Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 4th - fresh collaborations, new friends, leaning forward, unconventional ideas and communications, wild women, a cross-roads, intuition, a push for something new


This week we have an important New Moon and two planets changing signs!

MONDAY - New Moon in Aquarius at 15 degrees
TUESDAY - Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith
THURSDAY - Sun sextile Jupiter, Mars Sextile Mercury
FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Mars squares the Nodes of Fate
SATURDAY - Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith
SUNDAY - Mercury into Pisces, Mars trine the Galactic Center

On MONDAY we have an energizing New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius. I am going to do a big post on that and will link to it HERE. The Moon will be sextile (opportunity) expansive Jupiter and conjunct a stable Mercury in Capricorn. This is good energy for communications, especially with friends, good for commerce and group/team chit chat.

On TUESDAY, Mercury will conjunct rebellious, and not taking anyone's crap, Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius (she is a  major player in the New Moon energy, too). It's a time for controversial conversations/information. The stuff not everyone is ready to hear. The Moon goes Void at 6:59PM EST until she moves into Pisces at 9:02PM EST - focusing us on Piscean themes - art, music, meditation, our imagination, healing, spirituality, the past, secrets, our self-sabotaging escape mechanisms - for the next couple days. Tuesday is the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Boar (earth pig) - think prosperity and pleasure, but also the joy of moderation. 

See THURSDAY'S post HERE - I missed Thursday somehow when writing this! Sorry - mixed up my days somehow.

On FRIDAY/SATURDAY, Mars squares the North (Cancer) and South (Capricorn) Nodes of the Moon. This is tension/frustration.

Here's where the path divides in the woods. Here's where a corner needs to be turned.

Are we taking the well-worn path we have traveled before (Cappy) - the path where our security comes from something outside ourselves (from the job, the title, the corner office) - more traditional symbols or success and status or are we taking another well-worn path (Cancer) that brings us home - to ourselves, to our needs, to our roots, to greater emotional security - even if it makes us feel more vulnerable right now? Can we trust that we live in a nurturing universe that has our back even when we let our guard down? Even if we decide the rat race will have to continue with one less rat?

No blue ribbon for us. No extra slice of cheese.

There could be something here about taking care of ourselves in better ways than our usual slap-dash self-care - kiss it and toss on a band aid, work until we drop and need a mental health day. With the North Node in Cancer this year we get further now through connection, family, our tribes and communities - call your mother! - through nurturing ourselves.

Do you know the themes of your natal Cancer and Capricorn houses? That's your personal field of play.

The Moon goes Void on Thursday night at 5:14PM and moves into fiery Aries on FRIDAY morning at 9:34AM EST. The Aries Moon is going to square Venus and Saturn in Capricorn, so this could be about our needs being challenged by authority. What we want and what we have to do to get it are at a gridlock. Adjustments are required.

With the Sun moving into a conjunction on SATURDAY with liberating bad-girl Black Moon Lilith, this week's pivots could see us move toward something less conventional and more liberating and

with Mercury's move into Pisces on SUNDAY it might be time to trust our intuition (maybe let go and let God or retreat a bit and look under the covers) with whatever we have going on!

Mercury is considered in her fall/detriment in Pisces (because she/he rules Pisces polarity sign of Virgo).

Virgo's Mercury likes things clear and concise - she wants B to follow A and is sure things would move more efficiently if everyone would just dot their I's and cross their T's.

Pisces (ruled by Neptune and ruler of our collective 12th house) is the space where rules/boundaries are more fluid. B might follow A. But just as easily A could drift right on past B.

It is the space of imagination, universal love, our dreams, spirituality, our connection to each other through the ethereal realms and our emotions, the ways we escape, the things we do last, the things we put away, addictions, delusions, hospitals, prisons, addicts, victims, saviors, martyrs.

You can see how fast-moving Mercury could be a bit out-of-whack here.

So maybe our thinking slows down a bit. Our words drift off course. We started to say this and now we are saying that. The words that were so clear and crisp in airy Aquarius, don't come as easily because maybe we start feeling their impact on the other person now. Or maybe we start feeling like one of those old anti-drug commercials but instead of eggs - it is our brain frying on the sidewalk.

Details will be fuzzy. Our thinking might be, too.

With Pisces ruler of the last house of the zodiac maybe a conversation comes to an end now. Our natal Pisces house - what house has Pisces on the cusp in your natal chart? - a space we are naturally inclined to more dreamy, Piscean ways - suddenly WAKES UP. Our attention goes there.

Mercury is going to go retrograde here - so you can see we have a challenging Mercury retrograde ahead for us in March and into April!

Also on SUNDAY, Mars, after his square to the Nodes just a couple days before is going to trine (brakes off) the Galactic Center (seat of creation in our Milky Way Galaxy) - whatever path we are taking Mars wants us to get moving on it right NOW.

We'll feel the push toward something new and creative!

And look at all the female ball-busting Black Moon Lilith energy this week - I wonder how this will play out in the collective? Buy some popcorn!

xo all

note - this blog is in flux this month with me trying a few new things, so stay tuned!

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