Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 21, 2021 - illusions dissolve, the fading of what we once nurtured, opportunities disguised as frustrations and jolts



The Moon, exalted in Taurus - we are nurtured through comfort, sensual touch, security. She met up with Mars and Uranus while we slept (EST) and squared Jupiter at 5:14AM EST. Mars in Tauris is building toward his own square with Jupiter tonight/tomorrow, which can fuel our enthusiasm/courage/push to move forward, but also make us prone to over-doing or coming on too strong.

This is also the day Ceres is exactly conjunct Neptune. We talked about this in the Inauguration post HERE. Boundless/sacrificial care. Smother/mothering if taken to an extreme. With Neptune things tend to fade away/dissolve, so maybe something we had been/have been caring for is fading/dissolving. Clinging to anything during a Neptune transit is like trying to hold onto water and Ceres was the grieving mother, maybe trying to hold onto daughter Persephone for just a bit too long. We have to go with the flow here, there is no controlling however this is showing up for us. Keep in mind also the cycle of re-birth (the seasons) Ceres also rules. Birth follows death as surely as spring follows winter. 


This aspect, coupled with Mars/Jupiter in Taurus/Aquarius (moving on from what is stuck) can aid in ending delusions/illusions - whose time/season has ended.

In the United States, we will see the Forever Trumpers waking up from their delusion that he is saving the world (or maybe in some cases doubling down) and the Never Trumpers, waking up from their delusion that everything bad is because of him. Ceres will square the Nodes tomorrow while semi-squaring Saturn. Reality checks. The Mars/Jupiter can bring opportunities disguised as collisions. Whatever is happening, or isn't, will be based on our own actions/in-actions. 


The balls that are in our court, and there are a couple, will need to be played,

xo all

photo by the talented Frozen-photo

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