Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of January 11th - January 17th, 2021 - time to start, excitement, tension, no one's getting out of here alive anyway so just relax, change that is worth the trouble


If you are thinking, "WTH happened, that was cray-cray!" Well, buckle up - we ain't seen nothin' yet.


Let's rewind. 


Last week, with Mars at the final 29th degree of Aries (conjunct the U.S. natal asteroid Nemesis), trying to hold onto that last tiny bit of Arian power before his grounding in Taurus, with the Moon in Libra (diplomacy, peace, balance) squaring the Sun in Capricorn (authority, limits, boundaries) and the ascendant at 1:15PM EST and EXACTLY conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus (of course!) - an angry mob of amped up Trump supporters, convinced the election was stolen from him, followed up their Washington D.C. rally by storming the Capitol Building. Their siege left multiple people dead. The nation #shocked, #notshocked.


As an astro lesson, here is a good example of that 29th degree. The planet is strong here (if this is a sign where he is strong, as Mars is here in his home sign of Aries), yes, but also exhausted/out of options. Sometimes dangerous. This might be a "Hail Mary" play that wins the game, but is more likely something that ends up not getting us what we want, because immediately the planet is changing signs. Bye- bye. So, it flips the situation into something else. The smart thing to be doing at this degree would be to be winding things DOWN, packing up shop, but instead, sometimes at that 29th degree we are still trying to do what we haven't been able to do through the 28 other degrees and we are DESPERATE. 


Things can get dangerous.


And since astrologically speaking last week was the APPETIZER (and way too spicy and we want to send it back, but it's too late - we already ate it) - that means we still have the rest of the meal ahead of us. 


Let's hope this isn't one of those dinners where the appetizer is the best part of the meal.

The next two weeks are also incredibly powerful. We need to be stepping into the NEW. Portals for chaos/accidents/destruction/breakthroughs - it's all in here. Trouble, trouble and more trouble - including, yes, some of the good kind. But we can't be afraid to take some risks. Also we can't be a crazy risk-taker. Does that make sense? We have to keep moving forward, and, yes, it's scary. Both the Sun and the Moon meet Pluto this week - it's supposed to be scary.


Tuesday's New Moon in Capricorn - at 23 degrees (this is our second 23 degree New Moon, number two of four) is conjunct powerful Pluto, so an intense NEW START, past the point we always died before/past the point where the mad king cut off our head. Past the point where we were taught how and what to think. This is about a new kind of personal power. For some this might feel a bit like a fresh start that begins with us walking the plank with a sword at our back. Of course, once we get into the water, at least we are off the damn ship! 


New challenges and opportunities await us, but there is still one last order of business that needs to be attended to. We always knew this fight/struggle was coming - well here it is. With most of the sky answering to Saturn, all eyes will likely be on D.C/authority/the boss!


Let's unpack the week and we'll take a closer look at the New Moon in its own post.


MONDAY - Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and sextiles Chiron, Jupiter sextiles Chiron

TUESDAY - Mercury squares Uranus, Venus squares Chiron

WEDNESDAY - Mars squares Saturn, Venus trines Uranus

THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Pluto, Uranus stations direct

SUNDAY - Jupiter squares Uranus (we have three Saturn/Uranus squares this year, but this is our ONLY Jupiter/Uranus square)

This certainly looks like Trump could get censured/impeached/locked in a closet/resign although I guess there is a rally for him next Sunday which certainly fits the astro, so maybe he will be hanging on by his teeth. We talked HERE that Pence - birth time unknown, so we don't know the houses - has a 27 degree Chiron (wounded healer) in Aquarius exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Moon (the people). He could step up as a healer. His Mercury is also exactly conjunct the U.S. Mars and conjunct his Sun. I can't tell the importance of these planets without a birth time/houses to see what rules what, but these connections are important. He has always kind of blended into the background to me, kind of like faded wallpaper, but his chart actually says that he doesn't. He also needs to be kept safe (as does Biden obviously) - we heard the mob yelling, "hang Mike Pence", and we can see the chart shows his wound will be felt by the people. 


Of course, the mad king has publicly cut off Pence's head, already, and maybe it is easier for us to see/feel through him, what is happening to all of us. 


Also the mad king isn't only in the White House, but maybe also in our own house and maybe even our own head (most likely from our past with all the old Cappy/Saturn energies in play now), so keep this in mind, too.

MONDAY - this is the best day and we have good Moon aspects, too. Optimism. Hope. Healing. Just check any tendency to over-promise now. We talked about this in the weekly HERE - see JANUARY 11TH.

TUESDAY - this is the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto while Mercury squares Uranus and Venus squares Chiron - so a fresh start, with built-in challenges, worth the disruption, THAT WE NEED AND NEED TO TAKE. It won't all be a bed of roses - this is CAPRICORN and squares are tension, keep that in mind. But it will be powerful/lasting/stabilizing.


Expect a BIG New Moon post. This beginning has a kind of inevitable feeling to it. Like, yes, this is where we knew we would all end up/the point we would have to start from. We might feel a bit pushed into a corner/out of other options and this is what we have to do to get out of that tight spot (because nobody puts baby in a corner). The New Moon energy will play out over the next two weeks, but with alot of the major energies becoming exact very quickly, this New Moon will likely start impacting all of us within a couple days.


WEDNESDAY - Mars (3 degrees Taurus) squares Saturn (3 degrees Aquarius) and Venus (6 degrees Capricorn) trines Uranus (6 degrees Taurus)


The Mars/Saturn square is about limits/sometimes endings. Sometimes we have taken something as far as we can go and need to pivot/stop. In this case coming right after the New Moon maybe the new chapter that is kicking off comes with a fast reality check. With Mars in Taurus the reality check could involve money, our stability, resources, our self-esteem. The good news here -  Mars in Taurus is answering to Venus who is in Cappy (Saturn's sign) and trining Uranus. The Venus/Uranus trine - which is a smooth integration of the new, the trine being the best aspect in astrology - could mean a new/maybe more radical approach is needed. New ways to make money are triggered. New ways to feel secure. Keep in mind anything involving Saturn will require work and patience and he's all over this. 

THURSDAY - Uranus stations direct (6 degrees Taurus), the Sun (24 degrees Cappy) meets Pluto. 


The Sun/Pluto is a light thrown on power. Like last week's Mercury/Pluto - this is power cemented/reaching its full potential or crumbled in pieces at our feet. Either way the Sun shows a result here, sometimes an ending. This is the death of the father/the old king. When Pluto was thought to be the very boundary of our world/last planet out there - we thought transformation had to be life and death or death and rebirth. We had to suffer through the underworld to get to the other side. But since the discovery of Pluto's family - all these little Plutino planets (the dwarf planets) - we see this life/death/rebirth thing is alot more complicated and compelling. The Sun starts a new cycle with Pluto, powered up by Tuesday's New Moon. We are at 24 degrees now. Happening at the same time Uranus stations direct - pulls us FORWARD. This back and forth thing we have been doing with the change/the new/the future is over. The future is here.


SUNDAY-  Jupiter (6 degrees Aquarius) squares Uranus direct (6 degrees Taurus)


Jupiter/Uranus can bring breakthroughs, unexpected situations that shake up our stability (this could absolutely be in a GOOD way). Tension/frustration can OPEN doors/open our minds/change our beliefs. Jupiter in Aquarius is answering to Uranus. This can be simply - change is good. But Uranus is never simple and this is a square, so things might feel too big, too much too fast. Trauma enlarged. Best scenario - this is a piece of unexpected good luck. Know you are going to have to stretch or pivot to line up with it. Collectively this will probably be a big news week and I think there are pro-Trump events forming for this day, this could be trauma (Uranus) enlarged (Jupiter), and yes, there could be some healing from Trump people through coming together now - but anything with Uranus is unpredictable and with Mars squaring Saturn, also dangerous. Stay positive. Stay safe.

xo all - back with the New Moon post and some dailies

photo by the talented Gomeisa-Studio

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