Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, October 15, 2020 - Sun squares Pluto, back to January when "time ran out", a light on our collective narcissism


This is the USA birth chart (Sibley) with its progressions and transits for today, as the Sun reaches 22 degrees Libra and squares Pluto - from his seat on that HOT degree of 22 Cappy from January. 


We talk alot about Saturn and Pluto's big (once in 500 year) conjunction in Capricorn that happened in mid-January, but we lose sight of the other energies at this big pow-wow at our detriment - the Sun, Mercury and Ceres.

The Sun (our life-force, our ego, our light), having met Pluto back in January starting a new cycle, had his first square to Pluto (first challenge of new cycle) back in April (from Aries), his opposition (when Pluto was retrograde) back in July (from Cancer) and here we are at the CLOSING SQUARE of their annual cycle, with the Sun in Libra. ALL our cardinal energies brought to the table. This time the Sun and Pluto square, in Libra/Cappy, with a focus on our RELATIONSHIPS.

We have a dark Moon (also in a closing cycle), also in Libra - making tense aspects to Chiron and Uranus - and pulling us into tomorrow's New Moon at 23 degrees Libra - so very near today's square and also in conjunction with Mars/Pluto square from earlier this week. The energies are HUGE.

Before we talk about what this means to us personally, I thought it would be a good time to see what is happening with the U.S. chart - and I realize everyone reading this is not in the U.S., but I think the story here has ramifications everywhere. 

I was surprised/#notsurprised to find the U.S. progressed Moon EXACTLY conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto right now. Fate, fears, power, death bed struggles - this is going to create intense feelings and insecurity. To progress a chart we move a planet one degree for every year, so this is the first time in the U.S. history the U.S. progressed Moon (the Moon in this kind of chart, represents, among other things, 'the people') has met Pluto. Insecurity/uncertainty is the food of panic, and, speaking of panic, if we added asteroid Pan to the U.S. natal we would find him in the 8th house (death - will panic be the death of us?) widely conjunct the U.S. North Node and exactly semi-sextile the United States Cancer Sun. 

As humans, maybe we have a tendency not to panic over very real risks that are familiar and known - for example car accidents, which claim thousands of lives every day, do not stop most of us from driving. We are more likely to 'panic' in an encounter with something unknown - even if it ends up causing minimal risk to us personally. Scared people become narcissistic (and I am not talking about the collective narcissism systemic in our culture now, we will get to that in the next Trump health watch post) - as focus naturally shifts to self-preservation. This is kind of knee-jerk/hard wired into our lizard brains to keep us alive, but the irony is that our reaction often makes us less safe, especially in a modern world where threats are much more complex. It's not as simple as climbing a tree to escape a wild boar or tossing our enemy down an abandoned well. 


Fear can make us blind to the reality of a situation. Fear can also make us much more controllable. 


If we look at 22 degree Cappy (22 degrees of any sign tends toward self-sabotage) in the U.S. natal we find asteroid (again, #surprise, #notsurprise) Narcissus, famous for his love of himself. The U.S. has this asteroid on this HOT/powerful degree in its natal chart - and this degree was hot long before Saturn/Pluto set it on fire!


When astrologers think of this Cappy pile-up as about 'covid' and our reactions to covid, we are missing a big piece of the story. We have to stop and think about this narcissism our reactions are feeding. And, in reverse, the fuel of narcissism that is enabling our reactions! We'll talk more about this later. 

For today, we have the Sun, at 22 Libra, squaring Pluto, at 22 Cappy. We talked about this in the weekly HERE. Power struggles. Manipulations. Situations that feel like life and death. A continuation or more likely, given this is the closing/separating square, a CULMINATION to a January 2020 story. On the one hand, if this has been an ongoing situation, whatever the outcome - the pressure can ease. On the other hand, a crisis now can bring permanent transformation - there is no going back to not knowing/life before this 2020 Sun/Pluto chapter. 


Our goal here, to end the day standing in our own shoes which means our own true source of power. To NOT allow our fears to control us/determine what we do or what we agree to. To NOT try to control/manipulate other people. To bury what is DEAD.

Back with the big New Moon post folks where we'll pull in this week's aspects and the next two weeks, too! It's HUGE.

xo all

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