Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 12th - October 19th - relationship and financial pivots, limits and power struggles, back up those files right now, one more big week



I am running late, so let's jump right into it! Another BIG week, folks!


MONDAY - Jupiter sextiles Neptune, Mercury sextiles Venus

TUESDAY - Mercury stations retrograde, Sun opposes Mars

WEDNESDAY - Sun trines the North Node

THURSDAY - Sun squares Pluto

FRIDAY - New Moon in Libra

SUNDAY - Sun squares Saturn, Venus opposes Neptune


Let's unpack the aspects and then we will add in the Moons as we move through the week!


MONDAY - We start the week with both our benevolent planets making opportunistic sextiles! We have the third and final Jupiter sextile Neptune (last chance with something here baby!) - making the dream real - and we have Mercury (in Scorpio) sextiling Venus in Virgo.


Last year when we had those Saturn/Neptune sextiles we had Jupiter moving through Sagittarius, his home sign, so there were some big opportunities for some people, but also some big disappointments because Jupiterian energies can get carried away and not deliver everything we had hoped. This year, even though Jupiter is more of an unwelcome visitor (in Cappy) than the king of his castle (in Sag) - and kind of operating from behind enemy territory/with one hand tied behind his back - he is more grounded/practical. The 'dreams' more do-able. Not as shiny maybe, but 'shiny' is so 2019, right? This is more a matte finish kind of year.


We had this aspect back on February 20th and July 27th, so something now could connect us to something then as expansion/confidence/enthusiasm moves 'the dream' forward.


Unlike trines, sextiles require a little effort, but once we get the ball rolling - IT WILL ROLL. Maybe this energy can't get us what we might have gotten last year, but we don't want the same things we wanted last year anyway. This is still your Cappy house making nice with your Pisces house through some big-boy energies. If you have planets or points near 16 degrees, all the better, you will feel this energy strongest. 


Coming at the same time we have a second opportunistic aspect - Mercury's trine to benevolent Venus - and it really gives today's final Jupiter/Neptune some extra bite! In a giant slice of chocolate cake kind of way, not these annoying mosquitoes (still here in October and what's up with that?).


Good news can come in.  Lucrative ideas. Sweet nothings can be whispered. Conversations, information - deep, intimate, financial - are good for our relationships, our bottom line, our values, our self-esteem. What needs to talked about? Delved into? Thought through? What makes the most sense/cents? 


If the U.S. Congress could get their act together this would be the day to come to an agreement on the next leg of a stimulus package. Hopefully they heed the Fed Chair and don't wait because it's mostly down hill from here.


This is your 24 hour countdown to Mercury retrograde - back up your files. Check your oil.

TUESDAY is one of the BIG cray-cray days - Mercury stations retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio (answering to Pluto) as the Sun (21 degrees Libra and answering to Venus who's answering to Mercury who's answering to Pluto) opposes a retrograde Mars (21 degrees Aries).


This is a POWDER KEG and Mars is still squaring powerful Pluto and conjunct angry Eris.


So we've got powerful Mars/Pluto (war aspect) energized through ALL our personal planets - the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus! The outside world chaos can come home to our livingroom or maybe more precisely our bedrooms and balance sheets.

Our usual Mercury retrograde game plan applies - back things up, double check emails before you hit send. It's time to re-think, re-examine, re-visit, re-vise.

We ignore Mercury retrograde at our own peril. Trying to plow ahead re-gardless will not work. It also won't work to stand still and try to wait Mercury out. We must move our ideas, projects, situations, problems, etc - through the process of the retrograde period. With Mercury in Scorpio be assured there are a hell of alot of things we haven't talked about yet.

In Scorpio this deep diving and emotional Mercury retrograde will help us build the MENTAL STRENGTH we need to deal with the changes we have been experiencing and the changes still to come - because the truth of these volatile times we are living in is this - we have to do what we came here to do and for some people this means big endings/big re-visions because we are needed somewhere else. Also over the next few weeks expect changes to who and what we owe and how we pay them.

Secrets can come out. Intimacy issues/financial information will be talked about. Deep emotions will be expressed. This is an excellent time for communications about/with our ancestors. It could be, we (and other people) will be digging up what no one really wants to talk about and then talking about it. We might be doing important research before making a serious commitment or taking another look at a verbal deal or something we have learned.

This could be about a Scorpio collective theme - life/death, other people's money, investments, inheritance, loans, mortgages, taxes, intimacy issues, sex, reproduction, the resources we have merged with other people - a Mercurian theme we are going deeply into - information, communications, commerce, learning, teaching, sibling issues, local community issues, transportation situations - or the theme of your natal (or progressed) Scorpio house. 


Keep in mind with Mercury in Scorpio our words can be powerful/empowering, cutting/even deadly. Remember to measure twice and cut once or (unlike me) read the voting ballot directions that say DO NOT CUT on the perforated dotted line before you cut it.

What we discover (and what we do with what we discover) will have a great impact on how the November and December powerhouse energies play out for us. We'll talk about all of this as we move through it. Mercury will station direct on November 3rd - yes, the United States Election Day. Ack!


Mercury is particularly POWERFUL, wonky and I would say dangerous at station. We've had terrorist activity/storms before at these times and now we have Mars, sitting with Eris, squaring Pluto and opposing the Sun AT THE SAME TIME!

Stay safe. This isn't a time to go wandering into an alley looking for your lost cat - the cat might be fine (nine lives and all), you, maybe not so much. The stuff we have been sitting on can come rocketing out of the seat cushions, and send us flying. 

The Sun is in Libra - so this is about our relationships, a need for balance/fairness - and with Mars in Aries - our individual needs. We'll talk about this more in the dailies when we look at what the Moon adds to the picture.

WEDNESDAY - the Sun trines the North Node shining a light on a path forward. Pay attention/make connections. This trine is Libra/Gemini - both air signs/communicative and wanting to keep things light. Good for social interactions and making contacts that will be helpful in the future. Make the call. Answer your phone.

THURSDAY - the Sun squares Pluto - this is combative change/tension/frustration with a push for dominance/power/control. A light is thrown on the shadows of a relationship/an injustice/something out of balance. Jealousy. Compulsion. Manipulation. Uncomfortable and unbalanced power situations. Power struggles. We might feel backed into a corner with something that feels like life and death (because in a sense it is) as we, once again, struggle for air.

The ways through this: let's think about the signs involved, Libra/Capricorn - maybe here is the need for grace under pressure. Diplomacy. Tact. This isn't about being wishy-washy, passive aggressive or playing small to keep something in balance though. No more of that. The Sun is going to move past his square to Pluto - as whatever this is comes out into the light. This could also be a bit of a humbling as the Sun (our ego) needs to maneuver around the darkness. Secrets can come out.

FRIDAY - New Moon in Libra - like last year's New Moon in Libra, a challenged new beginning with this relationship energy. With squares to the Cappy planets and an opposition to Mars, whatever is starting/this new chapter starting on an extremely unbalanced footing, maybe forced through tension/a crisis situation, but START IT WILL! 


Expect a BIG post. Expect negotiations.

SUNDAY - Sun squares Saturn, Venus opposes Neptune.


Just off Pluto, now, the Sun moves into a square with Saturn - more Libra/Cappy. Relationship reality checks. Our relationships vs our work. Our relationships vs our stability. Maybe the shadow stuff we have pushed onto other people coming into the light. Tension. Frustration, Rules. Limits. Is the way authority is working within our relationships still working? Are our commitments still working? What is fair now?


Venus moves into her opposition with Neptune. The details (of our relationships, our money, our values) get blurry/confusing. Too fantastical. Keep your credit card in your wallet and your eyes off that cute guy, who won't be nearly as cute tomorrow and maybe he will be off with your wallet. There might be vague results here, maybe a disappointment. Oppositions can bring endings. With Venus in dutiful Virgo - are we going to keep serving this situation/relationship/project or not?

It's an intense week and keep in mind I have listed these aspects for the days they are most exact, but they are powerful when applying and unwinding also.

Next week Venus moves through her smooth trines to the Cappy planets and that should help alot (relationships, resources, finances) ...

xo all

photo by the talented chantal-olivia

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