Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 5, 2020 - unexpected truth, picking at scabs, power struggles, the courage to survive, changing the way we change




I don't want to say it. You don't want to hear it. But probably another intense week.


Maybe the most important thing to keep in mind now as we move through the astrology of this final quarter of 2020, and maybe especially October, is to keep things as simple as we can. Get rid of things we don't need. Take things off our plate. Slow down. Take care of our physical selves. Get more sleep. Drink more water. If something isn't a great big heartfelt YES or a great big MUST, then it needs to be a great big NO. And the 'must' can't be something we have manufactured through overthinking. If it doesn't get us fed, clothed, housed -  then it needs to be a great big heartfelt YES,


or, it's a clear NO.

I had two people talk to me this week about their fading memories/their past feeling very far away and feeling disconnected from their current life. And, we can see in these unstable times, how our minds might compartmentalize/wipe out what's not needed, in order to just keep us going.


We can try seeing memories as these kind of  tangles of energy that keep us connected to our old stories -and, yes, they also kind of hold our 3D self together in a way. Part of the reason we love the things we love is our memories of those things, so without our memories we can lose our emotional connections AND, on the flipside, be freed up to love new things. 


Most energies just move right through us, but sometimes situations/emotions get stuck. As the old world fades and the New World advances (or kind of pulls us forward faster), those memories (energetic tangles) can untangle. It's tricky territory because they keep us connected to the lives we have built and the people we have built them with. Without the memories we can start feeling disconnected from what used to matter. We can also grow incredibly sentimental as these knots tighten up or come apart.


This 'unraveling' isn't a bad thing, but it can be painful/scary. It also allows us to see/feel what really matters now as we prepare to move forward and create new stories. Maybe this will make sense and be helpful to someone else. I have had Pluto back and forth over my third house Mercury for the last couple years and have seen these 'tangles' unravel me into a totally different way of thinking/seeing the world. Trying not to think about the swiss-cheese imagery a brain scan might produce for me right now!

Ok, let's unpack the week! We'll add in the Moon with some dailies - she looks pretty good until we get to the end of the week (Moon in Cancer) and she opposes all the Cappy stuff and squares the Libra/Aries. She will go void at 2:41PM EDT tomorrow for the rest of the day - so we will want to get our Monday work done early!

WEDNESDAY - Mercury opposes Uranus
THURSDAY - Venus inconjuncts Chiron
FRIDAY - Quarter Moon (17 degrees Cancer), Mars squares Pluto

SATURDAY - Mars sextiles North Node, Venus trines Uranus

SUNDAY - Sun squares Jupiter, Sun inconjunct Uranus

WEDNESDAY - Mercury at 9 degrees Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. 


Mercury in Scorpio is diving into the truth/secrets/a deeper level of information - Uranus is kind of a flash of 'genius' that illuminates what Mercury has dug up. Some unexpected truth could come out now. Disruptive results involving financial/intimacy/merged situations. Oppositions to Uranus can bring abrupt endings. With Mercury walking shadows degrees she/he will walk two more times we will have this aspect again on October 19th (with Mercury retrograde) and finally on November 17th, so this could be the start of a series of revelations. 

Watch your language/words now. Be clear-sighted about the information/stories you tell and what you are allowing yourself to absorb. With Uranus, language is intensified - pulls us into the future. Think twice.

For some people this aspect can also bring technology/transportation issues. Surprises through siblings or our local community.


THURSDAY - Venus at 6 degrees Virgo inconjuncts Chiron in Aries. 


Inconjuncts are awkward. What we want or a relationship/financial/values issue triggers a wound/hurt. Keep in mind, Venus in Virgo can be picky. So maybe it's just a tiny little thing that isn't quite right or maybe since Virgo is such a 'fixer 'energy we are focused on trying to fix something that just can't be fixed. Inconjuncts require adjustments, but we just have to kind of live with things being imperfect here.

FRIDAY - a retrograde Mars at 22 degrees Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (this is the degree Saturn and Pluto met back in January - when "time ran out").

This is the second of three battles between these titans. They squared off back in mid August, with Pluto retrograde and Mars direct, now they have both reversed course and square off again. And, we will be back here for the final round on December 23rd (with both of these bad boys direct) - so immediately after this year's important Winter Solstice when Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius.


There might be intense competition and unbridled ambition. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Physical power struggles. Excisions/surgical procedures. Situations that feel like "life and death" and sometimes they will be, but most often they won't. Our power could be challenged or we could be the one doing the calling out. If we are "waked", and with Mars retro we better be, this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" us. 


If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the gloves might come off.  


We could be mad (Mars) at the truth (Pluto). We could be battling (Mars) for power/control (Pluto). We don't want to be ruthless or under-handed, but we might have to stand up for ourselves. Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. If we are the boss/authority then avoid making other people feel threatened/un-empowered because WE WILL LOSE in the long run. And we are playing a long game here. Keep this in mind. 


Mars/Pluto is like a bully aspect, but it is also about having the courage to SURVIVE.


If we are pushing to make something happen with a kind of 'THIS MUST HAPPEN' urgency - well, here is the square where Mars is retrograde and life is an inside job - so, why are we pushing for this?? The New World that is about to kick off, and we can already feel ourselves being pulled into it which is why we are so unsteady - doing a hokey-pokey style dance in two worlds at the same time - the New World is not a linear space. We don't need to make herculean efforts to make things happen. We don't actually need to make anything happen. The center isn't going to hold because the center cannot hold. With challenging Plutonian aspects we need to keep in mind how to ground ourselves for our immediate survival. Stay healthy. Keep your environment clean/alive. Slow down. Take care of you. 

This is also the date of the Third Quarter Moon, with the Moon at 17 degrees Cancer squaring the Sun in Libra. This is uncomfortable/frustrating. Maybe we want to stay home where we are comfy-cozy and situations are requiring we bring something into greater balance or maybe socialize. Cancer is old school, so maybe there is something here about rules, traditional roles within our family or a family situation vs a need for fairness. This is a part of the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron story. The Moon is waning now, so what needs to go?


SATURDAY - Mars at 22 degrees Aries sextiles the North Node in Gemini. 

Here are our actions lining us up with the future. Keep in mind Mars is retrograde so this could be more about what we are re-working, re-vising, re-viewing, even an un-raveling of the old.

At the same time - Venus at 9 degrees Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus


Here is where small changes/fixes - within relationships, finances, our values - can have a BIG impact. What needs tweaking? This is a good day for action and initiative. Things can fall into place. We are changing the way we deal with change. New ways to make money. New relationships. New values. Think practical/grounded/being of service. Good for changes to our daily routine and health practices - for these situations think more new/cutting edge. Changes that make sense/cents.

SUNDAY - the Sun at 18 degrees Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn and inconjuncts Uranus in Taurus

This might speak of some exaggerated expressions of power within our relationships or maybe someone's need for expansion/more/change creates tension/frustration within a relationship. Things can feel out of balance. 

On the bright side, and with Jupiter there is always a bright side, this aspect can bring confidence, enthusiasm, hope. We just want to avoid taking on too much/over-promising or expecting too much from other people. At the same time the Sun is inconjunct Uranus - some awkwardness/rocks and hard places between change and balance or liberation vs our partnerships/contracts. Adjustments required today. 

xo all - back with the dailies and we'll toss up a chart for that infamous 'garden party' and see what we see

By now we've likely seen the photos of the rose garden ceremony (Amy Coney Barrett's Announcement Party) where it is being reported covid began its journey to Trump - mostly mask-less people, shaking hands, bear-hugging, back-patting - something the rest of us, including the CHILDREN (masked and encased in plexi windshields, our amazing teachers have made for their desks ie jeeps, for hours everyday where I live) would pay dearly to be able to do again as effortlessly and worry-free as these cocky revelers with RBG just barely lain to rest. 


It made me go looking for asteroids Karma and Hybris (Greek Goddess of insolence, impudence and outrageous behavior - she gave her name to our word “hubris”). 


Hybris turned out to be, #surprise, #nosurprise, exactly conjunct Trump's natal 4th house Moon and exactly opposing his natal Sun as his diagnosis was announced. And transiting asteroid Hygiea (the virus) conjunct his natal asteroid Hybris (exact on 10/13). Trump was born with asteroid Karma exactly on his natal Saturn and transiting Karma is now conjunct his 12th house Pluto. 


Hubris and Karma playing their hand with him ....

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