the astrology of 2023, Part VI | Jupiter into Taurus on May 16th for the next year - a change of fortune, a slow but sure accumulation, growing what matters, enjoying the fruits of our labor, new ways to get lucky


At 1:20PM EST on May 16th, Jupiter leaves fiery Aries for rock-solid Taurus. Jupiter will be in Taurus for the next year. 

Jupiter's role is expansion - to create the BIG PICTURE. 


Jupiter is huge, but not solid. He grows whatever he comes in contact with, then, through contact with the other planets, this unchecked growth gets form/structure/limits. 


Considered the greater benefic (as Zeus, he was king of the Gods), he promotes abundance, wisdom, our ability to stretch outside our comfort zone, expansion, our desire for MORE. 

Now Jupiter brings OPPORTUNITIES to our Taurus house and to the collective themes of - money, our resources, our values, our self-esteem, the Earth, WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE.

Jupiter brings LUCK and we get lucky in a couple different ways with this energy. 

One way is by ACTING lucky. Having confidence/courage. Being generous. Knowing things are going to work out and so things work out. The whole King of the Gods thing and all. Another way is by taking something FURTHER. Going out on a limb. This can be through a reckless/adventurous spirit (not so much this way in Taurus though) or through the wisdom gained by putting the time/energy into learning something really, really well and/or by taking a wider view. Think about the guy who is climbing the mountain and also the guy he meets in the cave on the way up, contemplating the BIG PICTURE. Jupiter also gets lucky by having FAITH - something deeper than confidence. Manifesting by knowing. Having faith in our values. Knowing we will be ok no matter what. Knowing our own worth. 

Taurus is fixed Earth, so growth is slow and steady. This transit won't be about get-rich-quick schemes or require us to risk-it-all on something speculative. We will attract the Jupertarian goodies in more practical ways. By being more salt-of-the-Earth. 

Jupiter can also take things too far and in Taurus this might look something like - overspending, being too stubborn, not taking action, overeating, hoarding, increased debt, greed, being lazy, focusing solely on practical considerations and not investing enough time/attention in more spiritual matters. Keep this stuff in mind. Also the fact that Jupiter, being made solely of gases and quite like a celestial Santa Claus, isn't entirely real - things do not always pan out quite as well as we had hoped without a connection with more stable energies. Taurus will help ground this, but also slow things down. 

MAY 16, 2023 - Jupiter enters Taurus

MAY 17, 2023 - Jupiter squares Pluto

JUNE 1, 2023 - Jupiter meets the North Node

SEPT. 4, 2023 - Jupiter stations retrograde at 15 Taurus - note this is conjunct where Mercury just stationed retrograde and also exactly opposes the powerful Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio we just had

DEC. 30, 2023 - Jupiter stations direct at 5 Taurus / JAN. 12 - Mars trines from Cappy (this happens at 5 degrees, so although Jupiter has stationed direct he is hanging out at 5 degrees for weeks, waiting for Mars)

JAN. 27, 2024 - Sun squares Jupiter (a month later and Jupiter has only moved 1 degree - there is something at 5-6 degrees Cappy we are needing time to deal with, we are panning for gold)

MARCH 23, 2024 - Jupiter finally gets back to 15 Taurus and starts walking new territory 

APRIL 20, 2024 - Jupiter meets Uranus (21 degrees)

MAY 25, 2024 - Jupiter enters Gemini (Venus, ruler of Jupiter in Taurus is trining Pluto here)

JUNE 1, 2024 - Jupiter trines Pluto (1 degree) Gemini/Aquarius

So, we start the transit of Jupiter into Taurus with a square to Pluto (stop, tension, frustration, power struggles, this is dangerous territory for our 'King of the Gods') and we end it with a (brakes off) smooth trine.

When Jupiter leaves fiery Aries and enters solid Taurus, something could slow down/not feel so urgent (note he enters Taurus with a square to Pluto, so this won't be the case right away!). The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was June 2011 - June 2012. Whatever was expanding/growing/making us lucky that year could have connections or similar themes to what expands/grows/makes us lucky now. 

Jupiter in Taurus is answering to Venus, so what is going on with Venus for the next year - and remember she has a long retrograde this summer in Leo, we talked about HERE - is going to impact Jupiter. Also, the way something starts is very important to the way something goes. As Jupiter enters Taurus, Venus is in Cancer (a space she loves) and is out of bounds (out of the control of the Sun - which can be a good thing as we step outside the rules or where we create problems for ourselves by ... stepping outside the rules). Jupiter enters Taurus with the North Node (our collective way forward) still in Taurus - only for a few more weeks - and he will meet up with the North Node in just a couple weeks. This is fortunate for us! He also enters Taurus right before our Taurus New Moon - which seems to be waiting for him. Also good. Uranus is in Taurus, so we know at some point - and this will happen next spring - Jupiter will meet up with Uranus - this looks like a prequel to the tech explosion that happens a month later as Jupiter gets into Gemini and trines (brakes off) Pluto in Aquarius. How that goes, will depend on how this goes (Jupiter into Taurus square Pluto and then the next twelve months). 

Bottom line - joy, luck, expansion will comes through our Taurus house. Let's take a quick look by sign.  Check your ascendant and your Sun - any questions shoot me an email. For the house/theme Jupiter is LEAVING, check the sign AFTER your sign. You will surely be able to see the gifts/benefits his time in Aries has brought you. 

Jupiter always does his job. 

TAURUS | Taurus Rising - this is YOUR TRANSIT Taurus and is happening in your 1st house of yourself. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE. You can physically take up more space during this transit/stand taller/get noticed (just watch that one donut doesn't turn into the whole dozen). The Taurean qualities, you naturally possess - steadiness, earthiness, patience, practicality, a focus on building, appreciating comfort and longevity will make you LUCKY.

GEMINI | Gemini Risingthis is happening in your 12th house of what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, art, music, relaxation, meditation, water, compassion, forgiveness, secrets, the ethereal realms, the past, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. Something here EXPANDS. Your intuition increases. Your dreams/imagination gets bigger. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE

CANCER | Cancer Rising - this is happening in your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, your tribe, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Something here EXPANDS. Your confidence/optimism in social situations grows. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE.

LEO | Leo Rising - this is happening in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your public reputation, your achievements, goals, your father/paternal story, business, authority, responsibility. Something here EXPANDS. This could be about a change of career, recognition or the confidence to explore something in a bigger way. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE

VIRGO | Virgo Rising - this is happening in your 9th house of travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking. Something here EXPANDS. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE. This is Jupiter's natural house, so should be a good thing!

LIBRA | Libra Rising - this is happening in your 8th house of other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, death, rebirth, sex, reproduction. Something here EXPANDS. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE.

SCORPIO | Scorpio Rising - this is happening in your 7th house of partners and partnerships. Something here EXPANDS. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE. A new/idealistic person could enter your life or a partner could become more stable/practical. You will experience Jupiter in Taurus through your relationships/other people. Worst case a partner takes this Jupiter/Taurus energy too far/becomes too stubborn or stagnant. Best case, and this is probably way more likely, the relationship grows in optimism/faith/patience/stability.

SAGITTARIUS | Sagittarius Rising - this is happening in your 6th house of your day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health. Something here EXPANDS. Take care of your health. This house can get tricky, so you want to keep things in balance/avoid burnout/growing the wrong things. Faith. Luck. Confidence. The desire for MORE. Jupiter is your ruler, so you will feel his move from cardinal fire to fixed earth more than most. 

CAPRICORN | Capricorn Rising - this is happening in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. Something here EXPANDS. Faith. Luck. Confidence. More fun for you dear Capricorn. The desire for MORE. 

AQUARIUS | Aquarius Rising - this is happening in your 4th house of home, family, your roots, mother, mothering, your ancestry, real estate, renovation or a home business. Something here EXPANDS/becomes bigger or a bigger focus. Have faith. Here is luck/confidence. The desire for MORE. 

PISCES | Pisces Rising - this is happening in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood. Something here EXPANDS. Jupiter's move from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus can help you reboot your burned out mind by expanding your optimism/faith. Your mental health or communication could become a top priority under this transit and you will find ways to improve it. A good transit to learn something new, write, talk, grow in your local environment.

ARIES | Aries Rising - this is happening in your 2nd house of your money, your values, your resources and self-esteem. Something here EXPANDS. Your resources/property can increase in value. This transit can increase your income/expenses which can be a good thing or maybe not, so keep an eye on the bottom line Aries and focus on increasing what you really value/need/want to keep.

We will talk more about this transit as we move through it and again in a couple days in the New Moon in Taurus post!

xo all

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Also I have had a couple people ask me about the astrology of the Gannon Stauch murder case - the big trial just ended that convicted his stepmother. I actually did the chart for his disappearance HERE without using his name since what happened to him wasn't known at that time. Also the trial of Orson and Orrin West's parents is finishing up, I did that chart HERE. Maybe we will look at those charts and the trial charts for connections at some point ...

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