the astrology of covid and the vaccinations | part III SEDNA - a crisis that forces us onto a higher/more spiritual path, the narcissistic wound is where the light gets in


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In mid-January 2020 (the Saturn/Pluto conjunction - the breakdown/cementing of limits and authority, the end of the death postponed, our time runs out), as China calls the WHO to report the first case of the new corona-virus outside of China, just a couple days after they call the WHO to report their own country's first death, a retrograde dwarf planet named Sedna backs into 26 degrees Taurus.

The home of fixed star Algol - considered to be the most malevolent star in our system - and the United State's natal chart's buried landmine - the USA natal Pandora/Wuhan conjunction (this is also closely conjunct Trump's midheaven).

We talked about that conjunction HERE.

Sedna is a dwarf planet, although not officially classified as such, about the same size as Ceres, so larger than Pluto. She was discovered in 2003. She is named for the Inuit's Goddess of the Sea. She is one of the TNOs (trans Neptunian objects); a group of celestial bodies with crazy elongated orbits thought to be influenced by Neptune's gravitational pull. Keep in mind Neptune's mythological position as God of the Sea.


A year earlier, back on February 7, 2019, Sedna stationed direct on this same degree. 


At that time - the first pass of her journey here and strong and still at station - she was sextiling the North Node of Fate (in Cancer), trining the South Node of Fate (in Capricorn), applying to a square to Mercury (exact the next day) and conjuncting Juno. These are some MEGA-aspects, all impacting that ripe 26 degrees Taurus; that buried Pandora/Wuhan conjunction and Sedna.  


But most likely no one was noticing.


I didn't know very much about Sedna until I prepared to write this post. I had written about her once or twice last year as she intersected with New/Full Moons, mostly connecting to her mythological Goddess origins/victim story which I got from a Google search and I missed alot/even got some things wrong.


We have already connected asteroid Narcissus (and narcissism) to the pandemic astrology - what can Sedna show us?


Let's try her story again and follow it a little more closely knowing we skip parts of a myth at our own peril because we can get the whole meaning wrong!

Sedna was a beautiful Inuit girl who lived with her father. She had refused all the village men's proposals - none were good enough for her. Her father begged her to consider someone, saying, "if you don't marry, we will all starve". Sedna just continued to look at her beautiful reflection in the water and brush her hair, ignoring her father's pleas. It is implied Sedna admires herself too much (was too narcissistic) to marry a mere mortal/flawed man.


Her mother is never mentioned in this story - which isn't surprising since mother-loss is very prominent in narcissistic wounding and we literally live in a galaxy whose origin story is about a cheating husband, an angry wife and a hungry baby (Hercules). The baby, birthed by another woman and held to angry wife's (sleeping wife at the time) breast by cheating husband and the lost mother's milk that flies out of her when she awakens to find another woman's baby at her breast. This spilled milk - which we've never been allowed to cry over -  creates our galaxy; the Milky Way Galaxy of un-mothered children (the dishonor to the feminine becoming baby's dishonor). 


So, a stranger comes to the village, dressed in fine furs and appears to be quite wealthy. His face remains hidden. His words are few. Sedna's father tells the stranger he has a beautiful daughter and offers Sedna to the stranger as his wife. The stranger accepts and kicking and screaming, Sedna is tossed into the stranger's kayak and rowed away.


(in another telling, Sedna is bedazzled by the stranger's wealth and goes off without looking too closely at what she is getting into - this telling actually lines up a little better with the connections I had noticed in those Moon charts, so we will keep this in mind)

When they get to the stranger's island, he tosses off his fine furs and reveals himself to be a raven. He flies Sedna up to some kind of bird's nest on the top of a mountain peak. Now what could this be about because not a word in a myth is wasted? Sedna marries a bird and birds could represent ideas/thinking since they fly high and fast. Her world is empty, windy, cold. She is high in the sky and can see many miles into the distance. The myth tells us her mind becomes far-reaching. She lives in her head. Her life has lost its grounding. She is isolated. This makes me think of what is happening in our world with technology. We are far-seeing, but have become unbalanced.

At this point in the story we might stop and question why has this happened to Sedna? 


Maybe the narcissistic wounding (her weak sense of self creating a kind of ungrounded grandiosity) is a natural consequence of her father's excessive attention to her outside (and inattention to her inside/real self) - the un-mothered child learning to live "in her head" instead of her heart.

Of course, she is miserable on her island and calls out to her father for help. Her cries are carried to her father by the howling winds, and eventually he climbs, guiltily, into his own kayak to rescue her. Sedna sees him coming from her mountain perch and rushes to the shoreline to meet him. She climbs quickly into his kayak. After several hours of exhaustive rowing, a black bird can be seen in the distance behind them, and Sedna's heart fills with dread. The raven/husband catches up with them and flies angrily around the boat creating gusts of strong wind and a raging storm and causing the boat to nearly capsize. Sedna's scared father tosses her into the sea (abandons her to save himself? or forces her to care for herself rather than calling to him for help? likely both will apply). He yells to the bird "here, take your wife and let me live!"


Sedna, fighting for her life in the frigid water, grabs hold of the sides of the kayak with all her strength. Her father smashes the oar down again and again on her frozen fingers which eventually break off into the sea - forming dolphins and whales and sea creatures. Eventually Sedna herself sinks to the bottom and becomes the Goddess of the Sea.

Inuit fishermen still make offerings to Sedna before taking their boats out and after a good catch. They believe she creates storms when angered and smooth seas when cared for. Since she has lost her fingers, she cannot brush her beautiful hair which has become a tangled mess, although she is often portrayed something like a mermaid.


To this day, according to Inuit legend, she is quite often, pretty freakin' pissed off. More deep and angry archetypal feminine energy being reclaimed - that feels familiar. So, we keep in mind the larger picture of what 'letting go'/sacrificing (and she had no choice by this point and so a kind of victim role is shown, but she also kind of got herself into this situation in a way) has given her - the powers of a Goddess, but also not forget what it is she has lost (her mortal life/her father/her idea of her father).

OK, I can hear your brain whirring around, "What does this have to do with covid? What does this have to do with the vaccines?". 


Stay with me. You won't need a sports car to keep up. 


I am old and tired now and a skateboard will probably do it.

Astrologers believe celestial bodies are discovered as their energies have ripened enough for us to work with them (and it certainly seems life gets more and more complicated as more and more asteroids, dwarf planets, etc are found and synchronistically named). When a new body is discovered it takes time to figure out what it represents. Astrologers have three tools available to figure this out. We can use the mythology. We can use the charts of historical figures to see how the placement energies fit/work. We can use the new body's discovery chart as a sort of a birth chart.

Astrologer, Alan Clay, who wrote the book Sedna Consciousness has studied dozens of the natal charts of historical figures/famous people/events to help determine what Sedna is all about. The following is some of his ideas from his research and then we'll talk about what this might mean with our current circumstances. 


He sees Sedna's placement/activation as speaking of a crisis (quite often a health crisis) that forces us onto a higher/more spiritual path. Sedna activations tend to act on us in a way that is victimizing - the actual situation will depend on the houses in our chart involved.

If we are living life at one level, something happens to us, we adjust our course, we move on. Maybe we don't even realize we have shifted onto a higher road. If we are living life at another level and we have tired of this reality's density/grief, this crisis pushes us toward a higher spiritual path. Sedna hits us with crises that force us to let go (think of her fingers gripping that kayak) and rise above them. The crisis is out of our hands anyway and the more we try to fix/solve the problem, the more pain/hurt we experience until  


finally we just let go - probably drop our attachment to whatever other outcome we are wanting that we can't have.  


Think of Sedna holding on for dear life and then finally letting go - only to birth all the creatures in the sea/become a Goddess.

This author has also identified three events from Sedna's discovery chart in 2003 that he feels might connect to her energetic signature and since they all make me think of our subject matter here, let's look at them. The following is mostly directly from his book:


1.  The 2003, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for groundbreaking research on how cells communicate and cooperate to form a living eco-system. The prize citation explaining the discovery states - through pioneering discoveries concerning the water and ion channels of cells this year's Nobel Laureates have contributed to fundamental chemical knowledge on how cells function. All living matter is made up of cells. A single human being has as many stars in a galaxy, about 100 thousand  million. The various cells (kidney cells, nerve cells, etc) act together in an intricate system in each one of us. The award winners have opened our eyes to a fantastic family of molecular machines - channels, gates and valves - all of which are needed for cells to function. For thousands of millions of cells to function as something other than one large lump, coordination is required. Communications between the cells is necessary ... (this continues, but you get the idea). 


(if we think about a planet with 8 billion different people - we can see how if we are to survive here we can be expected to make concessions for other people/to operate cooperatively in order to survive. A pandemic could certainly make this happen, especially one where we are making sacrifices and doing what we are doing - for other people. Who, keep in mind, aren't really other people because we are all connected.)

2. In 2003, Fujitsu Laboratories developed the first learning system for humanoid robots that utilizes a dynamically reconfigurable neural network. In english, the company's new mathematical model of the human nervous system was a breakthrough that allowed robots to learn movement and motor coordination in a fraction of the time it had been taking to generate movement. These neural networks and deep learning have gone on to become key to this evolving new life form called AI (artificial intelligence).

(this paved the way for Google, Facebook, etc, tech to learn from us, to figure out innoculous things about us like what time we eat breakfast and what movies we like and really important things like what we need to read to cement/shift our beliefs)

3. In 2003, new evidence cemented the radical idea that the universe is made up mostly - and by mostly we mean about 95% - by a mysterious dark matter and being stretched apart by an unknown force called dark energy. The Wilkinson Microwave Anistrophy Probe took the most detailed picture ever taken of the cosmic microwave background - the light emitted by the universe during the first instant of its existence. By analyzing the patterns in this light, the researchers concluded the universe is made up of only 4% regular matter. 23% is dark matter and the remaining 73% is dark energy. In the same year the Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope, an effort to map out a million galaxies also made a major contribution to our understanding of how galaxies are spread out through space, as the researchers determined if the galaxies are being pulled apart by dark energy (yes) or pushed together by gravity (no). The director of NASA confirmed these studies were a milestone in how we view the universe - a turning point for cosmology. Their conclusions, through separate means and unconnected research, confirmed that this dominating dark energy/matter that makes up 95% of our galaxy affects universal expansion, but other than that they have no idea what it actually is/does.

Cue Darth Vader.

This book was written in 2015, so although to me, this is all connecting to Sedna's place with the virus story-line and these first public vaccination charts, the author wasn't cherry picking his results to fit what is going on now.

The AI (artificial intelligence) part of this, as every aspect of this pandemic seems to be turning us toward more tech/more science -  feels like something we really need to be cautious with. I am not usually a believer in slippery slopes, since we often worry about things that never happen, but showing up in multiple places here this is an actual slippery slope. And I am talking "off the side of a cliff" kind of slippery not just on our ass via a banana peel.

Sedna's narcissism connection reinforces the Narcissus myth connection. We probably all suffer from some degree of narcissistic injury. Narcissism can also be constructive in the sense that it can show us our own value, even if it is through an imagined kind of specialness. Why should Sedna have married any old bloke that came along anyway?

Sedna, the dwarf planet, has a very slow orbit, so all of us were born with Sedna in either Aries or Taurus. 


In 2024, the same year Pluto moves into Aquarius with no more retrogrades back into Capricorn (some astrologers are connecting the Pluto transit with the 'official' start of the Age of Aquarius, I certainly think we will be deeply into it by that time), Sedna will move into Gemini with no more retrogrades back into Taurus. By this point the collective could be pretty much split in two, but we will have to see ... and, no, I don't really know what this means either.

The USA had transiting Sedna conjunct that Wuhan/Pandora landmine at the time of that first innoculation, but 1 degree past exact, so waning/releasing and she won't be back there.  Transiting Neptune was conjunct the USA natal Sedna. In the UK, transiting Neptune was EXACTLY conjunct their natal Sedna at 18 degrees Pisces and transiting Sedna was EXACTLY conjunct the descendant of that first chart. So exactly opposing the ascendant. The vac charts are certainly well-timed/synchronistic.

This entire pandemic feels quite Sednian (yes, I think I just made that word up). Health crisis/victimization - bumping us onto a higher path (is this higher spiritual or higher tech? can they work together? I am not sure). The failing patriarchy/what used to hold us up no longer holding us up - think of Sedna tossed overboard by her father. Sink or swim. But instead she holds on. Until her father quite literally - cuts her loose. And it would be quite one thing if the story ended there, and I am glad for all our sakes it does not.

I can't speak of how this will all turn out because there isn't a way this will all turn out. We are working this out as we go. 


It is no coincidence we have had President Trump (here in the United States, but in some ways the entire world has had him, too) at the helm of the ship for this thing. His narcissistic wounding is front and center and impossible to miss. When narcissism is severely injured the potential for destruction is very great. 

The dormant/fated narcissism storyline may have been kicked off back in 2008 when the United States elected President Obama - his natal Narcissus is exactly conjunct the United States natal Pluto (whose return to his 1776 position is in process now). President-elect Biden's progressed Narcissus is also exactly conjunct the United States natal Pluto (!) and Biden's natal Sedna conjunct the United States natal Chiron (where Mars was exactly transiting in that USA vac chart!). 


Trump doesn't realize he is a narcissist. His wounding is very old and very deep and his natal Sun/North Node (10th house) conjunct the U.S. Mars (7th house) connects him - and this is karmic folks - to all kinds of U.S. toxic masculinity issues including this idea that needs to be put to bed of American exceptionalism, and anger with "the other" - within our relationships and what we are projecting onto other people.


Trump and covid is all part of the same awakening.

I think the charts show us pretty clearly - the narcissistic wound is where the light gets in .....

xo all

panting by the talented Antony Galbraith

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