the October Astrology of Trump, Covid and the United States | a major transformation to restore balance, part II - extremely dangerous time for Trump's health


Part I is HERE and the Trump covid announcement chart is HERE. I've written before about the ways Trump's chart and the covid virus interact so intimately with the U.S. birth chart called the Sibley Chart - see this post HERE.


For this chart we are looking at our usual cast of characters plus asteroids Hygiea, Pandora and Wuhan. We are also adding in asteroids Pholus, Henry, Lachesis and her sister Atrophis (for reasons we will get into here and in a later post).

Most of this stuff is already in play - aspects are strongest when applying (approaching exactness as they are now), but we are going to specifically look at October 13th the day Mercury is going to station retrograde in Scorpio (opposite Uranus), while the Sun (already debilitated in Libra and the ruler of Trump's chart) opposes a retrograde Mars (in Aries) and squares all that powerful Cappy stuff. This is the peak of the Mars retrograde and two days before a New Moon in Libra (23 degrees).


Cardinal T-Square formed from the ashes of a Cardinal Grand Cross when the Moon moves out of Cancer on Saturday night - uber powerful. 


Let's take a look.


This is a very dangerous time for Trump. His physical health, his power, his career. This is life and death. Bags are packed. The grim reaper is at the door. If any part of this man feels like giving up, like it is time for him to be "out of here" - he will be. I think he still has some control over what is going to happen, but not alot.


Let's move the hands of time ahead to October 13th -  asteroid Wuhan is now on the exact degree - 22 Capricorn - activated when Pluto and Saturn met here back in January when "time ran out"! He is exactly conjunct a newly direct Pluto and also conjunct Saturn and Jupiter. 22 degrees Capricorn is the Vertex (point of fate/destiny) in Trump's natal chart. This is also conjunct Trump's natal asteroid Pholus - the centaur who uncorked a bottle of wine and started a war, then died very fast after pricking his finger with a poisoned arrow - he's the genie out of the bottle aspect. We can't get him back in. 22 Cappy is conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto (whose return to its 1776 U.S. birth position is building) and opposes the U.S. natal Mercury/asteroid Henry exact conjunction and U.S. natal Vertex/Part of Fortune exact conjunction. 


It's like someone pouring gasoline on a fire.

Mars will be at 21 degrees Aries (21-22 degrees is especially very hot right now and if you have anything in your natal chart here, you will be feeling the heat, too, this month). This is the exact degree of Trump's Hygiea (illness) and Lachesis conjunction and tightly conjunct (20 degrees) the United States natal Chiron (our national wounding in our 4th house of home/country). 

In Greek mythology, Lachesis was one of the Three Fates - the sisters who were said to determine the destinies of men and Gods. Astrologically Lachesis is considered an indicator/measure for the length of life. Sometimes in an event chart or through transit she can indicate a death/termination, sometimes she can indicate an interruption that interferes with a planned outcome. Her sister, Atropos cuts the cord of life with her shears. Trump was born with asteroid Lachesis exactly conjunct asteroid Hygiea. Right now transiting asteroid Lachesis is conjunct Trump's 8th house (death, transformation) natal ruler Neptune. Transiting Neptune is conjunct asteroid Henry (we'll get into this in the next post) - both are squaring Trump's Sun/North Node/Uranus and his natal Moon/Wuhan.

(Trump was born with asteroid Atropos, the cord cutting sister, conjunct his natal Sun in the 10th house - maybe forecasting a public death, maybe to be cut down in his prime in some way or maybe we are just seeing the death of an important and public career. Transiting Atropos - where she is right now - is conjunct his natal asteroid Henry and the U.S. natal North Node)

On the 13th the Sun will oppose Mars from 21 degrees Libra - the sign of the Sun's debilitation and will conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter. Having the Sun on his natal Jupiter has been helping Trump during this illness, but now we reach this exact opposition to Mars - with Trump's conjunction waning - and the Sun will be squaring transiting Jupiter (plus Pluto, Saturn and asteroid Wuhan), so Jupiter cannot be as much help here.


He has kind of walked into a landmine. Now, transiting Jupiter is sextiling Neptune - exact on the 14th, so there's that, yes, but keep in mind Trump's natal Neptune is conjunct transiting Lachesis (the determiner of the length of life/goals) and Neptune rules his 8th house - there are probably things he doesn't want to be (that smooth sextile) sliding into here. On the other hand, prayers can help. The channels are open. The Gods/our ancestors/our past lives are listening/helping.

As the Sun opposes Mars, the Sun will be conjunct the natal Juno (in Libra) in the United States birth chart in the 10th house (leader). Trump was born with a painful Juno/Chiron conjunction in Libra (partnerships - certainly left over from his King Henry VIII days or the kingly energy he carries, I can't be sure obviously, but we'll talk about this in the next post).

So, the Sun opposes Mars (exactly) and squares all the Cappy energies. This is a cardinal T-Square with the missing leg in Cancer - filled in for all of us this weekend by the Moon in Cancer, but filled in for Trump as a more on-going transit by his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer and for the United States through the U.S. birth chart's (keep in mind both charts are influencing each other) natal Mercury, Henry, Vertex, Part of Fortune. 

The North Node (more destiny, the future) will be on Trump's natal Sun and opposing his Moon. It will be on the United States natal Mars. Transiting Hygiea will be on the United States natal North Node (8th house) and Trump's natal Pluto (12th house).

Plus Trump has longer term health challenges we talked about in the last post. Both his 6th house and 12th house (health houses) rulers are stressed out. His 10th house ruler (career/power/station in life) is Venus and she's traveling through Virgo (conjunct Pandora) and answering to that stationing Mercury. Somebody around him had better know what they are doing. At the very least he could have some long term health complications from this. 


This is so much astro-babble and I could probably write three more paragraphs of it (but won't, don't worry if your eyes have glazed over). 


At the very worst we could be having his funeral at the next Full Moon at the end of the month. I hope to hell we are just looking at the death/transformation of his career. Either way we are probably looking at major changes for the United States (the death of the U.S. as we know it) - but we can already see this. 


His strong Uranian/Martian character (love him or hate him) has carried us to the brink of the Age of Aquarius. For better AND worse. We'll see what the next week brings us. He has withstood immense pressures before and survived. And, of course, so has the country,


Bottom line - bigger hands than ours, or Trump's (and his aren't very big if I remember correctly) are steering this ship. 


We have to trust our collective course.  


Also keep in mind, everything happening OUT THERE is also happening inside us. So take care of yourself. Use your power wisely. 

xo all - back with part III


This is where I will add a disclaimer that transiting Pluto is conjunct my natal Mercury, yes, STILL, (21 Cappy, so waning finally) in my third house - maybe I am 'thinking about death', and I am, and of course I can't look at a chart any other way but through my own eyes. It is rather obvious, to me, this is very serious, but again, these are my eyes/chart I am looking out with. And I have to admit having asteroid Wuhan on my natal Mercury, ruler of my 8th house, with my chart ruler retrograding through my 6th, I am wanting to appease these energies/give them something to do by writing (Mercury) about them :)

If you return to the Trump announcement post HERE - check out the astute (more mind-blowing asteroid stuff) comment by astrologer/reader Morgan re asteroid Hicks (aka Hope Hicks). Life is a puzzle inside a puzzle folks.

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