Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 14, 2021- let go or be dragged, stepping out of someone's power and into our own, moving forward, a very long void moon



While we slept (EST) Uranus stationed direct (3:36AM EST), the Moon went void (4:28AM EST for the next 36 HOURS) and then, at 9:19AM EST, the Sun will meet Pluto. Wow!

Let's break this down. Uranus has been retrograde since the middle of August 2020 - retracing the degrees of 10 thru 6 Taurus. Something here was very stuck. Needed multiple hits to allow us to SWERVE. Now, he is back at 6 degrees and moving FORWARD for the final pass. We won't be covering new ground for a while, but this is Uranus, and forward movement here (like Aquarius, the sign he co-rules) looks like ADVANCEMENT. 

The Moon goes void in Aquarius. She is not interacting with any of the other planets due to all those early degree planets right now, which she has now passed - so all these early degree planets (starting energies) are going to get us these long voids. This one is a doozy. We have had long voids, but I can't remember anything quite THIS LONG in the nine years I have been writing these astrology posts.

In astrology, the Moon is thought to transmit the energies of the planets to the Earth/act as a kind of conduit, so when the Moon is Void-of-Course - not connecting to any energies, she has already done her job/delivered her goods - she is thought to not have the energy to create anything lasting. Nothing will come of what we start (and I have found this to be true, and even more commonly I have to do whatever it is I am doing all over again later), so it's best for routine matters (things we do again and again anyway) and doing things we want to be done with. Taxes, ending matters, paying bills, etc. Superstition tells us we meet soulmates ONLY during Void Moons - ha! not sure about that one! For now, it would be best not to start anything brand-new today or tomorrow and give yourself some extra time in your schedule because sometimes things get wonky.

The Sun meets Pluto today (an annual conjunction) at 24 degrees Capricorn. This is the darkness/what has been done in secret being brought into the light. Power illuminated. Pluto is the 'grim-reaper', he rules the spaces we merge/purge - the power of life and death. We might confront something we don't want to look at - maybe a TRUTH, maybe something hidden/embarrassing - we might be stepping into our own power here and away from someone else's influence/control. Either way with Uranus moving direct at the same time, this ending/result is pulling us into the future.

It's let go or be dragged time, people. 


A 'big picture' post coming!

xo all

More energy to have a brilliant idea!

photo by the amazing anyaanti

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