Today's astrology Forecast | Friday, January 8, 2021 - passion that embraces rules and structure, an ongoing argument, a need for rest



The Moon continues her journey through sister-sign Scorpio. She sextiles the Sun at 11:10AM EST, trines Neptune at 11:13AM EST and goes void tonight, at 8:58PM EST off a sextile (opportunity) with Pluto. 

Her sextile with the Sun, this month's Waning Sextile is Scorpio/Capricorn at 18 degrees. Sextiles are little portals of opportunity, like most opportunities, take a little efforting on our part. If we have anything near 18 degrees of these two signs, the energies are more fertile. This is passion/intensity that embraces structure/authority/the rules. The structure is strengthened. The passion given a solid form. 

She immediately trines Neptune - our intuition/dreams. This feels like all one thing with the Waning Sextile. Good for meditation, prayer, compassion - intense and realistic action toward our dreams. The ideal being made real.


(for some people, this trine will be about conspiracies/delusions - not all conspiracies are delusions, but Neptune trines are sure times for creative/imaginative/idealistic people to get sucked in - so much of this current conspiracy energy is trauma projected outward .. as we move through the next couple years, hopefully learning it is safe not to split and dissociate, we won't need so many of these to make sense of things - this 'not splitting' is going to be the harder/higher ground though). 


That final sextile tonight with Pluto - who rules the Moon while she is in Scorpio - speaks of power/transformation. Merging/purging. Financial deals. We are comforted by murder podcasts. Getting to the bottom of something. Make up sex.

We have both Mercury and Venus changing signs today. 


We talked about that HERE - see January 8th. The conversation changes/shifts. What we love/value changes. Our finances change. With 3 inner planets at the 0 degrees of different signs this week - something is STARTING. 


The New Moon next week will really energize this. 

When Mercury gets into intellectual Aquarius he/she will almost immediately square Mars at 1 degrees Taurus. Tension/frustration. How to start/what to build. This is fixed energy, so everyone is dug in/doesn't want to budge. Mercury is in the sign of the future/change that is often erratic and Mars in the sign of maintaining. So this could be an argument about finances/values. Conversations/words/ideas/information around change might feel like a threat to our security. Working our way through life's squares (and there are a gazillion of them this January) makes us stronger, but avoiding unnecessary arguments can be a good idea, too. 


Because of Mercury's upcoming retrograde - whatever this tension/frustration/argument is, it probably won't be a one-off though, so not so easily avoided.


We'll be back here on February 10th.

That trine to Neptune can be draining. Use that void Moon tonight to rest/recharge. Our immune systems need extra sleep now. The Moon's move into optimistic Sagittarius tomorrow should feel even better. 


Back to wrap up the vac.

xo all

(late yesterday afternoon as Uranus - think Trump here, with Uranus on his Sun/North Node and Mars on his ascendant, life has perfectly pre-fit him for these roles - was opposed by the Scorpio Moon, the astrology of what we spoke of yesterday  - "this can also be secret/back door maneuverings to avoid damage to what we own/value" - Trump, convinced by those closest to him of a need to act to save his presidency/legacy gave a speech condemning the people who stormed the capitol. So instead of greater liberation or chaos (Uranus), that powerful Moon in Scorpio had her way. Politics aside (no mention of how these people were 'wound up'), this is a chance to see that opposition to Uranian energies - because they are changeable in the first place - are not like oppositions to more stable energies, even when housed in fixed signs. With Uranus in Taurus - we can use what we value/already have/want to maintain to help stabilize things should we need to, also keeping in mind this stuff can be used to keep us 'in line'. Maybe no big eye-opener there, sounds like common sense since we are talking about Taurus, but good to keep in mind as we work through the Uranus squares in 2021.)

photo by the talented Tanja Moss

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