the meaning of the astrology of the Capricorn Full Moon | July 3rd, 2023 - more walking away from the end of the world, coming off something big, conclusions create opportunities, time and energy spent re-considering our ambitions, goals and commitments will, too

On Monday morning EST, June 3, 2023, the Capricorn Moon opposes the Cancer Sun at 11 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in sober Capricorn.

Capricorn Full Moons are always heavy - our emotional Moon, challenged in cold-as-ice Capricorn, is opposed by the Sun in the Moon's sign of Cancer. In Capricorn, the Moon is sober and practical, reserved and quiet. We might not feel like howling with this one. 

This is about the Cancer/Capricorn polarity AND the personal themes of our natal Cancer/Capricorn houses.

Family vs. work. The security that comes from nurturing ourselves, nurturing others or being nurtured vs the security that comes from having work in the world and money coming in. Our nest at home vs our place in the world. Summer vs. winter. Preparing for birth vs preparing for death "winter is coming". Childhood vs old age. Vulnerability vs self-sufficiency. Mom vs dad.

There is so much contradiction and conflict here, but like all polarities this is really just two sides of the same coin - something labeled SECURITY.

We can't own a coin without owning both sides, but we can only look at (focus on) one side at a time. The other side is in the shadows - so we have to flip back and forth and balance this stuff out with our time, attention and resources. There isn't really an end to this or a way to "win" here.

We just do the best we can with what we have. Spend too much time with one side of the coin and the other side gets all gunky like those pennies stuck in our car cupholder that have had coffee dripped on them. No matter how shiny the other side looks that gunky side means we never get to actually spend the money.

Being about Cancer (home, family) and Capricorn (work, responsibilities in the world) or our own needs and the needs of other people - any imbalances here will probably show up now for us to see what is happening and to allow us to re-align (Saturn, ruler of this lunation retrograde) what isn't working.   

Imbalances with authority and authority figures and the way we use and mis-use our own authority/responsibility can also be highlighted as well as career and reputation RESULTS.

The Capricorn Full Moon throws a light on what power can do and also on the finality of the choices we've already made. 

This Moon pulls us back to the January New Moon and the work and ambitions we set into motion then (ie New Year's resolutions) - so, how is that working for us? What has reached its peak? What is ending? What needs those re-adjustments? With Saturn retrograde and Venus about to be, and in the Sun's sign, many people will be re-thinking their work life in terms of their own happiness. Maybe even re-looking at things we used to do that once made us happy. 

Both Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with issues of SECURITY. Both value TIME and are guardians of the legacy of our ancestors.

Full Moons bring things to LIGHT,  to a peak and sometimes to a culmination.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon at 11 degrees Capricorn opposes the Sun at 11 degrees Cancer. The Sun is conjunct Mercury. So, the Moon, who has just sextiled Saturn and trined Jupiter and is feeling as good as a Moon in sober Cappy can feel - is OPPOSED by this light on some INFORMATION, maybe some results. 

So maybe we are coming off something BIG/expansive AND an opportunity we set into motion by being hard-working, following the rules, etc. This can be two separate things or all the same thing and they may not be meant to be taken as literally as I am making them here. 

We were responsible. We followed the rules. Or maybe we didn't and are seeing the results of that. Now we are re-working our ambitions/career/goals/commitments, etc (Saturn) AND (Jupiter) we have, VERY RECENTLY, made some kind of STRETCH. Done something outside our comfort zone. Made something BIGGER. Spent money. Traveled. Graduated/started or are about to start a long or intense course of study. Had a legal result, etc.

We come to the Full Moon off some kind of 'moving of a mountain'. 

In some ways, even if these things were social or fun, they were also SERIOUS. Important. Mean something. 

Then the Moon opposes the Sun. And the Sun is sitting with Mercury, so whatever the Sun is shining a light on in our Cancer house (home, family, security) - we are going to HEAR ABOUT IT. Think about it. Feel it. 

The Cappy Full Moon collectively brings career/public life/authority RESULTS. With the Full Moon opposing both the Sun and Mercury there could be some information/conversation now that we don't really want to hear or have. With Mercury conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon - something uncomfortable can COME TO LIGHT. This isn't to say this is surprising or out of the blue, but now we are just required to deal with it/think about it/talk about it.

After Luna opposes the Sun - who isn't so strong himself in Cancer and is answering to her - she will move on to sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. Both smooth aspects and that's good news. These aspects are out of orb now, so may not happen quickly - as far as tracking the New Moon cycle goes, obviously on some level they will actually happen right away since we are talking about the Moon. Final results/all the information may TAKE SOME TIME.

We will keep in mind Saturn, who rules this lunation as ruler of Capricorn, is moving backward in Pisces. So although Saturn is sextiling Jupiter at the Full Moon, Saturn won't actually sextile Jupiter EXACT, until February 6, 2024 (this is also the day Mercury meets Pluto at 0 Aquarius), and even then, it won't really be an exact aspect. One aspect Saturn will make during this lunation cycle is Tuesday's trine with Juno. Contracts, commitments, marriage - if something is intending to proceed here, we should be on the same page emotionally now. Committed. Mature. An easy flow. That's good news, too. 

That eventual trine to Uranus in rock-solid earthy Taurus, shows a smooth/easy flow with the future when we embrace change. CHANGE IS GOOD. If this news/information/conversation NOW instigates us toward something NEW, that is a good thing. The challenging news, conflict within conversations, de-stabilizing information, ending, etc - can result in a new/good outcome over time. 

More good news is the Full Moon's applying and eventual sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Making the dream real. With Saturn, ruler of this lunation, answering to Neptune, whatever Saturn in Pisces has us re-viewing/re-doing with our Pisces natal house theme or our ambitions, career, responsibilities, commitments, well, the re-working here can pay off between now and next January. 

While this isn't a celebratory Full Moon even with the good aspects, because, well, this is Saturn/Cappy we are talking about, and we have that testy Mercury opposition to deal with, good can come of this. Whatever this is. Maybe alot of good for some people. It may take some time with the Moon in Cappy answering to that retrograde Saturn and Jupiter in fixed earth Taurus - but the 'good' will be about real/practical stuff, not pie-in-the-sky imaginings. 

If we follow the Moon through her paces, we can see she goes void off a meeting with a retrograde Pluto. This will be the last time a Cappy Full Moon meets up with Pluto in our lifetime. 

With Pluto back in Capricorn, for the rest of the year (he is going to square the Nodes of Fate the third week of July, and this will be a repeating aspect - we will surely know by then what this is all about), during this Full Moon, and making that final aspect, it surely matters. There is something we aren't ready to move ahead with JUST YET. We are still walking away from the end of the world. This Full Moon being their final meeting with Luna in her fullness in Cappy for a LONG TIME, and having these smooth aspects is a good sign. 

To bottom line this one - the culmination/ending now (the info/conversation we don't want to hear/have, maybe the limit or result we aren't so happy with) is clearing the ground for something BETTER. Maybe this Moon is REVEALING a new vision. The re-working. re-viewing, re-considering of our goals, ambitions, careers, public voice, reputation, responsibilities and commitments is moving us toward something BETTER. And, better right now - with Jupiter is Taurus - means more stable, abundant, fruitful, valuable. This speaks of real-world 'betterment' as these are Earth signs - the kind of better we can hold in our hands, take to the bank. 

Venus is also squaring Uranus during this lunation and remember this is a repeating aspect with her upcoming retrograde, so curveballs/changes with relationships, with money, with our values, with beauty, with women, are par for the course for the next few weeks. We will talk more about this in part II of her retro post. 

I hope something here is helpful. Be sure to get out and walk in this one!

xo all

Will do a weekly tonight. There are only a couple aspects this week. Rest when you can and get done what you must because next week the energies kick up. After this morning, the Moon is waning. Time to finish things up. Button up what needs to be buttoned. Clean the house. The Cancer New Moon is next and, being, Luna's sign, is always a BIGGIE. 

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