Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 - other people, our connections, our desire for peace and balance are pulling us into the future, uber productive day



The Moon, continuing her journey through industrious Virgo - opposes Neptune at 7:47AM EDT (note your dreams), trines Jupiter at 8:11AM EDT (optimism works in our favor), Pluto (power, intensity) at 1:55PM EDT and finally goes void off a trine to Saturn at 6:46PM EDT. She is then void for the rest of the day, so take tonight off and relax!

Virgo/Cappy trines are uber productive, and with Mercury retrograde we could be focused on something thing from the past, a re-do, re-vision. Mercury entered her/his shadow on September 24th, so ANYTHING we started before that date is fair game for progress now. Today's trines are powerful, expansive, stabilizing - things can fall smoothly into place with just a little effort.

In the meantime, this is also the day the Sun (at 21 Libra) trines the North Node (at 21 Gemini). 


Send the email. Answer the phone. Connect with people. Our relationships, our connections, the need for peace and balance (our shadow stuff that we project onto others can be especially visible to us now - take note of how you are interacting and what you are getting back from those interactions, ie how you feel after them) are pulling us into the future. The North Node in Gemini is giving us MORE OPTIONS/details/information - so pay attention.

A four star day in maybe (being generous) a one star week, so we'll use it or lose it. If something needs to get finished up before the New Moon on Friday - let's get it finished up.


xo all

The next couple days and the background buzz is more stressful, so we will need to choose to connect with today's easier energies and then SOMETHING SHOULD FALL INTO PLACE HERE. The Moon is dark (and with the Sun squaring Pluto tomorrow - lots of power moves and manipulations happening we won't get to see) and we are moving toward a New Moon determined to kick off a very unbalanced chapter - so let's get whatever today is wanting to show us.

New Moon post next and we'll get back to Trump/covid/the U.S. It was good news for him he came home from the hospital at Pluto's station which could indicate a permanent change of direction, on the other hand - he's got all these long term negative health aspects in general plus all the covid acute ones - tomorrow's Sun/Pluto and Friday's New Moon are all over his health/career and his chart and his progressed Moon is squaring Uranus - his health house ruler - exact next Tuesday. Exact and unpredictable. Maybe he's only out of the woods if his political aspirations continue to tank. If they actually are.

photo by the talented afamjaowy

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