Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - anxiety, restlessness, can't get no satisfaction, unexpected news, best two out of three, making it better, re-lighting an old passion



The Moon has moved into Gemini - we are nurtured through movement, communication, meetings, writing, siblings, commerce, humor, chatty interactions, our local community/neighbors, tech/transportation. 


Her only aspect today a tense square to Venus (in Virgo) at 8:40AM EDT.

Virgo/Gemini squares, especially when they impact our emotional Moon can make us feel anxious. With Venus/Moon there is a disconnect between what we want and what we need. We might have to make quick decisions when we really want to check into something more thoroughly/dive into the details. Maybe we are faced with too many choices, but none are really exactly right. Maybe we are too quick to say yes to something or we feel criticized/picked apart. Restlessness makes us move from one thing to the other, but nothing is very satisfying.

We are building toward tomorrow's exact opposition between Mercury and Uranus - our lower and higher minds - and this can just add to the frustration. Maybe here is where we get some unexpected/potentially upsetting news. Back up your files. Check your oil. Lighten your schedule.

There are a couple ways through today astrologically. 


First, we think about what today's lunar square - the Gemini/Virgo, Moon/Venus - is showing us. 


I am reminded of a teaching from back in my banking days that was a pyramid with the angles labeled 1. quality 2. price 3. speed. The idea was that it was impossible to give a customer all three of these things and have a successful business. You couldn't give a cheap price and fast service and quality all at the same time. Something had to be given up or you would be out of business. I am not sure that model is still true, but it's kind of like today's energy, so probably it is. 


Another thing we can do with tough aspects is look for smoother ones. 

We have Mars, retrograde at 23 Aries, trine Vesta in Leo. This speaks of delays/revisions/even reversals working to our advantage. Maybe we are going back over something, so we are happier with it and can have more pride in what we are doing/creating. Vesta in Leo is our sacred focus on what makes us joyful/proud/our center-stage/what we are here to GIVE LIFE TO (which is always ourselves, but shows up in other forms). Aries and Leo are both signs of courage/bravery - this can be needed now. Vesta, and the fact Mars is retrograde, speak of a more concentrated "inside job" kind of focus/activity. Vesta in Leo makes it easier to feel that great BIG yes, we talked about in the weekly HERE. Time with children, a beloved hobby, a creative project, romantic partner - maybe going back to something we once loved to do, can stir up a forgotten memory (one of those untangled knots), and bring us closer to what our heart wants now. 


Spark an old flame (and we can literally do this - grab that box of old birthday candles in the junk drawer and LIGHT one, two, all of them - see what comes to light).

xo all

photo by the talented rust2d



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