weekly astrology forecast | July 17th - 23rd, 2023 - new moon in cancer, nodal switch, venus backs up, beginnings, endings, fated crossroads, huge week ahead!

I decided to get up a weekly before the New Moon post, because, well .. look at this week! 


BIG New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto as the Nodes of Fate move us into a new chapter. News, ideas and communications create change/disruption are intending to move us in NEW DIRECTIONS. It's a time of beginnings, powerful endings, choices, fated happenings. Mars hits an old roadblock otherwise known as a retrograde Saturn and Venus turns around for her 40 day/40 night journey.

Are we ready for this?!

MONDAY - New Moon in Cancer, North Node enters Aries, Mercury squares Jupiter

THURSDAY - Mars opposes Saturn, Sun trines Neptune

FRIDAY - Sun opposes Pluto

SATURDAY - Venus stations retrograde, Sun squares the North Node/South Node, Sun enters Leo

SUNDAY - Pluto squares North/South Nodes, Mercury squares Uranus, Chiron stations retrograde

Instead of rolling this out by day, because that might make my head explode and I just cleaned this studio for about the gazillionth time - let's look by planet.

The Moon starts a new cycle with the Sun on Monday from her home sign of Cancer. That post is HERE. This one is all about fresh starts with home, family, our safety and security. 

Mercury (our thinking, communications, ideas), at 11 degrees Leo will square Jupiter and then reach 22 degrees Leo and square Uranus. BIG (expansive, hopeful) news/conversations/ideas create change and disruption, maybe luck and opportunity. This is supportive of the North Node in Aries coming in with a BANG. Just check that Jupertarian impulse to take things TOO far. Avoid over-reactions. Know your values/watch your wallet. Express yourself. 

The Sun (our life force, ego, heart, way we shine) meets the Moon in Cancer, trines Neptune, opposes Pluto, squares the Nodes of Fate and then comes home to Leo. WHAT?! 

New beginnings with home/family, taking action on old dreams/shining through old dreams/ancestral inheritances and then WHAM we run into Pluto. Intense endings. Power struggles that lead to permanent changes with home, family, career, ambitions. Transformation (permanent). 

(the movie 'Oppenheimer' about the making of the first nuclear bomb is launching with a Pluto (plutonian) Sun (light on) opposition. Hopefully this movie has a huge launch and absorbs some of this collective energy)

The fast square to the Nodes of Fate requires us to CHOOSE, take some kind of action - can we lean into the new, brave, independent, decisive/instinctual/self-aware way forward or will we stay over-giving, bending over backward to keep the peace/stay in balance, remain co-dependent, indecisive, looking to other people to save us? The Sun's move home to Leo on the very same day shines a light on how we are meant to stand out, feel good/be happy, ENJOY life. AND Venus (ruler of the South Node now) stationing retrograde on the same day says this re-evaluating of our light/love/joy will be a PROCESS. 

Mars, ruler of the North Node now, at 6 degrees Virgo opposes a retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Oppositions to Saturn can bring results/endings. Blocks. Setbacks/delays. Mars/Saturn is DEMANDING of our muscle, focus, responsibility. Have we done the work? Paid the piper? Does something need to be fixed? Are there obligations/commitments that need to END? Saturn's opposition with Mars is a stressful/tense part of Saturn's re-evaluation process. 

Venus, ruler of the South Node now, stations retrograde at 28 degrees Leo. So, she gets almost to the very end of the sign of our heart, love, children, creative projects, recreation and she says - wait a minute, I need to re-think, re-do, re-experience, re-value THIS. Venusian themes - our relationships, values, our money - are subject to review. Old loves (people, things, passions) and women - can come back around, but may not stick when Venus stations direct at the end of the summer. We talked about this HERE. And we'll talk about this again. 

Chiron stations retrograde at 19 degrees Aries. Some wounds ease. Some are intensified. If something physical needs to heal, we are going back over it now - re-evaluating the situation/remedies. Happening just a few days after the North Node moves into Aries and with Mars (Chiron in Aries is answering to Mars) opposing Saturn can make this all more challenging AND bring greater opportunities. We need to be brave. We may need to stand up for ourselves/know we can take care of ourselves and be ourselves. Again, this is part of a process. Chiron is going to get all the way back to 15 degrees on December 28th when he will station direct. He (as we) will be back to 19 degrees Aries in mid-March 2024 - back where we are now, older and wiser - and will have just passed over the North Node. This will be an important retrograde for many people. 

The United States has a 20 degree natal Chiron (4th house, Sibly chart), so we almost get our Chiron return - which can be the gift that comes from the wounding/curse (depending on what we have learned) - but because of Chiron's retrograde and turnaround at 19 degrees (now) we don't get the exact hit of this until ... DRUMROLL PLEASE, April 21, 2024 which just happens to be the day Jupiter meets Uranus in Taurus. We will have Mercury, the North Node, Venus and Chiron all lined up in Aries, when Chiron stations direct and then finally conjuncts the U.S. natal Chiron (U.S. Chiron return) with the South Node in Libra conjunct the U.S. Saturn. BIG chickens coming home to roost.

And finally, we have the North Node's moves into Aries, the South Node into Libra and then quickly into an exact square - tension/frustration - with POWERFUL Pluto (retrograde). Old power struggles within relationships. Me vs us/the other person. Stressful choices. Career/ambition challenges. Intense endings. Our natal Aries/Libra axis houses and their themes are alive and kicking. Part I on the nodal switch is HERE. Part II, will lay out the Eclipses/transits and the Nodes by sign, and will be up sometime this week or next. The Nodes of Fate will be in Aries/Libra for about 18 months. 

Summer really starts this week folks. 

But not a regular summer. It's summer on STEROIDS.

Hopefully this 'look by planet' provides a good overall feel and you can check the degrees for what might hit your chart more directly and your rising sign for what might be most prominent for you, all things being equal. For example, if you are a Scorpio rising - what is happening with Mars and Pluto? Taurus rising - what is Venus doing? Virgo rising - what is Mercury up to, Leo - the Sun, etc? If you see squares and oppositions you can generally expect more tension/frustration than trines and sextiles. 

xo all

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