Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - Mercury stations retrograde, the Sun opposes Mars retrograde, intensity, a change of direction, relationship shadows, get some exercise



The Moon moved into earthy Virgo late last night. She trines a retrograde Uranus at 4:35PM EDT, sextiles Mercury (Virgo's ruler) at 8:19PM EDT and meets up with Venus at 10:54PM (13 degrees).

We talked about today's INTENSE aspects in the weekly HERE for Tuesday.


The Moon, with multiple smooth/positive aspects is going to help. Her trine to Uranus helps us emotionally integrate change more easily, particularly anything unexpected regarding our finances/resources/values. That sextile to Mercury, which is exact about an hour before Mercury stations retrograde, speaks of some down-to-earth and realistic communication/problem solving available esp well-timed for business/service or related to Venusian themes - our relationships, money, values, self-esteem - just keep things practical and focused. 


Lean into one solid thing and not all over the place. 

Keep in mind today's Mars/Sun opposition intensified by Mercury's station can make us antsy/easily irritated. Other people will be feeling this, too. With Venus in Virgo the ways we are hard on ourselves can be projected onto other people, so we need to just stay in our own shoes. Get some exercise. Do something physical. We can choose to use this burst of energy as motivation, rather than a reason to lose it. But we might lose it, anyway. Let's not be too hard on ourselves here. 

The Sun is in Libra seeking balance and we are at the halfway point of the Mars retrograde with Mars closer to the Earth than he will be in years. The drums of war are beating all week. There is an old Mars retrograde axiom that whoever starts the war (during the retro) will lose the war, so keep this in mind, too. 

After tonight we have two of our three personal planets retrograde. If something important can be postponed until mid to late November, it might be a good idea to postpone it. If we can't, that is OK, too, just know there will be twists and turns and the need to revise things as we move ahead. Just do what you have to do. The stuff we dig up during Mercury's time in Scorpio will be needed when she/he gets back into Libra by the end of the month. We will need to be paying attention and we will be. And Scorpio rules death, too. It will not only be what we dig up, but what we put into the ground that will matter. With that pile-up in Cappy and Mercury in Scorpio and Mars slowing us down/not producing the results we are wanting - everyone is questioning their life on a deeper level than ever before.

In November things are going to change. Mars and Mercury will station direct. By the middle of November this holding pattern we are in will release. And we will know what we are dealing with because it will be happening. By December we are responding to what happens in November - we know now.


For today - take care driving. Take care with your tools. Take care with your words. Take care of you. If we are going to rise from the sweaty sheets of our 2020 deathbeds we have to know WE MATTER. Each of us. And each part of us. Everyone gets a seat at the table.


We are in the red hot middle of the Mars retrograde just as Mercury's gets started. 


Life is really an inside job now. 

xo all


photo by the talented Alice Litwin

13-10-2020 16:35:15 tu Trine ∆ ♅ Uranus ♉, R ♍ Virgo 09°24' 13-10-2020 20:19:05 tu Sextile ⚹ ☿ Mercury ♏ ♍ Virgo 11°40'

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