north node in aries and south node in Libra | July 2023 thru March 2025 - part I - a change of fate, a karmic rebalancing, releasing old agreements and making adjustments within ourselves, now that we know our values what is worth starting, what is worth fighting for

On July 17th, 2023 (within 2 hours of the New Moon in Cancer), the Nodes of the Moon move from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. The North Node will be in Aries (which becomes, collectively, our most beneficial path forward) and the South Node (where we are, what we need to leave behind that has been overdone) will be in Libra. 

The nodes will be in Aries/Libra for the next 18 months.

Here is where we, as a collective, and in our personal lives, of course keeping in mind we have our own nodal story playing out through our birth charts - appoint Aries (ruled by Marswho will be in Virgo as this transit begins) our guiding North Star and Libra (ruled by Venus, who will be in Leo), the space and themes in need of sorting/sifting/starting and, whatever is past its use-by date here, retirement. 

The Nodes are activated by transits (their interactions with planets/points) and our natal and progressed Aries and Libra houses will be amplified via Eclipses in these signs over the next year and a half. This story kicked off a little early with the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Aries on April 20th, 2023.

That was the "second chance" New Moon we talked about HERE

The Nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies. They are points made where the Moon's orbit around the Earth intersects with the Earth's orbit around the Sun. They are always retrograde/move counterclockwise. The North Node is the ascending node (closest to our North Pole). the South Node is the descending node (closest to our South Pole). They are 180 degrees apart. There are two ways to calculate the Nodes of the Moon. The true node takes into account the actual wobbling of the Moon's orbit and the mean node is based on an average. They are at the most just a couple degrees apart. I use the true node. All planets have a north and south node, but it is the nodes of the Moon that seem to have the greatest impact on our lives here on Earth. 

What does it means to appoint Aries our North Star? 

It means we will need to be more independent/brave. We will need to learn to use our instincts - and this is different than our intuition. It means there will be things we need to start and we may not know what the hell we are doing, because Aries is the first sign, so, it's the space where we kind of stumble into new things via our instincts, passions and circumstances. To do our Aries - and this will be different for each of us, but is good guidance in general - we need to take risks. We need to sometimes put ourselves first. We need to sometimes get angry. We may need to not give as much. Aries rules our first house of ourselves and values independence, so the things we need to do/the adjustments we need to make will be UP TO US.

What does it mean for Libra to rule our South Node? 

It means we will be given opportunities to rebalance ourselves, to look at and deal with the shadows of ourselves that we project onto other people. It means old relationship agreements, that have outgrown their usefulness (in terms of our growth and reasons for being here) will end. We are going to have to find new ways to interact with other people because it will become very apparent - and this is already happening/starting - when our old ways of interacting are not working (getting us what we need/want). 

Our partnerships will only be as healthy as we are.

The South Node (Libra) shows us where we are. With the South Node in Libra, there will be some 'bottom-less' pit activities/situations that won't get us anywhere - that will leave us feeling imbalanced, unloved, alone. The negatives of any sign/any energy signature are really just the positives taken too far. 

We will be adjusting:

1. being too 'nice' - one of Libra's shadows is an over-focus on being nice. This is why Scorpio, which follows Libra, isn't so much concerned with this (note, I am not talking about Scorpio people, but the energies in general). This 'being nice' thing is really about wanting peace and happiness and fairness and harmony. Libra is Venus's sign/the sign of attraction and attractiveness and, 'being nice' and 'playing fair' are her trademarks/cup of tea. They are a good thing. Until they aren't. And we will know when we have reached a tipping point with this because we WON'T FEEL GOOD. We will feel the way this 'being nice' thing (when we have overdone it) pits us against ourselves. 

2. being too superficial - Libra rules women and beauty and being the sign that comes after Virgo, can be VERY EXACTING. A need for something to be beautiful gets added to the part of us that says things must be JUST SO and then, we are on this search for PERFECTION which means we can't go too deep/ask too many questions/look under the hood because perfection/ideal is not real and on some level we know this, so we don't allow ourselves to connect on a deep level. Superficiality isn't going to be working and we will see it more clearly now. The answer to this won't be about 'going deep', but will be about using our instincts and then starting/taking action or a risk. We will talk more about this as we move through this.  

3. being too self-less/too giving - when we are giving past the point it feels comfortable we are really going to feel it during this transit. It won't get us what we want. We will be left broke. Exhausted. Unappreciated. Burned out. Libra rules the 7th house which is the house of our partner/other people/agreements. If 'helping other people' has become 'doing what the other person wants' this is going to lead to RESENTMENT, because what we are really doing is being dishonest with ourselves. We are going to attract opportunities/challenges to work with this kind of stuff as the Eclipses play out over the next year and a half. 

4. seeing yourself as a projection - if we are getting our happiness from "likes", who we are with/what they are achieving, over-adjusting our behavior to fit in/be liked - the energies/circumstances will conspire for us to see/feel the ways this has dulled our authentic shine and interfered with our ability to be ourselves.

5. being too attached to things being "fair"/keeping score - Libra is all about balancing the self with other people and over-doing this can mean we are always keeping score. "I did this for you and now you need to do that for me". This isn't always verbalized, we are just kind of doing this in our head. Being too attached to keeping things balanced and fair is actually going to toss us out of balance now. Toss what is 'fair' out the window for awhile. Stop keeping score. If we are using the Aries 'what I want ' as a barometer coupled with not over-relying on someone else in the first place - this will become less of a problem. 

If we do this kind of thing in our heads already, it will become obvious to us over the next 18 months and we will attract situations that help us heal the ways we 'over-do' this which robs us of the joy we can get from helping others and the appreciation/love we can feel when they help us. 

6. being co-dependent/relying too much on other people and their input - with the South Node in Libra our partner can be the most supportive person on the planet - and, they won't be because this won't be working out for THEM - but, we will never get enough approval/love/support from ANYONE else during this transit to feel that it is enough. This can be kind of a 'bottom-less pit' if we are out of balance here. BUT once we do things for ourselves/move in the direction we want to go, we will find ourselves attracting the appropriate people/energies to support us along the way. WE ARE GOING TO NEED TO CHARGE OUR OWN BATTERIES.

7. trying too hard to keep the peace - too much Libra will do WHATEVER it takes to keep things peaceful and in harmony. This kind of merges with being too nice/over-giving, all the over-Libra manifestations that we will become more aware of during this transit. The problem with doing whatever it takes to 'keep the peace' is 1. we can work against ourselves (think of how hard it is to find out what we want and who we are when we grow up in a situation where we are working to 'keep the peace' all the time). 2. the 'keep the peace' solutions are TEMPORARY and actually delay/work against the, yes, harder, but also better and more lasting solutions. This 'peace at any cost' happens because the Libra energy is all about the other person - needing other people to be content/happy in order for Libra to be happy, and then the Scorpio that is pulling at Libra anyway (come to the dark side, we have the cookies!), because all this love and light is superficial/needs to be deepened/strengthened/balanced, exerts itself and they MANIPULATE the other person into the peace/harmony. Libra thinks they are 'being nice/good', but their tiara has slipped. And this way of being is FREAKING EXHAUSTING. 

Sometimes the chips have to fall (like when the North Node is in Aries!).

The ways through this transit, and, not to generalize, but some of these things can be very uncomfortable for women (Libra rules women), and everyone really with the South Node here, include:

1. making quick instinctual decisions 

2. being fair to ourselves first

3. putting the oxygen mask on our own face first

4. fighting, getting angry (sometimes needed now and it should have a focus on honesty rather than fairness, just keep in mind if we overdo the Aries and feel overcharged and needing to fight because Aries can go looking for a fight, this is not a good thing and we need to use other means to work it out like exercise, etc)

5. time spent alone

6. taking risks

7. starting something brand new

8. getting comfortable with not prioritizing "nice"

9. being ourselves for ourselves (not seeing ourselves through what is reflected back to us)

10. getting out there and JUST DOING IT/being brave/taking action

11. physical EXERCISE

With this polarity in play so strongly through the Eclipses - Aries/Libra - we want to keep in mind these are actually two sides of the same coin. 

If we are feeling drained - because we have given too much (too much Libra) OR if we are feeling overly-charged - because we have given too little (too much Aries) we will know we are not managing this well. There is a better way. Aries is about ourselves, our physical bodies and the present moment. The best way will be when we are aware of the other person, but not consumed by them. When we are responding to what is happening from our own space/our own shoes/the present moment. When we are being ourselves and sharing ourselves and our resources and our talents without over or underdoing - this will be the sweet spot where the magic will happen. 

With the South Node in Libra - and this is made especially potent with the nodal change coming in through a square to a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn - old relationship agreements that need to end in order for us to grow as an individual will END. 

Relationship agreements that are still alive and holding space for us to grow (individually, not just for the relationship to grow) will EVOLVE. 

We will talk more about this in Part II when we look at the Eclipses and the ways this will likely pan out over the next couple years.

I am writing the New Moon in Cancer post next and there will be more about the nodal switch in that one, too.

I hope something here is helpful. 

xo all

If you have grown weary of me asking 'what makes the most sense/cents?' you are in luck because I won't be saying that anymore. Although with Jupiter in Taurus, it can still pay off to keep this in mind sometimes :) 

Now, I will be saying - what is the best fast action you can take, what needs to start, what do you want? And if you are someone who says "good, this is how I like things" this transit can be good news. And, if you are someone like me who thinks, oh boy, how is the world going to manage this one (and how will I ?!) - well this transit may be even better news. People born with this nodal axis and the reverse or with the Nodes in the 1st and 7th houses, will be especially activated. 

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