the astrology of Gamestop, the Titans of Wall Street, Robinhood & A Roaring Kitty | Uranus vs Saturn 2021 - an opening bell

Let's talk a little background first. 

GameStop is a video game retail store (formerly Babbages) founded in Dallas, Texas in 1984 by two Harvard Business School classmates. The company went public on February 12, 2002. There is, or was, a Gamestop store in most malls in the United States (usually located near the food court where the hungry teens hang out). If you've been to the mall, you've probably been in one. They sell Playstation Games, Xbox, etc and buy and sell their customer's old games. They bill themselves as the world's largest gaming destination. They probably are. 


Their tagline (which became especially appropriate in late January 2021) is POWER TO THE PLAYERS.


Move ahead to 2021 and the gaming giant isn't doing so well. Brick and mortars in general are in trouble and especially in-line mall stores. The game makers have figured out a way to cut out the middle man and people can just download this stuff now. And, of course, the pandemic is keeping everyone home and shopping online. GameStop is moving toward bankruptcy. 


Smelling blood in the water, the Wall Street sharks are circling. 


The hedge funders short GameStop's stock (basically bet money that GameStop will fail thus insuring that GameStop will fail) expecting to make an easy buck on the video game retailer's decline. Redditers on /r/wallstreetbets - probably many of whom grew up in this store - create a whole meme culture online intent on buying up the stock to drive the price up. Over the past few weeks, its value has gone from single digits to three digits and climbing. 

The hedgefund managers, who manipulated the market in the first place, have lost billions of dollars and stand to lose billions more. The small time investors who bet their life-savings are walking away with life-changing money, although some are sitting tight for now. 


Millennials (feels like Uranus here) have crowdsourced the biggest short squeeze in history (?) and the Wall Street Boomers (Saturn) are getting massacred. But, Saturn being Saturn he can never be counted out and soon the small buyer investment app, Robinhood (I am not kidding you - speaking of taking from the rich to give to the poor), shuts down the Redditers ability to trade Gamestop. So, we have triple market manipulation - the hedge funders first - in the old school way, that keeps the uber rich uber rich, the Redditers second in a move designed for bottom up revolution, and the Robinhooders third, fearing for their company's/the market's stability (claims CEO?), but probably just way out of their depth with this thing, when they shut down the trading. 


As I write this, trading is back on - the shutdown/manipulations slammed by mixed political voices from AOC to Mark Cuban to Tucker Carlson (here's something to bring us all together) while the media, CNBC anchors in particular, continue shilling for the hedge funders!


This is, no doubt, one of the opening rounds of 2021's epic battle for the control of the Age of Aquarius as Aqua's co-rulers battle it out through multiple squares. Saturn, the father/old school, hierarchical "rich guys finish first" Wall Street energy vs Uranus the new/internet/chaotic/disruptive change "eat the rich" that threaten their rigged system by any means possible. 


American Revolution part II (with Pluto moving toward his natal U.S. position in 2022-2024).


Let's unpack the chart!

Look at all that Aquarius in GameStop's natal chart! They went public on a New Moon in Aquarius conjunct Uranus. How perfect is that for a futuristic gaming company?!

The outer wheel shows their transits during this chaos which remember is all happening in the run-up/during the Leo Full Moon! And, oh yes, I forgot to mention the Reddit user that started this all is named ROARING KITTY (Leo being the sign of the Lion, so, of course, what else would his name be).


So, we've got Roaring Kitty, Power to the People, Robinhood and GameStop (stopping Wall Street's game) - the power of words on full display for anyone paying attention. And the power of Mercury, ruler of words and the trickster energy that rules GameStop's chart!

During the Full Moon, post HERE, the Sun AND Jupiter were EXACTLY on GameStop's natal Neptune. The Moon, opposed. Illusion, deception. No rules. No boundaries. And that Neptune rules their natal 11th house - the goals that bring people into connection/the internet/groups/crowd-funding with transiting wounded healer Chiron moving through their 11th house. Transiting Mercury, GameStop's ruling planet, is conjunct their natal Sun/Uranus conjunction - on their MC, making something very BIG and very UNEXPECTED and very AQUARIAN, very PUBLIC while transiting Neptune moves through their 10th house. AND the transiting Venus/Pluto (money, power) conjunction we talked about in the Full Moon post is conjunct their natal chart ruling Mercury. AND they are having a nodal return in their first house in Gemini, so again answering to their tricky chart-ruling Mercury. And, keep in mind, Saturn is in Gemini in their natal, so all their Cappy, Aqua planets (ruled by Saturn) are answering to Mercury, too. 


Mercury rules video games, it's official. There I've said it.

So, what does all this mean?

Are the hedge funders going down over time as small investors take them down or as authority is forced to police their short-selling greedy manipulations? Will crowd-sourcing wallstreetbets be run out of town/over-regulated by the big boys? Is the stock market in big trouble? Will video game retailer GameStop survive?


Whose game will be stopped? 


Uranus vs Saturn 2021. This, and much more like this, can be anticipated as the New Gods and the Old Gods battle it out for the soul of Aquarius. Stay tuned.

xo all

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