the October Astrology of Trump, Covid and the United States | a major transformation to restore balance, part I


We talked about Trump's covid announcement astrology HERE.

This is a very BIG deal. We knew something BIG was coming in October - I know astrologers predicting war/alien invasions (and who knows, maybe this is still coming #kidding #notkidding) - but it should have been obvious, but somehow never is, that with Pluto stationing on the January "time runs out" degree, with both Mars (running the show) and the Sun moving through squares to those same Cappy planets that brought us covid - this was likely to be about covid which actually is both a war and an alien invasion.


On OCTOBER 4TH - Pluto is going to station direct (he is back to where he was in April and also takes us back to those mid-January situations - this stationing every is in effect for a few days) - here's the death that was postponed.

Things can escalate quickly.

I hope we have all been cleaning up our messes. The thing to remember about death and Pluto is most often the death is a metaphorical death. Something changes and we can't go back. At station, Pluto's energy is most powerful/unpredictable and he is powerful enough already being Lord of the Underworld and all that. He will be conjunct asteroid Wuhan (which we know represents the virus). 


Not a time to muck around with. 

At this point Trump's chart and the U.S. chart, because keep in mind they are impacting each other, will have a few things going on. 


For Trump, some challenging transits are longer term - his progressed Moon (in Virgo) is exactly square his 10th house Uranus right now and for the next couple months. This is about his career and Uranus rules his 6th house of health (along with Saturn who we know is squaring Mars). His natal Uranus, sandwiched between his Sun and North Node has always helped him stay healthy, but now with transiting Uranus squaring the midpoint of his natal Mars/Saturn and his natal Pluto - which is known for nervous tension, stress, accidents, illness - good health can be challenging.


Crazy stress/pressure.

Now, as Pluto stations direct on OCTOBER 4TH, Trump will have Ceres (retrograde) exactly conjunct his natal descendant - so exactly opposing his ascendant (his physical self). Since Ceres was at that January palaver - we always talk about Saturn/Pluto, but it was actually Saturn/Pluto/Ceres/Mercury and the Sun - and she rules things outside our control, season of life issues/transitions, nature and Trump has a natal Pluto/Ceres opposition - this is important. 

He has transiting Chiron (wounding) exactly conjunct his natal Eris (that prominent outsider energy of his). Chiron will be opposing his natal Neptune (in Libra). Neptune is ruler of his Pisces 8th house (of death). So ultimately his death, (and I am certainly not forecasting that which isn't even possible) could involve a woman and obviously there are other possibilities, but since he was tested for covid after a woman near him tested positive this could be important.

He will have transiting Mars retrograde (inflammation/fast-moving situations) backing over his natal Hygeia (the disease) and transiting Hygeia backing over his natal Pluto (power/death/transformation) - this stuff will be in play for a while with Mars/Hygeia exact on 10/12 and Hygeia/Pluto exact on 10/22.

If we look at the October astrology we have a Grand Cardinal Cross that turns into a Cardinal T-Square. We are going to move through - and this is all of us (personally and collectively) - a major transformation that attempts to restore some kind of harmony/balance. 

The process looks gut-wrenching.


At the same time, the United States natal chart (the U.S. Sibley chart) is equally stressed as we build toward our Pluto return in 2022. The transiting North Node is approaching a conjunction to the U.S. Mars which is in Gemini and answering to the country's Mercury which natally opposes Pluto, but by transit is also opposing that Cappy pile-up which now includes Pallas (smart strategies - that's good) and asteroid Wuhan (not so good). Transiting Mars is set to back over the U.S. natal Chiron (a national wounding), so Trump's natal Hygeia is on the United States Chiron - a national wounding! The transiting Sun will soon be conjunct the U.S. Saturn (endings) - exact on the 7th. 

I know this is alot of astro-babble - sorry. 


Trump also has some good/protective aspects including the  transiting Sun conjuncting his natal Jupiter - this is strength, energy, expansion. It's very good. He has the transiting North Node conjunct his natal North Node - so fate is precisely lined up with itself from the day Trump was born - I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing for him, but assures us that whatever is going to happen here, the hand of destiny is playing a role. 


We have Jupiter sextiling Neptune - exact on the 12th - prayers help. 


Whatever happens his life is in bigger hands than those doctors.

I think we'll start including Trump's transits briefly in the dailies. If his health takes a turn one way or the other on OCTOBER 4TH, as Pluto stations - that could likely be the course that is set. 


Prayer is very powerful now and I will be praying for him, because although I do not agree with him on very much - I see the warrior in his chart and I respect that. I see the United States Pluto return and the incoming Age of Aquarius and know something/someone like Trump was going to happen to us. For us. For all of us - for the world.


Breakdown to breakthrough.


500 years ago during the last Saturn/Pluto meeting in Capricorn the Protestant reformation began and although Martin Luther gets credit for nailing his manifesto to the doors of Wittenberg's Castle Church kicking things off (and rightfully so), another important player was King Henry VIII. His search for a male heir (and love of a woman not his wife) plus inability to get a annulment from the Catholic Church in order to divorce Catherine and marry Anne led to the creation of the Church of England. Trump is very much a Henry character (maybe even was Henry in another life) participating, albeit mainly unconsciously, in this current transfer of power. This time, from a kind of structured hierarchy/patriarchy that has created the illusion of holding everything together to a center that will not hold and so we are forced to see through the illusion/create something else.


We'll come back with part II after we get past Pluto's change of direction .....

xo all


photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina

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