the astrology of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries | April 20th, 2023 - a second chance to make sure what we start and who we are becoming will not be a "has-been" before it's even a "been", the Eclipse spin cycle begins

On Thursday, April 20th, 2023, at 12:12 AM EDT, the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun at 29 degrees - giving us our SECOND Aries New Moon in 2023 - happening so close to the Moon's North Node makes this New Moon a Solar Eclipse.

So, we have a very unusual second New Moon in Aries. 

The Moon is at the very important 29th degree - the final degree of the sign (the previous New Moon in March was at 0 degrees Aries, the first degree) AND happening so close to the Moon's North Node in Taurus, this New Moon is a Solar Eclipse that is out of the usual cycle of things because our North and South Nodes are still in the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. The Moon almost immediately squares Pluto (in Aquarius for only a few weeks in 2023) and the New Moon happens just hours before Mercury stations retrograde on the very degree the Sun will be in two weeks on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that follows this one! 

What does this mean??

Well, let's unpack it. 

And, yes, it's a BIG suitcase (the kind that costs us extra moula at the airport baggage counter and, yes, the kind, we drag around at the risk of the kind of back injury that could lay us up for days). Here we go. 

First thing to think about is - this is a Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are cosmic course correctionsThings get eclipsed out or out of our way. Like a computer being rebooted after a change to its operating system - we get a re-set. So, although this is a New Moon - the time in the dark when things are starting that we can't always see are starting - the Moon eclipsing out the Sun, brings an ending, too. Eclipse events are FATED. Often Eclipse events will happen almost exactly one month or one week either before or after the Eclipse - yes, Eclipses can work backward. And, this Solar Eclipse is a very rare HYBRID eclipse (combination annular and total) that happens only a few times every century, and we have hundreds of Eclipses in a century. 

This Eclipse New Moon is happening out-of-order in multiple ways. First, because we are still in the Taurus/Scorpio North and South Nodes for a few more months. This Solar Eclipse jumps in - as Aries is prone to do anyway - I CAN'T WAIT. HERE I AM. LET'S START THIS THING. I have really been feeling this! Probably you have, too. 

And the Eclipse is happening at the important 29th degree. The final degree. There are many ways to see this 'final degree' thing. Some see it as weak, and yes, although full of power/potent, it is certainly past its prime. Things can get wonky/unpredictable - sometimes because we think we know more than we actually do (things have changed since we were in our prime). I often see it as a harbinger of 'hail-mary' type plays. We feel this kind of PRESSURE TO ACT. Sometimes this is because we really do need to act. There is a crisis. Or maybe we have procrastinated and time has backed us into a corner. But sometimes the pressure/impulse/obsession that we MUST act blinds us to the reason we haven't. We move against our own best judgement. 

And this is our second New Moon in Aries. This almost certainly speaks of a SECOND CHANCE.

Last month, the beginning was very, very fresh and very, very new. 

So, maybe with this second chance New Moon, we can see how we have gone off the rails with the first one in some very real way. Now we are older/wiser - although, yes, past our prime :) We get another chance from this older/wiser "past our prime" space to BE A BEGINNER.

Maybe we have started something TOO LATE. Maybe we have started something TOO FAST. Maybe we have started something TOO SMALL - that last New Moon was at 0 degrees of the very first sign - the beginning of the beginning. So, maybe this one comes in to show us the flaws in that first one.

One thing is for certain - WE CAN'T JUST IGNORE THIS ONE and continue on our merry way. This one is FATED. Won't be ignored. That doesn't mean that a huge event will sweep in and change things - although for some people it might. Or already has. Remember Eclipse events are tricky to time because time is flexible with them/so 'last century thinking'. This does mean if we don't pay attention NOW we could be building/growing something that will be a has-been before it's even been. 

The Moon is conjunct Vesta (in Taurus), although out of sign, Remember, as soon as the Moon meets up with the Sun, the Moon will move into Taurus, too. And, as soon as the Moon enters Taurus, she squares Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. 

The conjunction to Vesta in Taurus. speaks of this whole thing's connection to very real things - our values, our self-esteem, our resources, our money. THIS is what is keeping us up at night. The flame here MUST be kept lit. 

The Moon's almost immediate square to Pluto tells us to expect challenges. We are no sooner out of the starting gate and BAM. Power struggles, fear, TRUTH. Now, because time is an illusion and Eclipses are kind of showing us this. This could have already happened. Squares are not designed to stop us. They are the challenge that spur actions we GROW THROUGH. We can't ignore them and just plow through either. Here is another indicator something needs to change, and remember in astrology we are always looking for repeating aspects/energies that are saying the same thing/patterns. Plutonian aspects are transforming - and here we have this square during this strange already Solar Eclipse - with Pluto in Aquarius for only this brief period of time. Collectively Aquarius rules groups, causes, the internet/tech, the future, the goals that bring us into connection with other people. Our Aquarius natal house. 

This challenge quite literally reaches back from the future into the present. 

Let's say you are a Scorpio rising and this Solar Eclipse energy in your 6th house is ushering into your daily life/routine (and this could have already happened) a SPARK of ambition/action that lights a fire about your work, your health, your day-to-day life. A challenge comes in from your Aquarius house - your home/family/home business/family business. Domestic situations. This isn't designed to stop you. This IS designed (because, remember the Moon is in Taurus by now and Mercury will station retrograde here on Friday), to bring situations and conversations back around that allow you to rethink what you are doing here. What are your values? How are you best using your resources? How is your relationship to 'the other' - who are you partnering with (that Taurus 7th house of your) and what are they thinking/talking about/maybe changing their mind about? This is pulled into this. This is a complicated New Moon. The future/the past fully alive in this moment. What have you started where maybe you need to think differently, so you don't create a 'has-been' before it's even a 'been'? Does this make sense?

Or let's say you are a Taurus rising. This Solar Eclipse is happening in your 12th house when it "should" have been in your 1st house. Secret ambitions/passions, very old ancestral/past life storylines are SPARKED to life. Then, almost immediately, before these smoky whispers are even clearly visible to you, because our 12th house is BEHIND US, a challenge comes in from your 10th house - career, authority, your voice in the world, your reputation. Power struggles. Or maybe you are challenged to wield power. What will you do with it? Then Mercury goes retrograde in your 1st house. You are asked to revise your very self through this new/old information. This is complicated. But again, what needs to be different so you aren't creating a "has been" before it's even a "been"? 

For all of us, Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus. Information slows down. Something might reverse course. We are charged with 'rethinking' something. Happening so close to the Eclipse, this feels all part of the same thing. Taurus moves slowly because Taurus rules very important things. The Earth, our values, our money, our resources, our physical immediate environment/body, food, fertility, those seeds that go into the ground as well as the ground they go into. 

We are rethinking - what we need, how we can use what we have, what we are planting. With Taurus, rushing, doesn't work. We can't be digging up the seed to see how it is doing. Think of everything as a 'seed' now. Be patient. Think - long term. 

When Mercury goes retrograde he/she is in sextile to Mars in Cancer - home/family, the mothering of other people and, maybe especially, of ourselves - there is an opportunity here to revise our relationship with our Cancerian actions, too. The sextile is helpful. If we wrap back around to our Scorpio and Taurus rising folks - that help is coming from your 9th house (Scorpio) - expansion, risk, higher education, etc - old goals/stretches can be successfully re-vised/re-worked and your 3rd house (Taurus) - revised, words, conversations, your local community, siblings. For all us, Cancer is a nurturing/mothering sign. Pluto in Aquarius would see us all transformed into machines functioning for the greater good, Mars in Cancer pulls us back into ourselves/the womb/what feels like mothering. 

Something to notice about Mercury is that in Taurus, he/she was on a collision course with Uranus - CHANGE. But she stopped/turned around. This tells us something, too. 


There are adjustments we need to make. Again, so we don't create a "has-been".


On June 4th, after this back and forth with Mercury retrograde, Mercury will finally meet up with Uranus in Taurus. HERE is the change that was postponed. Between now and then we are revising, rethinking, re-turning. all the "re's" you can possible conjure up.

And, between now and then (two weeks from now) we have the HUGE Lunar Eclipse in the middle of Scorpio, with the Sun right where Mercury is now. Much of this is out of our hands folks. 

For now, we are somehow getting a SECOND CHANCE (with the caveat that we might be creating something too late/too little/too fast - factor this into your thinking, how does this change things). The square from Pluto tells us we may need to stand up to challenges (not go looking for them) - as long as we are standing in our values/the solid earth of Taurus. Shadow situations might arise - greed, manipulation, obsession - to test us. Eclipses are dangerous territory. They are COSMIC RESETS - we can't be sure which way the winds will blow, but we can see the Mercury in Taurus "re-treat". Maybe we start and then we change our mind. And what do we usually do when we change our mind? Or when the information changes? How does our usual behavior work out for us?

We have multiple good things going for us now, too. 

Jupiter, one of our most benevolent planets, is in Aries, too. And the Moon met up with him before meeting the Sun, so we are carrying hope/optimism, this feeling of MORE into the Eclipse cycle. This is a good thing even if some of the wind is knocked from our sails sooner than we would like. 

AND this Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is in Cancer, not usually such an auspicious space for him, but with Cancer's ruler, the Moon, in Mars' sign, we get a mutual reception now. The Moon can get to Cancer through Mars - by taking action, starting, having passion, getting pissed off, embracing the masculine. And Mars can get to Aries through the Moon - by feeling his feelings, mothering himself or others, taking into consideration home/family with whatever he is starting/doing. This mutual reception thing is VERY IMPORTANT now/crucial really. Stabilizing. 

Anyhoo, I hope something here is helpful.

To bottom-line it - we get a second chance, that yes, may be too little, too late, but maybe not or why would it be happening at all, as we re-vise, re-think, etc. We will be challenged by power struggles, manipulation, obsession, groups, tech, the future. 

Patience will be required. And, the ability to be flexible, because -

we are in the Eclipse spin cycle now. 

Almost anything can happen. 

Next Eclipse in two weeks, in opposition to Uranus, and we will see where we all get spit out. Know events now are fated. Hold on loosely. Take care of yourself. I don't usually set New Moon intentions at Eclipses, but you certainly can. 

xo all - will post about the collective Eclipse cycle next as this Eclipse is all over Biden and Harris's charts and we have a new King of England about to be coronated ....

Just look at the chart with the Moon/Sun sandwiched between Jupiter - hope, faith, expansion - and the North Node - our future!

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