weekly astrology forecast for creatives | November 22 - 28th, 2021 - the eclipse spin cycle, the past is brought to our attention, a crossroads, important information and conversations



This is a BIG Sagittarius week. 


The Sun has just moved into Sag where he is very happy to be out of the Scorpio intensity - feeling expansive, wanting to explore, travel, take some risks, know what he's talking about/be seen as wise. Mercury is going to join him this week, as ruler of Sag's polarity sign of Gemini, Mercury is not so happy here as his friend the Sun. Still Mercury, through us, will be able to see the blue skies in the distance he might have missed while looking through the darker/more complicated lens of Scorpio.


The Sun and Mercury will separately cross the South Node of the Moon (the past) opposing the North Node of the Moon (the future) and then meet up to talk about it.  


Choices, crossroads, nostalgia. Endings.

We are in between two powerful Eclipses. The eye of the storm that feels less cray-cray, but with that feeling of electricity in the air like after a storm that isn't finished with us yet.


Last week's Taurus Lunar Eclipse pulls us into the next 18 months (some of us kicking and screaming as our North Star/focus begins to shift) - situations NOW are giving us a kind of preview of that. 


Next week we have the FINAL Sagittarius Solar Eclipse and the last 18 months begin to wrap up. See my posts about that transit HERE. Collectively, in the United States, we finished up the Leo North Node back in 2018 having elected a "king" of sorts with an obsessed media focused on him, the Cancer North Node back in 2020 hunkered down in our homes and, it looks like we are polishing off the Gemini North Node - divided/localized/split in two. Sounds about right. We always seem to go out with a bang.

Let's take a look at the week ahead!

We talked about MONDAY - here.

On TUESDAY, the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius meets the South Node and opposes the North Node. This is our attention/a light on our past. Old opportunities/beliefs/ways we once grew. People and situations from the past are spotlighted. The Moon is finishing up in her home sign of Cancer, making smooth trines to Mars and Neptune (good for action/imagination) and once again going void off her faceoff (opposition) with powerful Pluto (power struggles, things feeling like life and death). This is the Moon's soft space to fall and facing DEATH every month at the end of her visit home, is there any wonder we are all so emotionally wrung out? 


We could be at a crossroads, making a decision between the old/comfortable and the new/untested. What isn't working might be right in our face. The key with these particular nodes is to keep things small and manageable and local (when the North Node gets into Taurus in a couple months we are really going to want our lives to be less complicated, so keep that in mind now, too), look at facts and figures and details. Ask questions. Thinking we know is going to toss us off course/make things harder. Stay flexible. Small steps. Small conversations. See what comes up.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury enters Sagittarius. 


The ruler of our mental life, our thinking, communication, the process and physical means of getting things from point A to point B, our local environment, our siblings, commerce, our tech - coming up from the depths and obsessions of Scorpio and moves into the "sky's-the-limit" space of Sagittarius which sounds like good news even if Mercury doesn't really want to be here.

The scope of information available to us broadens. All the little details we have been immersed in during Mercury's transit through Scorpio fade from view a bit. It's like we have applied a wide angle lens to our camera. There is more to see (know), but less to specifically look at. 


If we have used his/her (our) time in Scorpio well we will be more than ready to come up for some air!

Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) is optimistic energy. So those big bodacious ideas will carry us further now. People will be thinking and talking BIG. Making BIG plans. Using BIG persuasive, language. It's a good time to sell your "whatever it is", but also a good time to be sold a bill of goods. Keep in mind that words and information could mislead us as our focus moves away from those pesky details (still important with the North Node in Gemini, so keep that in mind) and onto the larger landscape.

Sag's mutable energy is boundless and stretchy. This can be a good thing. Sometimes a very good thing. But it can also have its drawbacks. The fly in the ointment - always a fly in there even as the weather grows frosty - is a kind of over-estimating/over-confidence/exaggerating/know-it-all/preachiness, and, of course, not seeing the trees for the forest. Damn flies. 


Sagittarius is the great teacher/sage and rules wisdom and philosophy. Sagittarius season is a good time to take something we are interested in to a higher level. Sagittarius rules our collective 9th house (plus the house in your chart with Sagittarius on the cusp) so communications and information could focus on 9th house themes - legal issues, foreign issues, higher education, travel, religion, weddings, politics, the media, marketing. The United States is consumed with legal cases as the Sag South Node wraps up and Sagittarius season begins. 


Our personal Sagittarius houses, with both the Sun and Mercury in town for a visit, are really waking up now!

On THURSDAY, Mercury opposes the North Node. 


Now Mercury is following in the Sun's footsteps, doing what the Sun did on Tuesday. We are talking about what we have seen/what's come to our attention. More information is coming in. Choices. Decisions. We are likely to be busy. Even our errands are showing us who we are/what we want/what we are made of/where we are NOW. This is part of the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal cycle of the last 18 months reaching its conclusion. This week will include IMPORTANT INFORMATION and conversations. Or maybe it's the conversations we aren't having that are standing out to us/shaping the future. Maybe we are going over the details of the past. An old situation/story. People from the past can show up this week for a chat. We could be feeling nostalgic. This is Thanksgiving week here in the United States - maybe people are coming back together after a long time apart. Maybe some won't be. Maybe some holidays have been changed forever. Communications can bring endings - and keep in mind every ending is actually a beginning, too. 


During Eclipse season doors are opening and closing all over the place!

On FRIDAY, Saturn, at 8 degrees Aquarius, sextiles Chiron in Aries. The Moon squared Chiron at the beginning of the week (ouch!) showing us our vulnerabilities and now we have a nice healing sextile to daddy Saturn - being practical, responsible, stepping into our authority/dealing with authority and father figures is healing. This is Aries/Aquarius, so feels a bit like Monday's way through (the Uranus sextile) - being ourselves, detaching a bit, not taking things too personally, looking toward the future. Keep all this in mind - your mind is ruled by Jupiter now, it will hold quite a bit and stretch as you need it to.


On SATURDAY, the Virgo Moon is going to square the Sagittarius Sun at 5 degrees. This month's Last Quarter Square before next week's New Moon. The Moon in Virgo is nourished/nurtured by the details, by getting it right/organized. By practicality. Her exactness is challenged by the Sag Sun's need to explore, feel/see a larger landscape. The Moon in Virgo's goal is to fix it/figure it out, but we can get lost in the sauce here - too many details and we lose sight of the big picture or get ourselves stressed out over unimportant things. Optimistic and adventurous, the Sun is fiery Sag will overlook the details/be annoyed by Virgo's fussiness, but sometimes take things too far. This is a square so tension/frustration between the details/reality and the big picture/the way we want reality to look. This could show up as simply as we need to work/attend to things and want to play/go and explore. These signs are mutable/adaptable - we can figure this out. The Moon in Virgo will feel safest with routines, rituals, boundaries, but we need the Sun's energy to feel alive. We can't have an adventure and keep all our ducks in a row at the same time. Some ducks want to wander. Adjustments are needed.


On SUNDAY, Mercury meets up with the Sun at 7 degrees Sagittarius. After both planets crossed over the South Node (a spotlight on the past) while opposing the North Node (a culmination point here with the future/maybe a crossroad) they have a lot to chat about.


Information comes to light/a conversation/communication/our thinking that points to a culmination and then starts a NEW STORY. Maybe here is an answer/result. Where do we go from here? Happening during Eclipse season gives the Sun and Mercury's superior conjunction - which takes us back to October 9th when they met while Mercury was retrograde in our relationship sector - added OOMPH. 


Maybe more Oompa Loompa than just Oomph - cue Willy Wonka.


xo all


artwork by the talented Bazevian DelaCapucinere

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