacles bring great opportunities. They are the only thing that ever truly does really.


And, unless the Inauguration gets postponed until after 2:00PM EST for some reason, the Moon is void.


This happened during Obama's second term and Trump pretty much stepped in and wiped it out. Nothing came of it. With the three presidencies prior to that one that started under void Moons, the new Presidents did not get to finish their term - FDR died in office, Kennedy was assassinated and Nixon resigned. I think there are multiple indicators of Biden's presidency leading to Kamala's. But, I don't think it's helpful to speak of this right now. 


Biden is destined for this moment. Fate has brought him to us to bring us to 'the other' (this is also the United States job/destiny - it always has been). 


He has done it before and he will do it again


and in between he will do his job the best he can to help heal and bring together a humbled, grieving and broken nation. He knows a little something about grief and brokenness and will do this job very well, I suspect.


xo all

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