Today's astrology forecast | Thursday, May 11, 2023 - grand water trine through Saturday

The Moon is in Aquarius now - we are nourished by 'space', science, tech, intelligence, individuality, hive-mind, our groups and causes. Her only aspect is a square to a retrograde Mercury in Taurus. Tense conversations/frustrating news. Don't take whatever this is personally (but do learn something). 

Focus on the solution. 

Tomorrow the Aqua/Taurus tangle is even more emphasized as the Aquarius Moon will square Uranus (expect the unexpected) and the Sun. This is all building/applying now. The square from Luna to the Sun is this month's Last Quarter Moon. The Sun in Taurus is focused on what we have/what we value/money and the Aqua Moon comes in - yes, through tension/frustration - to push us to step back and allow us to have a different perspective on things. What once nourished us and is now 'decaying' is where we can 'expect the unexpected'. We are learning what is valuable NOW and what isn't.

Today is also the day Venus trines the South Node and sextiles the North Node. That trine to the South Node is strongest - old, complicated, things/situations/people/resources/storylines are comfortable because they are what we are used to. The sextile to the North Node - our more simple and abundant future - takes some effort, but creates an OPPORTUNITY. This is the gift of the Aqua/Taurus tangles today and tomorrow - the Aquarius Moon bringing in something new and uncomfortable. 

Venus in Cancer and the South Node in Scorpio form a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Pisces. Smooth emotional flow. Intuition. Transformation. Familiar situations are activated. What we know that we can't unknow. This can be quite lovely and healing, but also undermining depending on the old energies at play and how comfy-cozy we get with them.  

By Saturday, the Moon will be in Pisces - having gone void late Friday night off an uber-opportunistic sextile to Jupiter showing us the insights gleaned during our days here with the Moon in Aquarius are not wasted. 

On Saturday morning, at 11:11AM EST, the Moon in Pisces will meet up with Saturn and mega-activate the Grand Water Trine. Pull the energy into our daily life. Mercury retrograde's sextiles to Venus/Saturn will form a Kite aspect that allows the trine energies to TAKE OFF. Gives us something practical and grounded here, so we don't waste all this 'comfy-cozy' energy. Can 'comfy cozy' ever be wasted or is it like 'time spent with cats'? I'm not sure. This will likely show up as an old conversation/old information that allows us to put this energy to its best use for our FUTURE. We can see/know what's real/solid, what really matters. 

These words might be easy to miss/won't come in like a freight-train so PAY ATTENTION. 

The North Node is only in Taurus for a couple more months and is prone to going out with a BANG/in big and obvious ways.

Everything now is showing us the value of what we have. What have we allowed to grow stagnant that needs some fresh air/sunshine/WATER? What have we allowed to grow stagnant that needs a nice funeral? What do we really have? And where do we go from here. Note - this 'go from here' thing will be a one-step-at-a-time practical Taurus journey. We aren't jumping out of airplanes or off tall buildings. Mercury is still retrograde. We are still untangling old knots. Focus on what is here now. We can't look too far ahead at this point because there is a mess right in front of us that needs to be cleaned up. We truly don't have to rush. Saturn is in Pisces now/time is infinite. The future that is truly ours will find us, we are too big to miss (and not just in a 'too much winter sourdough bread' kind of way) .... and right now, in this moment, the astrology says 'we have what we need', so what do we have and what are we doing with it? 

xo all

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