The New Moon in Capricorn | January 12th, 2021 - starting from scratch, what we pay attention to is changing, playing the game at a higher level, everyone gets a seat at the table


new moon in capricorn  2021


At midnight EST on January 12th (the night of January 12th that followed the day of January 12th, why is this midnight thing so confusing, or is it just me?) - the Capricorn Moon meets the Capricorn Sun at 23 degrees giving us this month's New Moon.


This is very near (22 degrees Cappy)  the degree where "time ran out - the Saturn/Pluto conjunction" of January 12, 2020. Happy Anniversary!


22 degrees is a master number, but can also become a number of self-sabotage. Like a space we have mastered, so we think we know what we are doing/have it all together and the fates can't touch us here, but then we move too fast or too casually or too recklessly and then screw ourselves up. Maybe because this is a very high degree to hold/carry and we are sometimes just going to muck it or maybe because we are afraid to step into our real power here. That is the collective space where in January 2020, power was destroyed and cemented.


This year the Sun/Moon/Pluto meet PAST this degree. So, first the Moon meets the Sun, then the Moon meets Pluto a couple hours later and then the Sun meets Pluto a couple days later. The Sun's next big aspect (other than his regular lunar aspects) will be on the 23rd when he meets Saturn and then just two days and one degree later he sextiles Chiron (this is his first of three sextiles to healing Chiron in 2021). So, the Sun starts a new cycle with Pluto - in Cappy, yes, but past 22 degrees, then he starts a new cycle with Saturn, this time in Aquarius (the future - that's on the 23rd), so between now and the 23rd is like a mini-cycle from Capricorn to Aquarius - and it's only after we get through that cycle that we get the sextile (opportunity for healing) with Chiron. 


So, it's going to take a couple weeks to physically get to that sextile. But, the Moon, and the New Moon now is a lunar event - so, she is going to do all these things, too, but she is going to do them within just a couple days!

The United States (Sibley Chart) has its natal asteroid Narcissus at that important 22 degrees Capricorn and at the time of this New Moon asteroid Hybris will be exactly conjunct this HOT degree. The last time we talked about this asteroid was back on Trump's covid announcement chart HERE


In ancient Greece, Hybris (who gave meaning to our word hubris) was the goddess of insolence, impudence - known for taking things to extremes, excessive or foolish pride, flouting normal behavior and social conventions that often lead to one's downfall. 


Combine Narcissus and Hybris at 22 degrees Cappy and we can see from the news what we get!


All these 23 degree New Moons talking to Eris (which change to a 22 degree New Moon just as Eris gets to 22 degrees) speak of the need for everyone to have a seat at the table. In the last couple years we have seen the #metoo Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement challenging white male (and female) entitlement. This is all part of the collapse of the patriarchy/hierarchy - our journey toward equality. In astro talk the total reinvention of these 20something Capricorn power degrees! This is why things are so hot RIGHT NOW. 


Note - this seat at the table thing means everyone gets a say, we don't necessarily all get our way.

With Saturn in Aquarius and almost everything answering to him, he is mega powerful - all the Aqua and Cappy planets - the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury plus Chiron answering to Mars because Mars and Uranus are in Taurus, so answering to Venus in Capricorn answering to Saturn. Have we ever seen this before at a Capricorn New Moon?! But remember he shares Aquarius rulership, with Aqua's modern ruler Uranus (who is very unpredictable already and this week changing direction).


Keep in mind - we have moved through Saturn in Capricorn - many people were humbled, sometimes this humbling seemed unfair, but maybe this was what was needed to heal our ancestors who had needed to fall, but didn't. Or sometimes, having had our heads cut off by mad kings in prior lives, we needed to be back on the chopping block in this life to understand that we could now lose our head (job, authority, stability, etc) without actually dying this time. Many people stood up, some for the first time to heal themselves and some to heal their ancestors who needed to stand, but couldn't. 


Many people lost the structures that were holding them up, their authority, their skills, their youth, their parents, their place in the world. This is all part of the ending of the patriarchy. It's a process. This isn't a snap of our fingers and this isn't painless because the patriarchy is part of us, it's in our charts, in our DNA. It's like losing our arm. This isn't going to be something pretty that we take a picture of and toss up on Instagram.


Now as we move through Saturn in Aquarius we are dealing with karma with trauma - maybe with group situations, maybe with technology. 


We have a large portion of humanity still carrying a piece of our collective trauma that allows them to be exploited by emperors and demagogues (because they thought they were keeping them safe and maybe in prior lives/their ancestry/their childhood - the loss of these emperors caused them trauma - father dies and the children starve, the king is killed and the kingdom overthrown and they are killed, etc) and until this piece of our collective trauma is healed - none of us can move on.


This can also be about people needing to be humbled through the king's humbling. Our own trauma - stored survival stress - frozen inside us. We can't access our own feelings, but we can feel his. There is work (Saturn) to be done here.


Let's unpack the chart.


The Moon/Sun are conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (24 degrees) and exactly squaring Eris in Aries. The ruler of this lunation (Capricorn) is Saturn and almost everyone is answering to him. Saturn is at 3 degrees Aquarius, sandwiched between asteroid Zeus and Jupiter (the Roman's Zeus). Saturn is squaring Mars and Uranus and sextiling Chiron. Juno is sextiling Mercury and Jupiter. Mars is conjunct Uranus (exact on January 20th) and Uranus is conjunct Lilith. 

(Remember we talked about the four New Moons at 23 degrees interacting with Eris (our outsider, troublemaker, whistleblower, terrorist energy). Of of the four Moons this is the only one where we are dealing with the tension/frustration of the square.)

So, we have the Moon and Sun conjunct Pluto. This is a "death of the king" aspect. We are humbled. Back here again - because remember we are only one step away from last year's story - but older and wiser this time. 


This is intense. Transformative. The rules are changing. Stuff that has been stuffed under the rug needs to come out. This can have a strong "before and after" quality to what is happening. We are merged with Plutonian power. If we are ready to step into authentic power/and deal with what we have buried - this energy can increases our ability to influence our outcome. This is a new life purpose/commitment more aligned with who we have become through the permanent changes we have experienced in 2020. Keep in mind this is Pluto, so there could be aspects of control/manipulation/even danger here. Also, keep in mind although this is happening at 23 degrees, this is ground zero this year. We are starting from the very beginning with something. Maybe something falls apart and we have to begin again.

This is our annual Capricorn New Moon - always time to get to work! There is nothing new about that part of this.

Saturn, the ruler of this lunation, is sandwiched between Jupiter and Zeus (who was the Greek's Jupiter). The kings of the Gods and keep in mind Saturn was Jupiter's father and Jupiter would kill him just as Saturn killed his own father Uranus. Mars and Uranus are squaring Saturn. Saturn is strong in Aquarius, but this is alot of pressure/tension/challenges.


That square between Mars and Saturn tells us our actions will be impeded in some way. Maybe we have to take our time. Maybe rules/limits are restricting what we can do. This has to be dealt with. No short cuts.


Mercury is just past his/her square to Uranus. This is us building to the Jupiter/Uranus square at the end of the week - the only one we have this year. Mercury/Uranus can be a brilliant idea, but the square indicates whatever we are thinking/talking about/learning will bring tension/frustration. By the time Jupiter squares Uranus we might have exaggerated something or our over-thinking (Mercury/Uranus) causes the very thing we are worrying about when Jupiter meets Uranus. We need to stay positive with this. We need to take some risks without taking too many. This is a really important (and might be chaotic) series of events that CHANGE OUR MIND/BELIEFS.

Venus (at 5 degrees Cappy) is exactly squaring Chiron in Aries. Here are those practical things we want/that money in the bank/the career/those goals challenged by our vulnerability/wounding. Situations might arise where we feel less than. Less able. Less attractive. Less valuable. Exact on the New Moon tells us this isn't just a flash in the pan kind of thing - this is part of the New Moon story. So what action can we take here - do we need more training/credentials? Do we need more confidence in ourselves? Do we need to get healthy? Do we need healthier boundaries? With the Sun/Moon on Pluto we won't be allowed to just gloss over this.

Juno is sextiling Mercury so our relationships/contracts benefit from conversations and new ideas - Mercury is in Aqua, so things are more future-focused and less emotional and Juno is in Sag, so more optimistic than she was earlier in the year. Our Juno story has been a big part of our 2020 timeline.

So, to bottom-line this one as Saturn would say - and I have Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius (both 3rd house) and Uranus 10th house - so feel extra comfortable speaking about this one :) This is a transformational new start somehow connected to what we have lost/our humbling. We will put on our big girl/boy pants and deal with what is happening here and now. We have no choice. The chaos is us resisting the change. The change itself doesn't have to be chaotic. Change can be EXCITING. Something about what is happening here is designed to CHANGE WHAT WE PAY ATTENTION TO. 




Some Capricorn new moon affirmation areas to think about: security, time, self-discipline, your brand and image, ambition, opportunity, goals, delegation, releasing control, father figures, reputation, your bones, knees, skin and joints.

Get grounded - we're late in an earth sign now, so this should be easier - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both certain and joyful) - write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together, speak them out loud.

Then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.


This month I will burn mine with a white candle, let the candle burn down and then bury the ashes in the ground. I feel a little more connected with the finality of the results when I do something like this. You don't have to. Do what feels right to you. With Capricorn - serious is best. 

Know these things are already yours

xo all

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