The astrology of the covid vaccinations in the UK and the United States | part 1 - the UK goes first, a Grand Mutable cross

Let's take a look at the charts for the UK and USA's first covid vaccinations and see what they can tell us. 


Since the UK went first - during Eclipse season, those crazy Brits, although their chart is established on a Full Moon, so there's that  - let's look at the UK chart first. I have used the 1801 chart that my old astrology teacher Liz Greene works with. The first UK vaccine was given to 90 year-old grandmother, Margaret Keenan, at her local hospital in central England on December 8th, 2020, so we are looking at both the chart for this date/time and how that chart interacts with the UK's natal chart.

Let's unpack the charts!


The chart for the time of Margaret's actual shot in the arm - ouch!- is the top chart. HERE is my post for that day, keeping in mind Margaret is five hours ahead of me. It was a very positive forecast. I have added the asteroids to this chart that have worked in previous charts as significators for covid - Pandora, Wuhan and Hygiea as well as my significator for the reason/trigger for the pandemic ie Narcissus and dwarf planet/planet Sedna (we'll talk why in detail later as we unpack the UK and USA charts). 

At the time the needle is going into Margaret's arm - and it appears she woke up pretty early for this honor - we have Scorpio on the ascendant. This seems rather appropriate. Is there another sign that makes us think of waking up on a dank late autumn morning and sticking a needle in our arm better than Scorpio, I don't think so. The chart is at 27 degrees, which makes it very late, almost too late to judge. I wish we had previous charts for the trials, etc, but we don't. 


When we compare to the UK natal, though, we will see the chart looks very workable/reliable.

So we have Scorpio rising - answering to Mars and Pluto. Mars is in his home sign of Aries - direct and strong (and keep in mind this is his third pass through here, so not his first rodeo with this, and we know there have been trials, people who have come before Margaret, so this make sense) - in the 4th house of home/family/country/patriotism. Mars is trining (brakes off) that hopeful Sagittarius Sun - applying now and this trine will actually be his NEXT aspect. Mars is also trining the South Node as well as widely trining Mercury. Pluto is in that 2nd house of our resources/values/self-esteem at 23 degrees (the degree of next week's New Moon and a hot degree this winter) squaring Mars and exactly squaring Eris in Aries. Pluto is also trining the Moon (at the top of the charte and straddling the MC with asteroid Pandora) and trining Venus (in the 12th). The Midheaven of the chart is at 22 Virgo - Virgo is about service and humility, and on the 22nd degree which is a master number, but 22 also sometimes speaks of self-sabotage. We have the Sun sextiling (opportunity) asteroid Hygiea (another significator for the virus). Dwarf planet Sedna is exact on the descendant - we will get back to this! Scorpio's ancient and modern rulers squaring each other - is reminding me of 2021's journey through Aquarius and the upcoming Saturn and Uranus squares. The young Gods vs the old Gods - are we trying to cheat death? or just trying to not die?

This chart's most powerful aspect is its Grand Mutable Cross - very powerful - between the Moon, Neptune and the Nodes of Fate. A Grand Cross is formed when four (or more) planets or points form two sets of oppositions/four squares. Traditionally Grand Crosses are challenging configurations (our cross to bear sort of thing). It also gives great strength and endurance as we work with it. Here we have a planet/point in each of the four mutable signs and this speaks of the ongoing/flexible nature of this event chart.


This won't be a one-shot deal, but we know this already.

Let's unpack the cross. We'll start with our first mutable sign Gemini - here as the North Node (our North Star/future). Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury and all about the processing of information. Gemini is the space where we TAKE IN the information. We evaluate facts and figures. We stay flexible with our thinking because there is always something new to see/think about/learn. There is an innate restlessness to Gemini. So, the North Node is in the 7th house of partnerships and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is in that first house conjunct that hopeful Sag Sun. This speaks of this event involving partnerships/agreements and that first house physicality and expansive hopefulness.

The second mutable sign is Virgo - here represented by the practical Moon, who is making good aspects to that Cappy pile-up and again answering to Mercury. In the mutable definition Virgo is about self improvement, purification, the need to serve the greater good. The need to adjust via perfection/imperfection. So we have Gemini - the North Node - collecting the information and Virgo - the Moon - organizing it. 

The third mutable sign is Sagittarius - here represented by the South Node/Sun conjunction. With Sag, we move from our right brain Gemini - to our left brain. This is more unconscious/our belief system. Why we do what we do. How we interpret the info Gemini has collected and Virgo has organized. We lean into our intuition here, into our instinctive knowledge of right and wrong. Natural law. Now we have to keep in mind, because by now we have a square to Virgo (tension, frustration, any sense of inferiority/imperfection, our health/purity, is this going to work?) and an opposition to Gemini (do we have the facts/right information) - the cross, by its very nature - made up of squares - is CHALLENGING. This third point of the Cross is in the first house of the chart/Margaret (what she represents here and the people who will follow her) and that vaccine in her arm.

The fourth mutable sign is Pisces - here represented by Neptune, strong as sh*t in his home sign since 2008 and upending our sense of what is real. Now, we are outside the confines of space and time. Neptune is the ethereal realms. Ultimate meaning. Also because we are outside reality - illusions, delusions, fantasies and ... God. Also things that connect us in ways we cannot see - things like viruses. This is in the third house of the vaccination chart. This is also the polarity point for the Nodes in this chart - in evolutionary astrology what is known as "a skipped step" is this us needing a better understanding of the virus? playing God - have we, the collective, been here before? - the resolution point would be the South Node. 


Adjusting our beliefs. More wisdom needed.


I realize this is alot of astro jumble, but 

when we connect this chart to the UK natal chart is when things really get interesting!

So, let's unpack that second chart. 


Same cast of characters. Remember the natal chart for the UK works the same way our own natal charts do. The UK literally, in some sense, which I guess means not really literally, but you get the idea - the UK is #literally, #notliterally, January 1, 1801 at 12:01AM. As the world moves on the very next second and forever, planets will interact with this chart, so what we are looking at next is the way the chart for that first vaccination interacts with the UK origination chart. I haven't worked with this chart before, but we will see some interesting details right away.

As Margaret was getting that first shot in the arm, transiting Chiron (wounded healer) is exactly conjunct the UK natal asteroid Wuhan (a tested significator for the virus) from the 6th house of health and trining the UK natal Chiron! Crazy what these asteroids and dwarf planets bring to flesh out a chart. This speaks of what is happening very clearly.


Transiting Narcissus is exactly conjunct the UK natal Pandora/Uranus conjunction - at 1 degree Libra conjunct the U.S. midheaven and the UK ascendant - this is happening in the UK's 12th house. Yes, the UK has an exact natal Pandora/Uranus conjunction! Pandemic (also the first woman) and 'the future'/trauma/change/technology wedded and embedded deep in its DNA.


The Moon is conjunct the UK natal Narcissus. The Sun is conjunct the UK natal Mercury - applying, but on the South Node. Transiting Mars is conjunct the North Node (action supportive of the future - this is waning). Transiting Venus is conjunct the UK natal Neptune - Venus rules the natal chart and Neptune the 6th house of health - this is good. Transiting Neptune is exactly conjunct the UK natal Sedna. Transiting Hygiea opposes the UK exact natal Venus/Hygiea conjunction.

Now, I realize that is alot more astro-babble, although the celestial suspense is building, I hope. 


We'll take a look at the chart for the first US jab in part II and then we'll look at Sedna and some conclusions in part III that won't take an astrology primer to decipher, I promise. Gives me something to ponder this week other than this messy studio after the holiday rush. 

xo all

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