Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - facing the change, facing the music


The next couple days - and weeks, but maybe especially the next couple days - have the potential for IMMENSE ... - what is that Chinese symbol for both crisis AND opportunity? That.


We are in the portal of last night's INTENSE New Moon in Capricorn (on Pluto - life and death). With so many planets in the early degrees of signs we are going to have some very unusual and SUPER LONG Void Moons which will likely only add to any unease right now, but is also encouraging us to slow down.


The Moon met the Sun at midnight and then she went void after meeting Pluto at 2:22 (!) AM EST. She will be void until 11:44AM EST this morning when she moves into Aquarius. She is going to be void AGAIN at 4:28AM tonight (early tomorrow morning) and then stay void until 5:17PM on FRIDAY! I have been writing these daily forecasts since 2012 and don't think I have ever seen this before?! And involving Aquarius! Home of Saturn and Jupiter and Mercury! And our future! And with co-ruler Uranus strong and stationing to go direct at the same time! And with Mars in Taurus squaring Saturn! What cosmic sorcery is this?!

Last night's New Moon on Pluto at the end of Capricorn is kind of like having a Scorpio New Moon that takes us right into Aquarius (!) - that feels de-stabilizing enough and then the Moon is going to meet Saturn (5:10PM EST today), square Mars (5:29PM EST), meet Jupiter (9:54PM EST), square Uranus (still retrograde at 11:28PM EST, is this day Trump's unprecedented second impeachment) and finally go void AGAIN at 4:28AM EST off her meeting with Mercury.


The New Moon chart hinted that rash behavior wouldn't get us anywhere and these Aqua squares to Taurus might be saying alot of our problems are stemming from an inflexible or overly-invested relationship with the material world (and expecting that Taurus house of ours to stay the same and give us comfort when that house is in a long season of change via its lengthy visit from Uranus from 2018 - 2026) - we need to be focused on/appreciating what we do have and not what we don't have. And not in the way we are hanging onto what we have for dear life - because what we have/need is changing - we don't want to be like one of those gun bumper stickers about our cold/dead fingers because life can oblige this, too.

We have Mars squaring Saturn. This is pressure/responsibilities. Results of our prior actions. Stop signs. Limits. We have to work with this. We can't plow through. Saturn rules time and authority and boundaries. If you are trying to buck authority/beat the boss it isn't going to work. The piper will be paid. If you are stepping into your own responsibility/taking responsibility for your own actions - this is what is going to work and even this is only going to work over time.  


Uranus is about to station direct - this will bring greater freedom/liberation as he gets up to speed. 

This is also the day Venus trines Uranus. So we have Mars in Taurus answering to Venus (in Cappy) and she is in smooth flow with the future/change. Mars is stuck, but she isn't. Change your focus! And keep in mind the differences in the way Venus and Mars operate. Venus gets what she wants by attracting it - no effort, she lines up with what is hers. In Cappy this will probably be very practical things. Our goals. Ambitions. Mars gets what he wants through action, but he is squaring Saturn, so can't get what he wants through action right now. This doesn't mean he (as us) gives up - we keep working/have patience knowing -


the way through Saturn right now is Venus - diplomacy, tact, cooperation, balance, women.  She's in Cappy, so serious/sober/traditional and playing by the rules. She is trining (in a smooth/easy flow) Uranus - change/the future/detaching our happiness from an outcome - change is only chaotic when we are resisting it!

There is alot of crisis/opportunity energy right now and, like we talked about HERE in the New Moon post - we want to be careful/cautious. Stay flexible.


It's possible for a collective event to toss everyone off their game now because the energies are very BIG. 


And the Moon in Aquarius uber active and coming off what feels like a Scorpio New Moon, is highly, highly unusual and these long voids are tricky. 


Stay in your magic people. No dark alleys. Drive safely.

xo all


photo by the talented sirbion

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