Today's astrology Forecast for Creatives | Monday, October 5, 2020 - knowing our worth, what makes sense/cents, building things that last/stabilize us, staying flexible, taking care of ourselves



The Moon is exalted in Taurus today, making some nice/stabilizing aspects - she trines Pluto at 8:50AM EDT then goes void off a trine to Saturn at 2:41PM EDT. She is void for the rest of the day. Good for dealing with authority/power situations (providing we know our own worth), making solid progress, building things that last. 

The Sun is nearing the middle of Libra and will start to move into his square to the Cappy planets in the next few days, but he's still got some space/time and Libra is an air sign so we can get a little distance from things; a little perspective. 

The Moon will be in Gemini tomorrow - the pace will increase, the energies are more mixed - so take advantage of today's Taurus Moon and even this afternoon's time-stretching void (the Moon will continue to perform in her exalted sign of Taurus). 

Mercury (news, information, communication) is moving toward her opposition to Uranus (unexpected), and with Mercury's upcoming retrograde this will be in play off and on for weeks. So, we need to be able to roll with some unexpected twists and turns here. Back up your files.

Tend to your thinking/your language now. We need to be mindful we aren't just talking/thinking about what needs to go/what we are worried about - because we can end up lining ourselves up with more things to worry about/more things that need to go. Stay focused on what you want - the future. Mars is retrograde, Mercury is soon to be - there are/will be looks back, but remember to be looking forward to something ELSE at the same time. Make plans. Yes, the Gods might laugh - make them anyway.


We talked about Trump's chart HERE and I took a peek at Biden's this morning and he's got asteroid Hygiea transiting his natal 8th house Pluto right now - exact next Saturday (when Mars will be at 22 degrees and squaring those hot January Cappy degrees) and it will exactly conjunct his natal Hygiea in the middle of November. He'll have Pandora at the top of his chart at that time and conjunct his natal Pandora and asteroid Wuhan will have reached 0 Aquarius, the degree Jupiter and Saturn will meet the next month. He's got some aspects to his 12th and 6th houses. He needs to be careful, too. And he is.

With Europe looking at new lockdowns and the U.S. President locked down - Saturn/Pluto both direct as of yesterday - we need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally.


We will talk more about this when I continue the October series.

xo all

photo by the amazing sollenafotographie

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