The astrology of the covid vaccinations | part II - the USA shots begin as Mars meets the USA natal Chiron on an eclipse!


Part l is HERE

So, now let's take a look at the USA's charts. We will look at the chart for the first USA vac and then see how it connects with the USA natal. 


The USA public vaccinations begin as transiting Mars hits the USA natal Chiron, transiting Chiron squares the U.S. natal Jupiter (U.S. chart ruler) on a Solar Eclipse! Whah!

Let's unpack the charts!

The top chart is for the first USA vaccination - at 9:05AM in Brooklyn, New York - this was the date of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (a new quest) - I wrote about it HERE. We can see the chart has a Capricorn rising which makes Saturn, at 29 degrees Capricorn, the chart ruler for the vaccination event itself. Now, Saturn rules Capricorn which is a good thing although the 29th degree itself is considered an anaretic degree - accidentally weak/exhausted at the end of a sign - it often speaks of a desperate situation/a 'Hail Mary' play.


Moving right into the second chart - the first chart is pretty much all there in the Eclipse post - mostly a good Eclipse forecast (but Eclipses are tricky times to predict) with the exception of that dissolving/sometimes disappointing square to Neptune from the Eclipse Moon and Sun. Not a small thing in the vac chart since we are talking about a virus (Neptunian condition).

The first thing we see in that second chart - now here we are comparing the USA birth chart to the chart when that first vaccination is happening -  is we have Mars  EXACTLY conjunct the USA natal Chiron (wounded healer). 


The transiting North Node is conjunct the USA natal Mars - the future/fate. Mars on the U.S. natal Chiron speaks of action toward healing very deep/old woundings - remember the "event" that stoked this whole fire (the mid-January meeting of Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Cappy) happened on the U.S. natal asteroid Narcissus which is squaring the Mars/Chiron.

Healings related to our collective narcissism, through Trump/through covid. As well as the learning, which may come now and over time, that there will be some things we are probably going to need to just learn to live with. 20 degrees Aries is also the degree of Biden's natal Sedna - she is going to play a BIG role in part III of this series as we decipher this stuff without all the astro talk. So, we have Mars meeting the USA's Chiron and Biden's Sedna at the time of the Eclipse/vaccination kick off. Biden's chart is about to be impacting the U.S. chart the way Trump's has been for the past four years, so this is important.

Transiting Sedna is conjunct the USA natal Wuhan/Pandora conjunction on fixed star Algol (known as the most malevolent star). She is trining those Cappy planets - Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn and squaring the USA Moon (the people, not all of whom trust/want the vaccine). 


Transiting asteroids Pandora and Wuhan (two significators or tested stand-ins for the virus/pandemic) straddle the USA mid-heaven with transiting Narcissus opposing transiting Chiron. So, all the players are interacting, which is probably a good thing, but the interactions are complicated.


Transiting Venus - ruler of the USA's natal 6th house of health - is in the 12th house sextiling the USA natal Pluto, so there is alot we can't see here/can't measure/can't know. But we can see that chart ruler Saturn's very next aspect is an opportunistic sextile to Venus - this is good news since he rules the chart and she rules the USA natal 6th house (health). It does indicate this is going to take some time, but also that the opportunity to Venus - that 6th house- comes through Saturn, still in Cappy at this point, but at that anaretic degree (although a sign he rules), so we might say exhausted and tossing a 'Hail Mary' play. We could look at this as a weak government (that anaretic Saturn) imposing its authority on the people's daily lives/health (that 6th house), too. Nothing is set into stone and both the USA and UK vac programs started during a volatile Eclipse season, so this is all very karmic (meaning the result of a cause already set into motion) and unpredictable.

Both charts - and this is still in play now - have that dissipating square to Neptune. 


Which also makes it hard and we might say not possible to know for certain what results to expect. And both the UK and the USA have major challenges to their natal charts in the months and years ahead.


Keep in mind that every history book we have ever read was lived by people who DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. They had to just give things their best shot (no pun intended). And that, that 'living on'/doing the best they could do without knowing the outcome, is what PRODUCED the right outcome. Knowing the outcome ahead of time would have just screwed it all up.


We don't have a crystal ball, but astrology can be put to good use. The North Node - our guiding star - is in Gemini. The questions are more important than the answers. And sometimes with the North Node in Gemini our biggest screw-ups come because we ask the wrong questions.


I have become more and more interested in the asteroids/dwarf planets in the last couple years. 


It is believed in astrological study, celestial bodies are discovered when we are ready to work with/know their energies and then synchronistically named. I have come to see them/their stories (told through their myths, by researching their placement in historical charts and by what is going on in the collective at the time they are discovered) as fragments of culture, held within our DNA - maybe a physical representation of that so-called junk DNA - so above, so below - or that 95% of the universe that is dark matter. 


It is mega-important to note Chiron is active and activated in both charts - the wounded healer whose orbit takes him between Saturn and Uranus (Chiron in our natal chart shows the wounds that have a history longer than our lifetime). Saturn and Uranus are the co-rulers - Saturn/ancient, Uranus/modern, of the sign of Aquarius, whose age we are in/moving into.


Keep in mind, and this is VERY IMPORTANT that 2021 is going to be DEFINED by Saturn and Uranus's three-peating squares to each other AND Saturns three-peating sextiles to Chiron. This is not a coincidence.


Chiron travels - and his orbit is quite wonky - to the outer planet of Uranus (think - our higher hive mind, the memory of the ancestral traumas we carry that our lower mind has forgotten, outsider/alien territory/futuristic, non-dualistic energies) and then comes back into the fold and literally penetrates Saturn's orbit - which is our REALITY.


You can read the story of Chiron HERE


Astrologers have come to associate Chiron with very old woundings (multi-generational) that cannot be healed - we work with what is given to us/make the best of it that we can. A great example is a recovered/recovering alcoholic who becomes a counselor for other recovering alcoholics. Or maybe a better example is a closet drinker who effectively counsels recovering alcoholics - the healer who can heal others, but not herself. At our best we interrupt the wounding/let the light in. At our worst we continue/worsen the cycle. It's not so much about healing the wound as in learning to live with it in the highest possible way. And hopefully stop the continuation of the wounding into the next generation. On the one hand, when we are born we are literally created through our past lives into someone who lines up with this problem and on the other hand (and this is probably all the same hand) we are handed this problem ancestrally with our job being to 'figure this sh*t out'.


Chiron's own wound was healed through compassion/sacrifice when he gave up his own life to save Prometheus. Chiron was a great healer though, long before his own un-healable injury and considered the father of the Greek's medical art. I have seen his transits bring healing. And, of course, his story - the un-healable part - involved being pierced/shot with an arrow that has been laced with poison. And since we are talking about vaccinations, we will keep this in mind, too. 

The USA natal Chiron is at 20 degrees Aries.


If we see this as our nation's wounding - natally, so likely of the unhealable variety - what does that tell us about the nature of the wound? Signs are divided into decans and 20 degrees Aries is the very end of Aries decan two. According to astrologer Marina at Dark Star Astrology (you can read the post HERE) "this decan is where Aries gets regal, for here we have the King, Princess, Dragon, etc. These people follow no leaders and work best as their own boss or taking command over others." Astrologer Austin Coppock calls Aries decan 2, "the Crown", and says, "applied magically, this decan has tremendous power. It is the power to generate the world of your choosing and to be its sovereign. It is the key to creating realities that do not obey the laws of the collective reality field in which they exist.” Interesting his use of the word "crown" since corona also means crown and "key" since Chiron is known as the key (and its symbol looks like a key), but of course we are always seeing what we are looking for :)


What also caught my eye with these charts was dwarf planet Sedna and I think here is the real story of what is happening. 


We will talk about her in part III. 


Less astro babble in this last one and we'll look at what this could all mean and some thoughts on where this might go ...

xo all

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