Sun Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Mars | take action, make the call, take the call, write the email, get it started/going, partnership/contract revisions, a slow down (and surprise) is coming so get moving


Our imaginative and spiritual Pisces Moon meets up with Neptune (Pisces ruler) and sextiles Saturn while we sleep then she moves on to a late morning EST square to Jupiter - maybe too much of a good thing this morning or just too much!

The Moon goes void at 5:14PM EST until tomorrow morning, off a sextile to Pluto.

The Moon/Pluto longish void - although we'll sleep through much of it - speaks of intense emotions, powerful women, comfort through intimacy.

Exact this evening, but coloring this week with an increased optimism, we have Jupiter (home in Sag) sextiling (opportunity) our Aquarius Sun at 18 degrees while Mercury (in Aquarius) sextiles Mars at 25 degrees Aries.

Jupiter playing nicely with the Sun is good for increased confidence and self-promotion. The Sun isn't uber strong in Aquarius (since he rules Aquarius polarity sign of Leo, although I avoid saying he is in his detriment since I am an Aquarius Sun!), so this is a nice winter boost for our ego!

This is a new way of believing in something! This is also the time of cosmic blessings (Jupiter/Sun!) - with the Sun in Aquarius, the blessings could be more abstract (not necessarily something we can hold in our hand or hold in our hand right now) or more future-focused. It might not look exactly like we thought it would - but if we can surrender what we thought it should look like - believe in something else/something new - the blessing (via a newer, expanded timeline) can come in.

Mercury (thinking, communication) in cool and logical Aquarius playing nicely with a strong Mars in his home sign means we can speak up for ourselves - in a way that isn't too harsh. This is good energy for new ideas, fresh language, commerce.

Sextiles are opportunities and we activate them by activating the planets (via their energies that we carry) within us. If we do nothing with them, nothing is going to happen!

There are multiple opportunities here. And the Moon is waxing (growing). February is really a month divided - with most of the active energy coming in the first couple weeks. Things are about to slow down. Maybe alot, so what do you need to take action on? Do it now. 

Note - I am not talking about jumping from any tall buildings. This isn't a year to bet the farm, folks. It's the long game that makes us lucky. This IS the time to show up, stand tall, make the call, take the first step or the next step.


Pallas (in cooperative and diplomatic Libra) reaches her exact opposition to Uranus (in Aries, but remember he is co-ruler of Aquarius and the Sun is answering to him now) at 29 degrees. This is the final degree of both signs so brings us to a culmination point/a conclusion. This is the energy of unpredictable Trump (Uranus) pulling the U.S. out of the Russian Nuclear Treaty. Rebelling against wisdom, withholding cooperation. This energy promotes growth through imbalance. Wise and strategic Pallas in Libra sees the need for diplomacy and partnership, but Uranus says - not so fast sister - what about the open fields/NEW over there?

Partnerships, contracts, agreements that need to be shaken up, will be. Don't get into a pissing contest.

Use today's sextiles - expansion through optimism, action joined with wisdom and communication and forward-thinking - to move whatever you have going on FORWARD.

xo all

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