Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 7, 2020 - wth just happened part two, surviving the next 24 hours, getting to the bottom of things


The intense Scorpio Moon took over while we slept. Can things get any deeper/darker/"my dick is bigger than your dick" than yesterday ....

The Scorpio Moon will oppose Mars at 4:14AM EST, square Saturn at 7:54AM EST, square Jupiter at 11:15AM EST, oppose a retrograde Uranus (Trump!) at 3:15PM EST and finally Black Moon Lilith. 

First that opposition to Mars - and the Moon in Scorpio is answering to Mars - anger/aggression/obsession/deep resentments. Defensiveness. Unresolved issues projected outside of us. The pot is boiling. The pot is boiling over. These are fixed signs. Dug in. 


Then the squares - tension/frustration - to Saturn (authority/limits/rules/restriction/depression) and Jupiter (expansion, taking something too far, BUT also truth, honor, justice). The Moon in Scorpio wants to go deep/get to the bottom of things/figure out what happened, with that square to Saturn- heads can roll. 


This can also be secret/back door maneuverings to avoid damage to what we own/value.

This ends with an already intense and challenged Moon opposing "anything-can-happen" Uranus. He is still retrograde, so this won't be a totally new thing, but this can be like a sudden liberation/ending. Snap goes the camel's back. Pop goes the weasel. What just happened? Did we just burn the bridge/our fingers/the house down? The future is fast approaching, The future is HERE.

At the same time Mercury is again parallel Pluto - words are powerful. Secrets can come out. Words can hurt/maim. Our truth is weighty. This is powerful backdoor conversations/deals. We'll poke our eye out, or someone else's. Thinking/feeling something like, "I could never kill anyone. Oh no. I may have to kill someone." Not literally of course. But something could feel very life and death. It most likely won't be.


We lived through 2020, so please let's survive this freaking week/first two months of 2021.

Now Friday and Saturday the Moon is all smooth sextiles and trines. This should feel better.


Let's just weather the next 24 hours and then we all get a gold star and a cookie. Stay safe. No dark alleys please.

xo all


photo by the talented koksuel

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