Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, October 8, 2020 - a slow start, our focus shifts, love (or any lack ) hurts, when fixing doesn't fix it, why do we want what we want and what do we really need


The Moon is void until 11:45AM EDT (feel free to sleep in if you can, you won't miss much that amounts to anything) when she comes home to Cancer. Turning our attention to home, family, mother, security, home business, family business, real estate, renovation, ancestry, country, patriotism. She is unaspected - mostly a good thing with all the Libra/Aries/Cappy stress awaiting her out there - until early, early tomorrow morning (2:16AM EDT) when she sextiles Venus.

And speaking of Venus, at 6 degrees Virgo, she has now moved into an inconjunct with wounded healer Chiron. 


So, maybe the more we try to fix something, the less 'fixed' it is - the more it hurts. Or maybe the more we notice what isn't working. We talked abut our need during Venus in Virgo to not over-focus on what is "wrong" (especially within our relationship, finances) - this isn't about ignoring problems (not something Venus in Virgo is prone to do anyway), but more about realizing when they aren't totally fixable - situations have innate 'give and takes' built into them sometimes - some things we either have to live with or figure out we can't. Avoid over-giving/over-taking. Inconjuncts require adjustments and even then things aren't quite right.


Venus/Chiron speaks of our 'wants' being distorted by old/deep woundings.


Why do we want this? Why does our lack of this hurt? Chiron is in independent Aries - how can we give more of this (abundance, appreciation, love) to ourselves? The Moon is in Cancer - what do we need?

I am working on part II of the October Trump covid post where we'll add in the U.S. natal. It should be up tonight. 


The connections are cray-cray. 


Every day is DANGEROUS for Trump now that he has this virus. I don't believe for one second he is 'alright' as the Whitehouse is reporting. He isn't. We would assume he is getting the best possible care, but it seems like he might be driving the care he is getting. Doctors are reporting he has 'no symptoms', but are they getting this info from Trump or from testing? Who knows. Mercury is going to station retrograde Tuesday while the Sun squares Mars, kicking everything up a notch and even before that we have the Moon in Cancer forming a fast moving (but powerful with the Moon in her home sign) - Grand Cardinal Cross. Hopefully the people around him know what they are doing. 


xo all 

photo by the talented SUDOR

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