jupiter meets the north node of fate in taurus | June 1, 2023 - big payoffs for some of us and some payoff for all of us

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. He is more than twice as massive as all the other planets and the moon and all the asteroids and all the meteors and comets combined. Astrophysicists believe he was almost our second sun (and he definitely thinks so, too).

Jupiter graciously generates more heat than he receives from the Sun - and is associated with expansion, generosity and abundance. Jupiter is the space that views our life as a journey of prosperity and expansion - from the moment we are born he is widening our vista, nudging us toward new horizons and whispering shouting in our ears - GROW DAMMIT GROW!

The North Node isn't a planet, but a point. The North Node and South Node are points where the Moon's monthly path crosses the Sun's annual path (ecliptic). So our Moon ventures out/has some experiences and brings the energy of that back to the Sun. And then the Moon does this again and again. In your natal chart they are not so much a part of the blueprint of your personality as they are symbolic of your LIFE PATTERNS. The South Node is our "been there/done that" energy and is a more comfortable space for us. It represents energy we can count on to be there for us, but also energy that has grown stagnant/that we have likely overused in previous lives/childhood/our familial lineage. The North Node is more of a STRETCH and is less comfortable for us. But we get the greatest growth in this lifetime when we lean in its direction.

On June 1st, the planet of expansion meets our collective point of expansion in the sign of our collective money, resources, values, self-esteem, the planet. Note - this is when the aspect is exact. It has been very tight since somewhere around May 21st and continues to be tight through about June 11th. And, of course, this will be within orb even before and after these dates. So, whatever this is for us, however this GROWTH/LUCK is showing up in your life, it is likely already happening or at least already on your radar as a possibility.

Since nothing happens in isolation, we can look at an event chart for the conjunction to get an idea of where this is going.

As Jupiter meets the North Node at 3 degrees Taurus, Venus - the ruler of Taurus - is in Cancer and an opportunistic sextile with Ceres (25 degrees Virgo). The Scorpio Moon - Venus in Cancer is answering to the Moon - is inconjunct the Gemini Sun (11 degrees, waxing). 

Jupiter/North Node is an aspect of EXPANSION, growth, optimism, MORE. In Taurus, this is about something real/practical. This is something we can hold in our hand. Take to the bank. 

The caveat here, because Jupiter is opposing the South Node - is that something in that area of life needs to go to free this "MORE" energy up. Remember the South Node is comfortable/even magnetic because it is familiar. With the South Node in Scorpio it could be a complicated/divisive asset gets sold, a debt is paid off, a third party entanglement unwinds, a secret comes out, a fear especially a fear of death gets dealt with, some way we are protecting ourselves that is no longer serving us needs to end. 

The Moon in Scorpio, not a comfortable place for the Moon, tells us there is something here that is important/intense - needs to be settled. 

The Moon's inconjunct with the Sun in Gemini pulls something serious/deep/intense/financial/entangled, maybe even 'life and death' into Gemini's light and airy energy. The Sun in Gemini wants to keep things just on the surface and the Moon in Scorpio wants to dive deep/brings the INTENSITY. This will require some finesse. Some give and take. We can't just flit over this, whatever this is. 

Both Jupiter and the North Node are answering to Venus in Cancer. Venus is uber comfortable in Cancer. Cancer pulls in home, family, roots, real estate, home business, family business, mothering situations. And Venus is sextiling (opportunity) Ceres in Virgo - who I think could be at least a co-ruler for Taurus. 

Ceres here is a bit more complicated (not in a bad way). Ceres first went into Virgo at the end of September. She got all the way to 6 degrees Libra back on February 3rd when she stationed retrograde. Ceres returned to Virgo on March 22nd and then finally stationed direct at 23 degrees Virgo on May 6th. So, right now, as she sextiles Venus at this important time, she is direct, but covering old territory. This means something, too. We are making a final pass through whatever we are FIXING with that Ceres theme - nurturing, change of life, mothering/nitpicking, things outside our control - situation and/or a final sort out of the Virgo situation - work/health - or Libra/relationship that needs greater attention/nurturing. Ceres' return to Virgo from Libra speaks of a needed relationship FIX. Now, as we apply the fix, as she sextiles Venus with both Jupiter and North Node answering to Venus (and to her, at least to me as I see her as, at least, a co-ruler of Taurus) - this back and forth through Virgo, if we have done the work, made the adjustments, fixed what needed fixing - our effort here will PAY OFF. 

Just keep in mind, the trick to get the most of this transit - and this is already happening - was 1. to be working on that Ceres/Libra to Virgo PROBLEM. With Virgo it's something like fix it or forget it. Ceres would have pulled in 'season of life' situations and stuff outside our control. It's not a coincidence Ceres will be in Libra answering to Venus, as Venus gets into Leo, for this summer's BIG 40 days and 40 night Venus retrograde - we talked about it HERE. 2. to release something from our Scorpio house theme - we have had almost 18 months to do this by now and it is likely to be complicated and maybe not just one thing 3. to stretch/expand/take a risk with something through our Taurus house. Taurus is stable fixed Earth, but Jupiter gets lucky by having faith and confidence and ACTING LUCKY. For almost 18 months we have been talking about leaning into something more stable, practical, simple, abundant, quality-over-quantity. Now is when - if this hasn't already happened - a stretch/chance/move in that direction can really pay off. Have faith in something bigger/better. 

It is a GREAT gift to us to have Jupiter meet the North Node at this time!

We will talk more about this in this week's Full Moon in Sagittarius post, which is, of course, ruled by Jupiter.

Back with that.

xo all

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