weekly astrology forecast | May 8th - May 14th, 2023 - changes with money, resources and values, presenting ourselves in new and surprising ways, at the end of the week mercury stations direct and we are moving on!

We are coming off a complicated Eclipse cycle that is still playing itself out. 

Next week, as Jupiter moves into Taurus and squares Pluto expect something BIG - although maybe not as big as we think it is at first - in the meantime, this week looks quite a bit gentler for most people. 

Take a breath.

Let's unpack it.

TUESDAY - Sun conjunct Uranus, Mars sextile Ceres

THUIRSDAY - Venus sextile North Node/trine South Node

FRIDAY - Third Quarter Square Moon in Aquarius, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus, Saturn square Juno, Pallas square North/South Nodes

SUNDAY - Mercury stations direct!

On TUESDAY - the Sun meets Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus while Mars sextiles Ceres

We talked about the Sun/Uranus in the Full Moon Eclipse post HERE. This is about updates/changes with our money, resources and values. We could be presenting ourselves/shining in unusual and unpredictable ways. Ego/purpose CHANGES. This is rebellion against authority. People who normally say yes will be saying no and vice versa. 

Expect the unexpected. 

At the same time, Mars in Cancer moves into an opportunity aspect with Ceres in Virgo. Ceres has recently stationed direct, having been back and forth through Virgo fixing a nurturing situation and/or bringing practicality and some flexibility to a change of life/season of life/"outside our control" situation. The smooth trine with Mars in Cancer now creates an opportunity as our protective/defensive/caring actions and our mothering/nurturing fixings are working together. We could be standing up for a child here or taking better care of ourselves in a more nourishing/nurturing way. 

 On THURSDAY - Venus, at 3 degrees Cancer, trines the South Node and sextiles the North

Loving Venus in home/family/motherhood Cancer makes a smooth and releasing aspect with the past. This is loving family energy that is healing. Old family curses/secrets/sore spots released/put to bed. Any movement toward releasing the complicated drama and turning toward something simpler, more abundant, something that makes more sense/cents has support. Follow your heart. 

On FRIDAY - once again Friday has alot going on - the biggest aspects are Mercury's opportunistic connections with both Venus - good news around home and family - and Saturn - stability, authority, building something that will LAST. We are talking/thinking long term. Venus is trining Saturn good for mature/stable love and money. Commitments will be made. Contracts signed. 

The Juno/Saturn square shows some relationship tension/frustration and the Pallas square the Nodes is re-inforcing this month's Third Quarter Square Moon - Aquarius/Taurus. Detach. Step back and look at the bigger picture. Challenges between what is disruptive and what wants to stay put. 

On SUNDAY - after what has been a relatively mild Mercury retrograde season - did Mercury make any challenging aspects? I don't think so! Life knew we had enough on our plate with the Eclipses! - Mercury stations direct at 5 degrees Taurus. 

Whatever we have been back and forth over - well, we are moving on from a more abundant/stable footing - even as this hasn't quite manifested yet, because Jupiter still has to get into Taurus! But, we should know what we are doing/more about how to REALISTICALLY get there. Note - Mercury sextiles Saturn AGAIN next week for the final/final. 

As always I hope something here is helpful. I am having a bit of a time crunch getting back here for more posts, hopefully this week will be better!

xo all

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