Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, October 9, 2020 - intense conversations, power struggles, a need to get control of ourselves, a need to stop avoiding whatever it is we are avoiding, tests of power



The Moon in Cancer sextiled Venus and a retrograde Uranus early AM EDT, then trines Mercury (in fellow water sign Scorpio) at 8:02AM EDT. Later today - she will start her squares and oppositions - first squaring the Sun (8:39PM EDT) in Libra  and then opposing Jupiter (11:16PM EDT). 


The trine to Mercury can indicate intense conversations emotional conversations/information. Mercury is still in opposition to Uranus, so this might take us by surprise, but we have probably seen this coming.

This month's Third Quarter Square, which we talked about in the weekly HERE - Cancer/Libra - speaks of imbalances and unfairness between our safety/security/what we need/maybe a home situation and our relationships. Cardinal signs tell us this is a good time to start something new here and the square could push us into just that. 


In the meantime, a retrograde Mars is backing into his second square to Pluto. 


We had this square back in the middle of August, so maybe a situation from that time is back on our plate. Mars opposed Pluto from Libra back in March, so we are back here, too. We need to get control of ourselves. We need to be confronting our fears/no hiding. BUT we don't want to be escalating intense situations now - we won't win. Again this is cardinal energy - time to start something new. Take the bull by the horns, and keep in mind, that bull is us. We know what needs to be done and it's time to get on with it. We don't want to be manipulating/controlling other people now - this is going to bite us in the ass big time. Instead let's focus on what we need to do/what WE can control. 


If stuff has been pushed down and hidden in closets here is where it can come storming out. Keep in mind Pluto's ability for total transformation. And his ability to make everything feel like life and death. Maybe it actually is (like in Trump's case and I hope his people are on top of this) but most likely it isn't. 


It sure as hell gets our attention though.


With Pluto, we might not be able to win, but we can't hide either.

Keep in mind also that Mars is retrograde which means life is an inside job now. Slow down. Observe. Observation IS action. We want to be responding and not reacting. Let's not allow ourselves to be cornered into something that is not in our best interest. 

We are building toward (and it's in play RIGHT NOW) Mercury's retrograde station during a HUGE hulabaloo of other aspects on the 13th. 


This is where the transformed/massacred 21-22 degrees of Capricorn (folding lower timelines into higher timelines) again pulls in the Libra/Aries points (kill or cure). If we have planets/points near 21 degrees Libra, we will need to be standing up for ourselves, striving for balance, not being a people-pleaser (which is actually a selfish act, not a selfless one). If we have planets/points near 21 degrees Aries, we will need to pull back some of our fire to make room for other people or we will BURN THEM UP and ourselves in the process.

Keep in mind our Jupiter/Neptune way through this - prayer, meditation, compassion, forgiveness, apologies, RELEASE. And this does not been being a doormat/martyr - NO WAY.


These cardinal energies are pretty much DEMANDING this month we face our fears and act responsibly. We can walk away from confrontations. Respond and not react or shoot from the hip. We can value ourselves and act from that space of self-worth. After all we've been through these last few years we have it in us to do this. We can start from where we are. The cardinal Grand Cross - Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Sun in Libra and the Cappy pile-up is in effect until Saturday night and then transforming into a tight Cardinal T-Square by next week. 


Focus on what you can control instead of what you can't.


How we use/misuse this power now is a test. Let's pass this thing. The world is counting on us.

xo all

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